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The DRISCOLL DNA project is seeking co-administrators, for the following specialties: the CADOGAN surname from west Cork; Haplogroup I2 / Isles (I-PF4135); R-CTS4466. If interested, see my project administration page then email the project administrator.


2017 Oct   The project has funds to offer one cost-splitting (roughly 50/50) Y111 scholarship next year to an interested man.
2017 Oct   Major research analysis update published. See the Driscoll Genes, I-PF4135 and R-CTS4466 pages off of the project data page.
2016 Nov   One Driscoll from I-L161 Isles A Subgroup A and one from Subgroup B are getting Big Y tests.

A Y37 scholarship is being offered for the winter 2016/2017 sale.
2016 June   The project wants to push forward analysis of the I-L161 Driscolls. We are seeking funding for two Big Y tests representative of Driscolls in our project groups A and B within the I-L161 grouping. One tester will represent Group A (DYS406S1 = 12) and one tester will represent Group B (DYS406S1 = 13). The project administrators are personally pledging $200 towards this effort, plus an additional $90 towards getting YFull analysis done on the results. We will likely need an additional $400.

Big Y results will eventually help guide the project administrators in splitting the project groupings as well as advise I-L161 project members on what further testing would likely be helpful in the future.

  1. The representative testers will have already tested the full 111 STR markers.
  2. For project promotional purposes, the testers must be named Driscoll.
  3. Funds must be in place prior to the next Big Y sale.
2016 May   Two native Cork Driscolls with known ancestry have been recruited from the Cork 2016 event.