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BEFORE CLICKING JOIN - This is a Y DNA project for MEN bearing the last name DRISCOLL or a West Cork variation. See SURNAMES for variations. * STATE IN YOUR JOIN request that you have tested Y37 or more. If you are admitted without an FTDNA Y DNA test on file or on order, you will be advised to join the external mailing list and your kit will be housecleaned from the project. * Refer to our DNA testing FAQ (offsite!) if you do not understand the differences between the male line, female line, and universal lineage types of DNA tests. Email Susan - DIRECTLY - at - if you have a question from that DNA tutorial: * All are advised to read the project FAQ: * The JOIN button is NOT for correspondence. Email Susan - DIRECTLY - at if you have any questions AFTER reviewing the above materials. MEN WITH NON-ELIGIBLE SURNAMES NEED TO READ THE FAQ CAREFULLY FOR ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS, THEN COMPLETE ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW AND SUBMIT IT WITH THEIR JOIN REQUEST. 1. I have read and understand the requirements for non-project surname members as described in the project FAQ and I accept these terms. INITIALIZE HERE: ____ 2. I have tested 111 markers. INITIALIZE HERE: ____ 3. I have tested Big Y. INITIALIZE HERE: _____ 3. I understand my terminal SNP must be at I-A14359 or R-A6516 (or subclades of). List your terminal SNP: _______ 4. List the name, email and haplogroup or terminal SNP of your project surname match with lowest Genetic Distance at 111 markers: Name: _________ Email: ________ Haplogroup:________ 5. List the name and email of your project surname match at your terminal SNP: Name: _________ Email: ________ 6. List additional information the project administrator should understand: