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The Project was started on 7th March 2008.
As at 20th April 2008 we have 11 members with positive results for SRY2627 and one more who is waiting for SNP test results.
Two members have tested positive for the new SNP known as P312 or rs34276300 which appears to be shared by a majority of R1b1b individuals. It suggests that there is a "western" variety of R1b1b of which R-SRY2627 is one of several subgroups.
NB now that we have two confirmed positive results for P312 we can be confident that anyone who is SRY2627+ is also P312+. Members of the R-SRY2627 Project are therefore advised not to test for this SNP. If you are interested in further testing please consider ordering from the Advanced Orders Y-STR panels.

January 2010. FTDNA have discovered a new mutation through the "Walk on the Y" Project and have named it L176.2 (it is so named because it is identical with a mutation which occurred independently in another branch of Haplogroup R - the mutation in that branch is called L176.1). This mutation was found to exist in one R-SRY2627+ individual and one other R-P312 sample who is SRY2627-. The test for L176.2 can now be purchased from the Advanced Orders Menu for $29 plus a sample transfer fee of $9.50. So far ALL members of R-SRY2627 who have ordered this test have tested positive, we do not yet have a second positive sample from outside of R-SRY2627. It is hoped this mutation in conjunction with SRY2627 will shed more light on the history of haplogroup R in western Europe.
July 2010. More SRY2627- L176.2+ individuals have been found and some of these have L165+ so this mutation is also of interest to this Project.

March 2011. FTDNA have updated their Haplogroup tree and have relaunched their Deep Clade Test product which now includes L176.2, SRY2627 and L165. The test promises to allocate each customer to a terminal branch of the tree - hopefully as a result more L176.2+, SRY2627+ and L165+ lines will be discovered. These SNPs can also all be ordered individually from the Advanced Tests Menu.