R SRY2627/Z198/L176

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About us

This project will investigate the shared ancestry of members of R-SRY2627, R-L165, R-CTS4188 and R-L176.2/Z198 To join you must either (a) have SRY2627+, L165+, CTS4188+, L176.2+, or Z198+ from FTDNA or Geno 2.0; or (b) have a positive result for one of these SNPs (any company) plus the 67 STR test from FTDNA; or (c) share recent paternal ancestry with an existing project member (supported by a close match at 37 or more STR markers); or (d) have a DYS490=10 result and be predicted haplogroup R (e) have DYS525 = 6 and, if tested, DYS490 = 10 results and be predicted haplogroup R.