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Corcu Loígde DNA Project

Pre-Eóganachta Rulers of Munster, Ireland
  • 217 members

About us


Hello and thanks for visiting the CORCA LAIDHE regional yDNA project. We appreciate the time you are taking to carefully read our materials. We welcome the participation of eligible and interested men.

Corca Laidhe is a REGIONAL STUDY of an archaeogenetic nature dealing with multiple surnames, multiple Y haplotypes and haplogroups. Findings might be presented at genealogical conferences and talks or published in places beyond FTDNA.

WHAT THIS PROJECT IS NOT. This is NOT a yDNA surname project or a single Y haplogroup / branch project. Nor is it a haplogroup, autosomal or mitochondrial DNA project. See our project GOALS for further details.

If you are looking for an Internet Cork genetics venue on which to participate with your Cork-based autosomal or mitochondrial DNA, or you want to see Cork-relevant Y surname projects, see the resources at Cork Ireland. Search FTDNA for haplogroup projects relevant to your Y haplogroup.

If you want genealogy research help, see our LINKs. We do not provide assistance with your genealogy research via private email, though we may on occasion (time permitting) lend a hand to a project member.

REQUIREMENTS. The tester must carry a Corca Laidhe surname as his direct paternal line name and have a FTDNA yDNA test of 37 markers or more. Of course, full Y testing through Big Y is extremely helpful.

NO EXCEPTIONS on the surname for name changes, adoptions, etc and NO EXCEPTIONS on the testing or name requirements. It is not sufficient to have a Corca Laidhe surname elsewhere in your ancestry.

EXPECTATIONS. Members are expected to cooperate fully in this study with their family history and DNA results data sharing and participation and should bear an innate interest in Cork, Munster, and Ireland genetic history. Members should have some genealogy research experience, some experience interpreting their yDNA results, and some familiarity navigating their FTDNA accounts.

Read the GOALS and the BACKGROUND pages to help you decide if you are interested. Read the FAQ page BEFORE CLICKING JOIN to understand eligibility details, the necessary account preparation, and the required permission that must be submitted in the join window when you click JOIN.

Historically, project growth and development have been slow. The project got a major overhaul in 2018, sharpening the project goals and consequently boosting and tightening up eligibility requirements. Expect work and updates to REMAIN VERY SLOW.

CONTACT. AFTER reading the aforementioned GOALS, BACKGROUND, and FAQ - send Susan a BRIEF email (corcalaidhedna@earthlink.net) - if you have questions about participating in the project. Do NOT add attachments. Put the exact phrase CORCA LAIDHE PROJECT on the subject line of your email if you expect your email to be seen. OTHERWISE YOUR EMAIL WILL GET DELETED IN A SPAM FOLDER.

We wish you BEST OF LUCK with your research!