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Pre-Eóganachta Rulers of Munster, Ireland
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PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS We're always interested in new, ELIGIBLE members who are WILLING TO PARTICIPATE WITH THEIR ANONYMIZED RESULTS IN PUBLISHED RESEARCH. PLEASE READ this page closely TO BE SURE YOU ARE ELIGIBLE. Conclusively tracing your ancestry back to a specific location in Ireland or the British Isles is NOT REQUIRED. ----------------------------------- BEFORE SUBMITTING A JOIN REQUEST This is not just a Y DNA project. It is a study out of which might come talks, presentations, and published research in venues not affiliated with FTDNA. We want members who want to participate in this research and we need QUALITY data. It is ESSENTIAL that project members meet the prerequisites listed below, AND give their permission to participate in this study with their ANONYMIZED results and family history data in external venues ** WHEN THEY JOIN. ** There are SPECIFIC PREREQUISITES that must be completed before joining and SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS to follow when submitting your JOIN request. If those instructions are not followed, you will not be admitted. If you are admitted, but in the opinion of the project administrator, your account does not adequately meet the prerequisites, then your account may be removed from the project. If you are UNSURE after reviewing our materials, please DO feel free to email Susan a BRIEF email at BEFORE clicking JOIN. We know this is a lot to consider. If you are having trouble with any account settings or otherwise need help setting up your account and the FAQ help is not sufficient, you have the option of giving the project administrators ADVANCED access permission so they can assist you with account setup. If this is the case please inform Susan BEFORE attempting to JOIN. *** If you DO match the criteria, we look forward to your participation in our project. If you DO NOT match the criteria you may not get a reply to your Join Request. Thank you for giving this some thought before submitting a join request. We are volunteers and our time is valuable. ----------------------------------- INTRODUCTION Our project surveys the Y chromosome DNA of men bearing surnames associated with the Corca Laidhe, an ancient people who lived and ruled in Munster, Ireland. Their pedigree allegedly begins with Lughaidh Maccon who died in 225 AD. Their genealogy was recorded in the 1400s, translated from Irish to English in the 1800s, and is now online in both scanned and digital format (see Links). See the Background page for more detailed information. Over time some members may be determined to have 'Corca Laidhe DNA' (mutation patterns on the Y chromosome believed to have been present among the Corca Laidhe when they ruled Munster) and some not. We are interested in ALL these results, so please stay in the project if you've been accepted, even if you aren't determined to have a Corca Laidhe haplotype. ----------------------------------- WHAT THIS PROJECT IS NOT This project is not a conventional yDNA surname project that specifically addresses your paternal line research. Nor is it a haplogroup project investigating a specific Y SNP and its substreams. See our project GOALS. ----------------------------------- ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Consider this an ADVANCED Y DNA project. SEE THE FAQ PAGE FOR DETAILS ON ALL OF THESE REQUIREMENTS. * A Corca Laidhe surname See our Surnames list and also the Background page for notes on some surnames. Most of the project names are polygenetic (having more than one origin). If your paternal lineage bears a Corca Laidhe surname but has origins elsewhere, your data may nevertheless be valuable in the analysis for comparison. * Familiarity with your FTDNA account and ability to navigate your account settings and edit your family tree and paternal origins. * Interest Project members should have an inherent CONTINUING interest in the history of the region and in the project. * Genealogy research experience You are expected to have some experience researching your paternal line, using genealogy source information, and organizing your data in a family tree. * Y DNA test A minimum of 37 markers is required. In addition to the FAQ, see also the section 'Advanced SNP Testing' on the Goals page. * Account Contact Information Tester name, monitor name (if you are monitoring someone else's test), and primary emails need to be set up correctly. * Paternal Ancestral Origins Your earliest known paternal ancestor must be filled in with a name and approximate year of birth. Country of Origin and map coordinates must be set. * Family Tree Your family tree must be in your account. It must MINIMALLY show your paternal line with NAMES, DATES, and PLACEs. * Family history documentation in your account Even if you have not necessarily traced your paternal line origins back to Ireland or elsewhere in the British Isles, or have only researched back two generations, that is fine. It is critical to have your account filled out with what you DO know. * Grant Limited Permission for Administrators Upon joining, you will be asked to grant LIMITED or better permission to the project administrators so they can access and manipulate your data. If you are admitted to the project and this is not set, we will not be able to use your data. * Publicly Share Your Anonymized Data You must be willing to allow your ANONYMIZED results and paternal origin data to be viewed publicly by opting in to share results. * Written Permission When you click JOIN, you must AT THAT TIME give written permission IN THE JOIN WINDOW for your ANONYMIZED results to be utilized and discussed on Internet websites, talks, presentations, and research publications ** not affiliated with FTDNA. ** If you are monitoring the test of someone else, the project will require that you forward written permission FROM THE TESTER to the project administrator by email. The FAQ has SPECIFIC LANGUAGE that MUST BE PROVIDED IN THE JOIN WINDOW when you click JOIN. SEE THE FAQ PAGE FOR DETAILS ON ALL OF THESE REQUIREMENTS. ----------------------------------- WE DO NOT: Accept autosomal DNA or mtDNA results, or Accept transferred Y STR data not UPGRADED AND INTEGRATED into FTDNA, Accept Y SNP only transfers, Accept Y DNA for non-Corcu Laidhe surnames just because it matches men with Corcu Laidhe surnames, Provide support for more recent genealogical research. AS OF AUGUST 2018, THE PROJECT IS UNDERGOING A TRANSITION IN MANAGEMENT. EXPECT PROJECT WORK AND UPDATES TO BE SLOW FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.