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WAIT ! BEFORE CLICKING JOIN - 1. READ THE PROJECT FAQ at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/driscoll/faq 2. COMPLETE THE INFORMATION BELOW showing you understand project policies. PART III APPLIES ONLY TO THOSE WITHOUT ELIGIBLE SURNAMES. If your surname is eligible DO NOT FILL OUT PART III. 3. CLICK JOIN 4. COPY AND PASTE YOUR COMPLETED TEXT into the JOIN window when you submit your request. ================================= SUBMIT THIS COMPLETED INFORMATION ================================= PART I: TESTER IDENTITY - Tester's name: - I am ordering a Y test of 37 markers or more right now or already have a Y test on order or completed. INITIALIZE HERE: ______ - Are you the tester? YES or NO: - Enter full name if not the tester or N/A: - Enter your relationship to the tester or N/A: _________________ PART II: PROJECT POLICIES (Initialize at the bottom) I understand all the following: --- Entering the tester's name in the account profile. --- Granting LIMITED ACCESS to the project administrators so they can view your data and assign your kit to an appropriate cluster on the Y results page --- Differences between FTDNA website and external project website - the latter is NOT FTDNA's --- Differences in project participation levels - some testers grant certain permissions to the administrator to publish results on the external project website --- A DNA testing FAQ resource is available for new testers on the external project website. INITIALIZE HERE: ____ _________________ PART III: ELIGIBILITY - ONLY FOR THOSE WITH NON-ELIGIBLE SURNAMES. READ THE FAQ FOR ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. Those with a DIFFERENT surname must submit this additional information. Refer to your FTDNA Y matches as necessary: 1. I have read and understand the requirements for non-project surname members as described in the project FAQ and I accept these terms. INITIALIZE HERE: ____ 2. I have tested 111 markers. INITIALIZE HERE: ____ 3. I understand my terminal SNP must be at I-A14359 or R-A6516 (or subclades of). List your terminal SNP: _______ 4. List the name, email and haplogroup or terminal SNP of your project surname match with lowest Genetic Distance at 111 markers: Name: _________ Email: ________ Haplogroup:________ 5. List the name and email of your project surname match at your terminal SNP: Name: _________ Email: ________ 6. List additional information the project administrator should understand: