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DO NOT CLICK JOIN YET. 1. READ the project FAQ first at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/driscoll/faq 2. COMPLETE THE INFORMATION BELOW showing you understand project policies. 3. CLICK JOIN 4. COPY AND PASTE YOUR COMPLETED TEXT into the JOIN window when you submit your request. ================================= SUBMIT THIS COMPLETED INFORMATION ================================= PART I: TESTER IDENTITY - Tester's name: - I am ordering a Y test of 37 markers or more right now or already have a Y test on order or completed. INITIALIZE: ______ - Are you the tester? YES or NO: - Enter full name if not the tester or N/A: - Enter your relationship to the tester or N/A: _________________ PART II: PROJECT POLICIES (Initialize at the bottom) I understand all the following: --- Entering the tester's name in the account profile. --- Granting LIMITED ACCESS to the project administrators so they can view your data and assign your kit to an appropriate cluster on the Y results page --- Differences between FTDNA website and external project website - the latter is NOT FTDNA's --- Differences in project participation levels - some testers grant certain permissions to the administrator to publish results on the external project website --- A DNA testing FAQ resource is available for new testers on the external project website. INITIALIZE: ____ _________________ PART III: ELIGIBILITY SKIP THIS SECTION if the tester's last name is DRISCOLL or a secondary Driscoll surname with paternal line ancestry from west Cork. THOSE WITH A DIFFERENT SURNAME must submit this additional information. Refer to your FTDNA account as necessary: 1. I have read and understand the requirements for non-project surname members as described in the project FAQ and I accept these terms. INITIALIZE: ____ 2. I have tested 111 markers. INITIALIZE: ____ 3. I understand my terminal SNP must be at I-A14359 or R-CTS4466 (or subclades of). List your terminal SNP: _______ 4. List the name, email and haplogroup or terminal SNP of your project surname match with lowest Genetic Distance at 111 markers: Name: _________ Email: ________ Haplogroup:________ 5. List the name and email of your project surname match at your terminal SNP: Name: _________ Email: ________ 6. List additional information the project administrator should understand: