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Gareth Henson Gareth Henson
October 22, 2017 @ 2:46pm
The home page banner is from the Wikipedia page for the Val d'Aran where 48% of a sample of local men were found to belong to R-SRY2627. Photo credit: Wikipedia user Nickj
Philip Nicholson
May 8, 2018 @ 4:27pm
Isn't the Val d'Aran selection just a simple data point? It seems some in the group have concluded this is ground zero. If I took a sample in the centre of hilly Portugal, could I find the same? Or Andorra etc etc etc?
Casey Barrier
June 4, 2018 @ 8:13pm
The Val d"Aran is of interest because of the high percentage of men from that area that exhibit the R-SRY2627 haplogroup. My family can be traced to Canton Bern, Switzerland, but I make no other conclusions beyond that.
Mario Eworo
August 3, 2018 @ 2:53pm
My dad is from Equatorial Guinea and his dad is from Cataluyna and I just tested for R-M167 on 23andme. I always assumed it is a Spanish haplogroup.
Casey Barrier
February 1, 2019 @ 6:57pm
Most probably your ancient paternal ancestor was from the Catalonia/Val d'Aran region in the northeastern corner of Spain and adjacent area of France, etc. It is not uncommon for Latin Americans to have such ancestors. Welcome!
Johan Kranenburg Johan Kranenburg has a question!
December 30 @ 4:35am
Mijn definitieve haplogroep is R-BY3221 (ontstaan ca. 2000 jaar geleden). In de Big-Y-Block Tree ben ik gekoppeld aan een persoon uit Equatoriaal-Guinea in Afrika. Zou dit de vader (danwel een voorvader) kunnen zijn van Mario Eworo die oorspronkelijk uit Catalonië kwam? Met vriendelijke groet, Johan Kranenburg
Johan Kranenburg
December 30 @ 9:37am
Overigens heb ik volgens mijn geschatte Autosomale DNA-test voor 95% de Engelse etniciteit (MyHeritageDNA), Met vriendelijke groet, Johan Kranenburg
Johan Kranenburg
January 5 @ 8:39pm
ik heb dus niets te maken met Equatoriaal-Guinea. Mijn familie komt uit Nederland. Kennelijk zijn er nog 14 tot 20 onbekende haplogroepen danwel SNP’s (berekend over 2.000 jaar). De wijsheid komt van .dr. Iain McDonald ((gemiddeld één mutatie per 100-144 jaar). Met vriendelijke groet. Johan Kranenenburg
Johan Kranenburg
January 5 @ 8:39pm
m'n donatie heb ik reeds voldaan.
Johan Kranenburg
January 20 @ 7:49am
Mijn definitieve haplogroep is BY3221 (BY3223, A7415, A7414, CTS10339, A7416, CTS11799) en is ca. 2.000 jaar geleden ontstaan. Per 100-144 jaa treedt één mutatie op. Er zijn dus nog 14 tot 20 onbekende haplogroepen danwel SNP’s. Zijn deze onbekende haplogroepen (snp's) wel gearchiveerd danwel benoemd?
Johan Kranenburg Johan Kranenburg has a question!
November 11 @ 9:49am
Hallo, Mijn vastgestelde haplogroep in mijn grote Y is R-BY3221 ( CTS11799). Kunt u mij vertellen wanneer en waar R-BY3221 ( CTS11799) ongevver ontstaan is? Met vriendelijke groet, Johan Kranenburg
Gareth Henson
November 11 @ 2:20pm
Goedenavond Johan. Jouw haplogroep is een tak van R-CTS4549 die in heel West-Europa is gevonden, van Portugal tot Nederland. R-CTS4549 is ongeveer 2.000-2.500 jaar oud en R-BY3221 is waarschijnlijk een paar honderd jaar jonger.
Johan Kranenburg
November 12 @ 4:03am
hartelijk dank
Johan Kranenburg
December 24 @ 8:38pm
dus R-BY3221 is ca. 2000 jaar geleden ontstaan?
Johan Kranenburg
December 24 @ 8:39pm
Met vriendelijke groet
Johan Kranenburg Johan Kranenburg has a question!
November 11 @ 9:49am
kitnr IN67900
Louis Bruce Louis Bruce
October 8 @ 8:41am
my ancient population i belong to Celt + Frank (6.146) Viking Icelandic + Frank (6.174) Frank (7.992) Celt (8.239) Viking Icelandic (11.65) my modern population 1. North_German (8.308) 2. South_Dutch (9.503) 3. Southeast_English (10.57) 4. Irish (10.68) 5. Southwest_English (11.47) 6. Danish (11.47) 7. West_Scottish (11.62) 8. North_Dutch (12.47)
Jay Rury
October 9 @ 12:20am
What do the numbers in the parenthesis represent?
Louis Bruce
October 9 @ 7:42am
Genetic distance measures how close you are to a given sample. 10 means this is your ancient ancestry 20 means this is part of your ancestral link 30 means possibly related to your ancestry /// This is their explanation of the numbers
Louis Bruce
October 9 @ 7:51am
I used my 23&me kit for this because they include a basic Y and MTDNA in their autosomal test They show my father and myself as R-M167 my mtdna is T2b. Of coarse I have a Y test and deep clade here and a ff our ftdna Y group is sry2627. My point with this is I'm not showing any ancient matches in Iberia at all. They most certainly have ancient samples from this area
Louis Bruce Louis Bruce
October 8 @ 8:33am
This map is a comparison with my Father. The white dots are maternal matches for me. The grey dots are ones my Father has only. The Green are locations I share with my Father
Louis Bruce Louis Bruce
October 8 @ 8:22am
I joined My True Ancestry I paid into 2nd to the top level here are the Ancient samples I am related to paternally by blood.
Jaime Conde Matos Jaime Conde Matos
March 28, 2019 @ 6:44am
Good until march 31, 2019.
Keith Martin
March 29, 2019 @ 10:20pm
Thanks for sharing the discount codes! I had been hesitating to order the upgrade to Big Y-700 because of the cost, but with the discount, I couldn't resist! I have found very close matches at Y-67 for my MARTIN ancestors, so hopefully this will further clarify those connections.
Jason Bourgeois
September 16 @ 9:23pm
Still way too expensive...
gustav bartra gustav bartra has a question!
May 18, 2018 @ 4:16pm
Are there any R-CTS4299 in this group? Please contact gusbartra@yahoo.com
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Victor Speck
April 17, 2019 @ 7:33pm
Yes, I am CTS4299 based on very recent Big Y 700.
Jonathon Bruce #859938
April 18, 2019 @ 12:51pm
Positive for R-cts4299 also
Jay Rury
April 25 @ 3:53pm
Also positive for CTS4299
Jason Bourgeois
September 16 @ 9:22pm
Yes, why do you ask?
Louis Bruce Louis Bruce
September 12 @ 7:38am
Since my Grandfather took a free Y12 test from FTDNA in 2002 to my Y test in 09 my count is this 10 matches with other Bruce's 3 non surname 25 marker matches with a distance of 2 and 2 non surname Y12 matches at a distance of 1
Jonathon Bruce #859938
September 12 @ 9:08am
Have you tested DF27 snp?
Douglas Smith
September 13 @ 12:13am
Louis, That's great that your Y-DNA grandfather took the Y12 Test at FTDNA back in 2002! DNA samples at FTDNA are normally good for 25 years. I don't know if you have had any other testing done on his DNA sample, but first, I would recommend that you test his sample for the atDNA Test (Family Finder), if you have not already done so. Second, I would recommend that you test his sample for the Y111 Test. Then, for your DNA sample, I would recommend that you take the Big Y-700 Test. With your Y-DNA grandfather's Y111 markers and your first 111 Y-DNA STR markers from your Big Y-700 Test, you will create your Bruce family's unique Y-DNA STR Haplotype Signature! Then, in order to learn more, you would have to encourage your closest matches at Y37, Y67, and Y111 to take the Big Y-700.
Louis Bruce
September 13 @ 6:06am
Douglas Last year I tried to order the FF test on my Grandfather's sample . They tried hard twice too get it with no luck . The sample is too degraded he died that same year in 2002. Some of my Bruce matches have the y67 and I think the y111 I had a deepclade test done on my kit and it says SRY2627. We have some pretty unique markers just in the Y12 range Bennett Greenspan told me years ago we have markers that almost never occur together. He also said with most people a y12 match is no guarantee of relation but he said in our case if someone showed up with our first 12 he would be willing to bet they're related here are our first 12/// 13 23 14 11 11-12 12 12 11 14 13 31
Louis Bruce
September 14 @ 6:54am
If I had a bunch of Y12 matches "other than surname" I would order all the upgrades. the 3 non surname Y25 matches I have don't even match the first 12 markers and one of the two Y 12 non surname matches I have shows he is R-U106
Lorne Girling Lorne Girling
September 11 @ 5:53am
Upgrade from Y-500 to Y-700 Completed.