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I2b I-L415, I2a2 (was I2c) I- L596

I-CTS2257 I2c I-L596 & I-BY32198 I2b I-L415 Haplogroup Project
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About us

This is a worldwide project open to those who have tested Haplogroup I2 M170 + P215 + L460- and L415+ L416+ L417+ or L596+ L597+ or whose predictive Haplogroup is I2* (no known sample), Haplogroup I2b L415, L416,L417 and Haplogroup I2c L596, L597, and L1251 or CTS7767 or those who represent such a person. The group admin will use The World Haplogroup & Haplogroup-I Subclade Predictor at to predicted I2*. Sponsors for testing carried out by this project are welcome.