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About us

(1) To learn more about the ancient history of haplogroup I2*, I2b and I2c and define the points of separation between them and I2a and  I1 and the estimated time range for each divergence.

(2) To Increase knowledge on the HG's and further define the subgroups within them and determine if they are separate or lineal subgroups.

(3) To map those differences and time ranges with known historical events within geographical regions. The end result would be a divergence map called "The Historical Migration Routes of I2 Subgroups," with the underlying historical events.

Objective 1: Collect as much of data for each subgroup as possible to make solid inferences.

Objective 2: Define and name the known subgroups of I2*, I2b and I2c as lineal or divergent subclades and their geographical locations where possible.

Objective 3: Define the time of each divergence and map them. 

Objective 4: Match the divergences with historical migratory events that would have preceded it.

We believe this project should be involved in "Walk Through the Y (WTY)" project which searches the Y chromosome for new SNPs to expand its knowledge of YDNA to discover identifying SNPs for the project and its subgroups. The costs of these tests are expensive ($US750) and we feel it should be funded sample by sample by the Project group as the WTY expands its range with the YDNA and as funding is available one participant in each group of I2* have their sample tested by WTY. With the introduction of the new chip that FTDNA now use the coverage of the Y chromosome in this search has been expanded.

Since WTY test was replaced by the BigY test the project has conducted 11 tests. These have been very productive and it is our belief that the project should continue to use this test to find new unique SNPs and define previously named SNPs.

The new tree for the project is shown on the Background page.

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