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About us

Hello Mr. O'Driscoll. Fáilte romhat! And welcome to men with old West Cork paternal line ancestry if you are one of the many other historically related regional names DRISCOLLS used. This is a yDNA surname, genealogy and history project for men with these last names. Female relatives, ancestry DNA autosomal transfer or FTDNA Family Finder testers can enroll an eligible male relative with an eligible last name and paternal line history if they themselves are not eligible. Every Driscoll researcher - eligible or not - can join our mailing list.

FUTURE PROJECT MEMBERS. CLICK HERE TO JOIN: Because nearly 85% of our project members fall within R-CTS4466 or I-PF4135, a full 111 markers are recommended though it is fine to start with 37 markers and upgrade later. In addition to extending your genetic signature fully to 111 STR markers, Big Y is also extremely beneficial to the project, though not required for project admission. I-PF4135 members in particular are experiencing "false positives" in their STR matches so Big Y helps identify their genealogical relatives. Email Susan if you have questions. Check our FAQ first. Click "Get Preapproved" WHEN YOU ARE READY to purchase a Y test or have one aleady and you are ready to enroll.

If you see NO after clicking 'Get Preapproved', visit WhatIsMyIPAddress, write down your IP address in dotted decimal format, and email Susan with that data.

EXISTING PROJECT MEMBERS. Email Susan if you need help. Please check the FAQ first. There is NO need to fill out forms.

Y TEST SCHOLARSHIPS FOR ELIGIBLE MEN. The project administrators at their discretion and in consultation with project members may partially fund test kits for exceptionally qualified participants. Our FAQ has more details.