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This is a worldwide project open to those who have tested Haplogroup M170+, P215+, L460- and [L415+ or L416+ or L417+] or [{L596 or L597} and L1251 or {CTS7767+ and PF6328+ and/or F2044+}] or whose predictive Haplogroup is I2b and I2c or for those who represent such a person. Sponsors for testing carried out by this project are welcome. 

Project Fund 2017
Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type Project B (J) WRY C WTY B WTY A BigY D WTY I2b I1 or I2 SNP Packs BigY Indiv SNPs Remarks
Start 1292.8           67.80 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1225.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 2017
credit 50.00 01/01/2017   SNP Pack 559337                   50.00      
debit -119.00 02/01/2017   SNP Pack 559337                   -119.00      
credit 20.00 15/01/2017   303178     20.00                      
credit 50.00 15/01/2017   andre     50.00                      
credit 50.00 15/01/2017   spriggs BigY       10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00          
debit -200.00 24/02/2017     bigy                     -200.00    
credit 25.00 20/03/2017     bigy                     25.00    
credit 150.00 18/04/2017   doerner bigy                     150.00    
debit -425.00 19/04/2017   doerner bigy                     -425.00    
credit 425.00 22/04/2017   bowling bigy                     425.00    
debit -425.00 22/04/2017   bowling bigy                     -425.00    
debit -200.00 24/02/2017 shared   bigy   joint BigY with another project               -200.00   not paid yet
credit   23/04/2017     bigy   Donation towards cost of BigY                   not known
debit -425.00 23/04/2017         group c member                 -425.00   not ordered
Balance 693.80 23/04/2017     bigy   137.80 0.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 1235.00 0.00 -69.00 -1075.00 0.00 268.80

Wish list for 2017                BigY   I2c2b L415                  x1    $575.00

                                                I2c1a1a L1251 blue      x2     $500.00  1 listed above incomplete

                                                I2c1a1b S11003 green  x2     $500.00

                                                I2c2 BY421 red            x3    $700.00

                                                I2c3 PF3885 violet        x2    $500.00

                                                follow up to potential clade    $0.00  ordered by member

                                        New SNP Pack 10% members       $2600.00

                                        Target SNPs                                $500.00 


                                                        less available funds      $268.80

                                                        shortfall                    $5307.80

                                                300 members at $20            $6000.00

                                                                                                        This is the testing I would like to see achieved in this year. However it will only be possible by your generosity or other supporters of the Project. It is not seen that all this will happen in the next month or two, but progressively as funding becomes available.

Thanking you in anticipation

Bob      16 Apr 2017.                                                                        Updated 23/4/2017


The following are Modal values for the Haplogroups (groupings) in the project.

HG I2c

DYS426 DYS388 DYS392 DYS389ii DYS455 DYS454 DYS437 Y-GATA-H4 CDY DYS438 DYS578 DYF395S1 DYS590 DYS641 DYS472 DYF406S1 DYS425 DYS413 DYS413 DYS594 DYS436 DYS490 DYS450 DYS617 DYS572 DYS640 DYS492 DYS565 DYS485 DYS632 DYS495 DYS505 DYS556 DYS589 DYS638 Y-GATA-A10 DYS441 DYS593 DYS504 DYS561 DYS726 DYS434 DYS435
11 13 11 29 11 11 15 10 34 10 8 16 8 10 8 10 12 20 21 11 12 13 8 13 11 12 12 11 14 8 16 12 11 12 10 13 15 15 16 14 12 9 11
HG I2c1a1
DYS439 DYS459a YCAIIa DYS575 DYS712 DYS650
12 9 20 9 21 19
HG I2c1a1a        DYS393/390 12/22
DYS393 DYS390 DYS19 DYS464b YCAIIa DYS456 DYS442 DYS511 DYS557 DYS534 DYS481 DYS446 DYS487 DYS716 DYS522 DYS533 DYS445 DYS463 DYS525 DYS712 DYS650 DYS715 DYS635 DYS587 DYS461
12 22 16 16 21 14 11 10 14 15 26 10 15 28 10 13 10 22 9 23 20 22 24 19 13
HG I2c1a1b        DYS393/390  13/23
DYS393 DYS390 DYS439 DYS459a DYS448 DYS449 DYS464d DYS460 YCAIIa DYS456 DYS710 DYS714 DYS549 DYS636 DYS575 DYS452 DYS712 DYS650
13 23 13 10 21 30 17 9 20 16 29 24 10 12 8 29 20 18
HG I2c2            DYS393/390 14/24
DYS393 DYS390 DYS391 DYS385b DYS389i DYS389ii DYS459b DYS459c DYS447 DYS449 DYS460 CDY DYS531 DYS537 DYS557 DYS534 DYS444 DYS446 DYS568 DYS710 DYS505 DYS452 DYS463 DYS712 DYS650 DYS504 DYS635 DYS510
14 24 10 13 13 30 8 8 24 32 11 37 12 12 16 14 14 12 12 31 13 31 21 28 22 17 21 18
HG I2c3            DYS393/390 13/24
DYS393 DYS390 DYS385a DYS385b DYS459b DYS459c DYS454 DYS447 DYS464a DYS576 DYF395S1 DYS444 DYS520 DYS540 DYS717 DYS505 DYS549 DYS494 DYS462 Y-GGAAT-1B07 DYS712 DYS650 DYS532 DYS504 DYS643 DYS497 DYS510
13 24 14 14 10 10 12 25 12 16 15 13 21 10 18 11 12 8 13 10 22 20 11 16 13 13 17

HG I2b               DYS393/390   11/23
DYS393 DYS390 DYS389i DYS458 DYS437 DYS449 DYS464b DYS464d DYS456 DYS576 DYS570 CDY CDY DYS413 DYS557 DYS594 DYS481 DYS568 DYS572
11 23 14 20 16 25 13 15 13 18 19 33 34 22 18 10 24 12 10

16 April 2017


I2b L417/S332, L415/S435, L416, BY3336, BY3337, FGC16098  [~L417/S332, L415/S435, L416 ISOGG TREE]

I2c L596, L597, BY417, BY53, FGC18067, FGC18075,  FGC18085, FGC18101, FGC18127, FGC18129,  FGC18130, FGC18136, FGC18569, PF3889, PF3827, PF3898, S11759, S22693, S6601, S12355, S21777, S23033, S24842, S6655, S6658, S6669, S6729, S9168, S9539,SK1266, Y5332, Y5333,  Y5335,  Y5336, Y5341  [L596/PF6907/S292, L597/S333, FGC18085/Y5340, FGC18140/Y5336, M3934/S6610/PF3934, PF3889, PF3893, PF3895, PF3896, PF3897, PF3898/S6659, PF3903/S3330, PF3911/S6728, PF3922, PF3929/S6694, PF3931, S6601, S6631/SK1266, S11759, S12355, Y5332, Y5338 ISOGG TREE]
        I2c1 BY433  
[I2c1a BY433 ISOGG TREE]
                I2c1a PF3892, BY16375, BY16376, BY1659, BY1990, BY434, FGC18134, FGC18636, PF3904, PF6914, PF3918, PF3924, PF3933, S10911, S12008,  S17911, S23479, S23817, S6635, S6648, S6661, S6685, S6705, S6711,                 S6742, Y5338,  Z20919  
[I2c1 PF3892, PF3904, PF3918, PF3924, PF3933 ISOGG TREE]
                        I2c1a1 S6716, Y5334

                                I2c1a1a L1251, BY16382, BY16384, BY16416,  BY1802, BY2209, BY2776, BY2777, BY435, BY436, BY437, FGC15912, FGC18544, FGC18547, FGC18554, FGC18553, FGC18547, FGC18551, FGC18552, FGC18556,                                 FGC18564, FGC18578, FGC18584, FGC18601,FGC18603, FGC18607,  FGC18609,  FGC18610, FGC18616, FGC18618, FGC18624,  FGC18628,  FGC18637, FGC18638, FGC18639, FGC18641, FGC18643,  FGC18648,                                 FGC18650, S10141, S11571, S14736, S16199,  S16446, S17221, S18042, S18299, S22054, S22170, S21750, S22470, S25233, S26491, S9234, Y7171, Y7172,  Y7175, Y7177, Y7189, Y7847, Y7849, Y7856, Y7858,                                 Y7860  [I2c1a1 L1251.1, BY2776, BY2777, S9234, S10141, S11571, S16199, S16446, S17221, S17911, S18042, S18299, S21750, S22170, S22470, S23078, S26491 = I2c1a1a1a FGC18564, S14736 ISOGG TREE]
                                        5 POTENTIAL SUBCLADES
                                                I2c1a1a1 BY2784, BY16359, BY16397, FGC18545, FGC18567, FGC18568,  FGC18583, FGC18597, FGC18605, FGC18619, FGC18632, FGC18646, FGC18649, FGC35279, Y7163, Y7169, Y7179, Y7183,                                                 Y7184, Y7848,  Y7855, Y7866, Z21933  
[BY2789, BY2790, BY2791, BY2792 ISOGG TREE]
                                                I2c1a1a2 S19368, BY16414, S18142 
                                                I2c1a1a3 BY2792
                                I2c1a1b S11003, BY16354, BY16398, BY2404, BY934, BY935, FGC18069, FGC18070, FGC18076, FGC18080, FGC18087, FGC18091, FGC18093, FGC18094, FGC18096, FGC18104, FGC18107, FGC18110,                                 FGC18111, FGC18115, FGC18123, FGC18125, FGC18128, FGC18131, FGC18132, FGC18137, FGC59935, FGC59955, S6596, S6622, SK1267 
                                        I2c1a1b1 BY443
                                                I2c1a1b1a S6687, BY16385, BY16411, BY2193, BY55, FGC18072, FGC18073, FGC18081, FGC18082, FGC18083, FGC18084, FGC18097, FGC18112, FGC18116, FGC18118, FGC18122, FGC18139, S6595,                                                 S6741  [
I2c1a2 S6687, S6741 ISOGG TREE]
                                                        I2c1a1b1a1 BY2801, BY16380, BY16386, BY16400        
                                                                I2c1a1b1a1 BY2801, BY16380, BY16386, BY16400
                                                                        I2c1a1b1a1a BY2800, A1144, A1145,  BY16353, BY16361, BY16362,  BY16363, BY16364, BY16365, BY16366, BY16368, BY16366, BY16377, BY16378, BY16383, BY16388, BY16394,                                                                         BY16399, BY16402, BY16405, BY16415, BY2799, BY448
                                                                                I2c1a1b1a1a1 BY446
                                                        I2c1a1b1a2 FGC18068, FGC18121, FGC18135
                                                                I2c1a1b1a2a S6656, BY16369, BY16372, CTS4092, FGC18079, FGC18088, FGC18098, FGC18105, FGC18109, FGC18117, FGC18119  
[I2c1a2a CTS4092 ISOGG TREE]
                                                                        5 POTENTIAL SUBCLADES
                                                                                I2c1a1b1a2a1 BY23, CTS7767, FGC18086, FGC18100 
[I2c1a2a1 CTS7767.1  =  I2c1a2a1a BY23/S6625 ISOGG TREE]
                                                                                        I2c1a1b1a2a1a BY19, BY1433, BY20, BY21, BY2483, BY44, BY445, BY56, BY57, PF6328
[I2c~ BY19, BY20, BY21, BY22/FGC18100, BY24, BY25, BY26, BY27, BY29,                                                                                         PF3881/S6673  =  I2c1a2a1a1 PF6328 ISOGG TREE]
                                                                                                POTENTIAL SUBCLADE
                                                                                                        I2c1a1b1a2a1a1 BY48, BY49 please test one of these SNPs
                                                                                                                I2c1a1b1a2a1a2 BY1265, BY16374
                                                                                                                        I2c1a1b1a2a1a2a F2044, BY16413    
[I2c1a2a1a1a F2044 ISPOGG TREE]    
                                                                                                                                        I2c1a1b1a2a1a2a1a BY47
                                                                                                                                        I2c1a1b1a2a1b FGC18078, BY2797, FGC18106, FGC18138
                                                                                                                                I2c1a1b1a2a1a2a2 BY444
                                                                                I2c1a1b1a2a2 BY25, BY34  
[I2c~ BY19, BY20, BY21, BY22/FGC18100, BY24, BY25, BY26, BY27, BY29, PF3881/S6673 ISOGG TREE]
                                                                                        I2c1a1b1a2a2a BY24, BY26, BY28, PF3826  
[I2c~BY19, BY20, BY21, BY22/FGC18100, BY24, BY25, BY26, BY27, BY29, PF3881/S6673 ISPOGG TREE]
        I2c2 BY421, BY16355, BY16356, BY16360, BY16370, BY16373, BY16357, BY16358,BY16381, BY16387, BY16389, BY16390, BY16391, BY16395, BY16396, BY16401, BY16404, BY16406, BY16407, BY16410, BY16412, BY2803,         BY2804, BY2805, BY2817, BY420, BY422, BY423, BY4301, M4099, PH1912, PH2569, PH2849, PH2860, PH2930, PH3525,PH3539, PH3653,  PH4144, PH4230, PH4607,  PH5443,  S6800, SK1270, SK1271, SK1273, SK1274,         SK1275, SK1276, SK1277,  Y16419,  Y16420, Y16421, Y16422,  Y16425, Y16426, Y16427, Y16428, Y16429, Y16430, Y16649, Y16650, Y16651,  Y16652, Y16653, Y16655,  Y16656, Y16657, Y16658, Y16659, Y16660,  Y16666,         Y16668, Y16669, Y16670,  Y16671, Y16672, Y16674, Y16675, Y16677, Y16678, Y16679, Y16680, Y16681, Y16682, Y16684,  Z26373, Z26375, Z26376, Z26377, Z26379,  Z26380,  Z26381, Z26382, Z26383, Z26384, Z26385,         Z26386, Z26387, Z26388,  Z26389, Z26390, Z26391, Z26392, Z26394, Z26396, Z26397, Z26398, Z26399, Z26400, Z26401, Z26404, Z26405, Z26407, Z26409, ZS2741      
[BY133.1^/Y5127.1^, PH3539, Y16659, Y16660, Y16668,         Y16672, Y16673, Y16675, Y16677, Y16678, Y16680, Y16682, Z26376, Z26380, Z26383, Z26384^, Z26386, Z26388, Z26389, Z26390, Z26396^, Z26399, Z26401, Z26403^, Z26404  =  i2c2~ Y16427  =  I2c2a1 Y16666  ISOGG         TREE]        
                5 POTENTIAL CLADES
                        I2c2a BY181    
                                4 POTENTIAL CLADES
                                        I2c2a1 Z26403, BY16392, Y16673    
[Y16673 I2c2 ISOGG TREE]
                                                I2c2a1a  BY2807, BY2808    
[FGC6702.2/Y14376.2 ISOGG TREE]
                                                        I2c2a1b BY2818, BY4300  
[~ Y16423 ISOGG TREE]
                                                                I2c2a1c BY3335
                                                                        I2c2a1c1 BY3334, BY4176, BY4299
                                                                                POTENTIAL CLADE
                                                                I2c2a1d A1143
                                                                        I2c2a1d1 BY428
                                                                                POTENTIAL CLADE
                                                                I2c2a1e Y16648, Y16676Y16664Y16667BY16403Y16665Y16662Y16418
                                                                        I2c2a1e1 BY4177, BY4298 
                                                                        I2c2a1e2 BY16408
        I2c3 (FTDNA I2c1a2)  PF3885, PF3916, S10292, S18874
                I2c3a S11003, FGC18087
                        I2c3a1 S11003 could be M9097
                        I2c3a2 potential SNP unknown    
                        I2c3a3 potential SNP unknown       
16 APRIL 2017

First you must have YDNA test results from at least 12 DYS markers at FTDNA.

Either go to the link on the left of this page JOIN REQUEST and click on JOIN on the new page that opens;


When you receive your results, go to your FTDNA Home page at the FTDNA website.

Under YDNA click on Haplotree and check your Predicted or Confirmed Haplogroup.

At the mos it will predict M170+ and/or P215+ you need to follow the steps in Predicting Haplogroup below. When yo have done this and the prediction is 

I-S31*,  I-S31*-A, I-S31*-B, I-S31*-C click onto the icon Prhg tojects then Join on the menu bar on the top of the screen. When the new screen appears, scroll down to Y HAPLOGROUP PROJECTS and click on the I# Selection (today it reads I(13). When that new screen appears, click onto I2b L415 I2c L596. When that new screen appears click the Join icon. 

If you are already a member of FTDNA, there is no extra cost to join the project.

If you been tested by Ancestry, Gene Tree or SMGF go to http://www.familytreedna.com/landing/ydna-transfer.aspx and the FAQ with details can be found at http://www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers.aspx?id=41#1620.  

: For anyone reading this before they have done any testing it is recommended that as a cost benefit you should test for the highest number of markers possible (67) and only adjust downward if your budget dictates.

Where SNP testing has not determined Haplogroup new members predictive Haplogroup will be obtained by utilizing The World Haplogroup & Haplogroup-I Subclade Predictor at http://members.bex.net/jtcullen515/haplotest.htm The predicted subclade with largest percent prediction will be used to place the new members haplotype in the Y-DNA Results portion of the I2website.

: There is still a chance that the prediction could show an error of including I2b2a as there is no way to filter this group out, but there is a haplotype motif with 10, 12 at DYS445, 454 which almost always indicates I2b2.

The current FTDNA YTree was last revised on 4 Aug 2011. A copy of the tree can be found on the Goals page.

Individual. Cost of the FTDNA 67 markers and 111 markers. There may be other tests at a latter stage. See News for details.

Project. Walk the Y (WTY) testing. Members are asked to donate what they are able to towards the project to be used in tests like the WTY, where intitially it is only neccessary to test one person from each group.

Surname Projects pertain to recent ancestry, ie, four to twelve (or more) generations back. Haplogroup Projects pertain to a person's deep ancestry, ie, their ancient ethnic origins. This means thousands of years ago. So the research emphasis changes from genealogy to a mixture of Anthropology and Archaeology, but YDNA still plays a major role for the time being. Anthropology is defined as the study of humans everywhere and throughout time. Archaeology is defined as the study of human cultures. YDNA is defined as Y-Chromosome DNA, and pertains to the male DNA which is passed from father to son(s) virtually unchanged over the eons.

Haplogroup Y-I2* Project World Families Project home page

Bobs DNA I2* Additional Tests and Information

ISOGG Haplotree

Structure for Haplogroup I Haplogroup

I Subclade Predictor Tool

Ken Nordtvedt's Warped Founders Tree

Genebase Tutorial Click onto the lighted icon and read about Haplogroup I beginnings

http://www.worldfamilies.net/smart DNA The Smart Way a step by step guide

FTDNA Glossary

ISOGG Glossary

Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) at Wikipedia



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