Driscoll of Ireland

Rulers of the Corca Laidhe
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About us

The primary goal of the project is to help project members find out where their Driscoll great*-grandfather was from in Ireland. We want to trace out Driscoll paternal lineages. Our means of doing this is through finding genetic matches through yDNA.

Our secondary goal is to contribute to research on the Corca Laidhe and the role of the Driscolls in this ancient kingdom. This includes the exploration of the deeper origins of the Driscolls in the context of Cork and Ireland history, and consequentially prove (or refute) some ancient Irish history texts. Our means of doing this is to keep abreast of the relevant haplogroup research that can shed light on Driscoll origins. Driscoll work coincides with the work of its sister project, the Corca Laidhe.

As of Fall 2018, the administrator no longer actively promotes and recruits for the project.