Driscoll of Ireland

Rulers of the Corca Laidhe
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About us

The primary goal of the project is to help project members find out where their Driscoll great*-grandfather was from in Ireland. We want to trace out Driscoll paternal lineages. Our means of doing this is through finding genetic matches through yDNA. Our secondary goal is to develop a richer genetic sample of Driscolls with which we can contribute to research on the Corca Laidhe and the role of the Driscolls in this ancient kingdom. This includes the exploration of the deeper origins of the Driscolls in the context of Cork and Ireland history, and consequentially prove (or refute) some ancient Irish history texts. Our means of doing this is to keep abreast of the relevant haplogroup research that can shed light on Driscoll origins.

To achieve our goals, we have several smaller ones:

  • GROW the Driscoll project membership overall; grow the project membership with testers with unequivocally known ancestry from within Ireland, sponsoring them if necessary. This is to get a better and broader sampling and a better likelihood of Y matches for existing project members.
  • Assist members with family history / genealogy records and research, when possible, thereby helping them to identify their ancestry and fill in their family trees.
  • Encourage project members to leave their genetic legacy behind for future generations by extending their own Y STR genetic signatures out to the maximum 111 markers. Maximal testing will also improve the accuracy of calculations that estimate the degree of relationship to other members.
  • Encourage project members to leave their genealogical legacy behind for future generations by documenting their Driscoll family histories to the fullest extent possible and submitting their histories for publication on the project website.
  • Encourage interested members to test deep SNPs for clues on the origins of the Driscolls several millennia ago. Deep SNP analysis may help researchers discover more about how Ireland was populated and how ancient people moved around. Encourage members to join their relevant SNP projects as well as the Corca Laidhe project. Deep SNP research will also help guide project administrators in their advice to members for further testing.
  • As circumstances permit, work on recruitment of potential DNA testers with a "high-value" provable lineage from Ireland. Engage in fund-raising to cover the costs of testing these candidates.

Some of the shorter term objectives to help meet our goals include:

  • Ongoing development of our Driscoll project website intended for the preservation of records.
  • Utilize any opportunities that avail themselves to promote DNA testing with the Cork Genealogical Society, Skibbereen Heritage Centre and other relevant organizations.
  • Online visits to major genealogy forums, such as those on Ancestry.com, to promote the project. This includes surname forums and regional forums.
  • Snapshot the project at least annually.
  • Develop a publication for the purpose of raising awareness of the project in Ireland (This is an ongoing effort).