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Over the last 8 years Haplogroup I2b, I2c and the sub clades have beenconfirmed and continue to be developed. Since early Aug 2011 we have seen thelast of the known a group of results that have been classified or predicted as move to the newclade I2c which followed earlier movement of people to I2b.

The Timeline for this split appears to be around 40000 years ago that I-L596split from I2* and I-L460. About14000 years ago I-l457 and I-L596split. It is estimated that the three major groups within I-L596 split about8000 years ago. The TMRCAs of these 3 groups are believed to be about 2000 to5000 years ago (about 50 to 80 generations). These three groups can beidentified by the DYS393/390 values as Group A 13/23 (I-CTS7767, L7767 andF2044 I2a2a1b), Group B 14/24 (I-PH2569 I2a2b)and Group C 12/22 I-L1251 I2a2a1a).The next development was a youngish Jewish group B(J) has branched withingroup B which has a TMRCA of 900 (up to 30 plus generations). The actualtimeline of split of groups B and B(J) have not yet been identified. More recentlywe have seen the emergent of several groupings within Group B. No timeline hasbeen defined for these groups.



There have now been 50BigY tests with a couple pendingconducted by project members. These have netted us some 664 brand new uniqueSNPs and identified some 60 odd previously named SNPs that are going to be ableto be used to grow the tree this count continues to grow.

We continue the process of having tests designed for a la carte testing ofthese SNPs for validation testing. This will be a long process with all HGsvying for Lab time. Selected unique SNPs that have been found are named BY#. 


Testing SNPs was enhanced by the introduction of SNP Packs and we nowhave V2 for the project available to test. This pack contains selected SNPsfrom the HG Tree and BigY results from across the project. The pack currentlyhas 209 SNPs and so far we have tested 45 packs (V1 and V2). Only 1 of theseresults has been disappointing.

The resulting Big Y-500 for this kit has resulted in a new clade beingdiscovered. Details still to be worked out. The only + results in I2 were L596+L597+ all the rest of the I2 branches on the FTDNA HG Tree are neg aa are allthe branches below L596.


   6 July 18


The new I2c have commenced fundraisingfor the next kit to be submitted to the WTY  

During the introduction 11 BigY were tested in the period late 2013 and inearly 2014 a further 9 kits were submitted for BigY testing. The results camein in the first half of 2014 and analysis showed that there a many probableSNPs for I2c HGI-L596.

These SNPs were submitted for thedesign of primers so that they can be added to the SNP catalog. Once thishappens project members were advised of which SNP it is suggested they testfirst. Some of these SNPs also equal some S series SNPs so as they may becomeavailable sooner.

On completion of testing the appropriate submission was forwarded toISOGG to have changes made to the HGI-L596 tree.   (16/6/2014) 


Walk The Y (WTY)

WTY testing was testing about 100,000or more sites (17,973,820 bp)of your y chromosome for whether it is A,G,C, orT. By comparing your results with a defined standard, new SNPs (mutations at aspecific site among the 100,000 or so) from the ancestral line of the testedmale can be discovered. The numbers of sites have been increasedover the last year. The last WTY conducted by this project covered96,691,581bp.


Conducted by I2a projectThis project hasco-ordinated 5 WTY tests (4 of their own and 1 I2*). The new SNPs found inthese tests were:

I2a L158 L159 L160 L161 L178 L233 

I2* No new SNPs found Thanks to the I2aproject.


Conducted by I2b project.This projectconducted 1 WTY test and compared the results with know I2b2 and I2* results:

I2b1 Continental L181 I2b1 RootsL181        Conclusion: L181 isupstream of the I2b1 Continental/Roots split

Known I2b2 result L181+Conclusion:L181 is upstream of the I2b1/I2b2 split

Known I2* result L181-Conclusion:L181 is downstream of I2* Thanks to the I2b1 project


A member of the I2* project hassubmitted his sample for a WTY testing and we expect the results to bepublished in the first quarter next year (10/12/10)

The test results havebeen returned showing three new SNPs L415, L416 and L417 for I2*. Follow uptesting by members across the range of I2* are currently being carried out tofind out the significance of these three SNPs to I2* and its subgroups. (7/2/11)

The following SNP Tests resulted in theformation of a new clade within HGI2Dueto the renumbering of previous clades because on the following SNP this cladeis numbered I2b. (8/8/11)


A result from a test at 23&me onthe Y Chromosome has shown a marker rs7892855 that has potential impact on I2.I have asked the FTDNA lab to test some of our I2* members for this marker tosee if it has any significance to I2* and what that is. (7/2/11) 

The results of the SNP tests from theI1, I2 and other projects has results in the renumbering of the old I2 andclades to I2a1 and I2a2. I2a is identified by rs7892855 which was named L460(8/8/11)


In early 2011 a new kit from the I2*project was submitted to the WTY project. This resulted in two new SNP beingfound. SNP testing of kits within the project showed that these two SNPsidentified a new clade within I2 which was number I2c. (8/8/11)


At the time of writing there are noknown I2* results. (8/8/11)