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Rulers of the Corca Laidhe
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BEFORE CLICKING JOIN This is a Y DNA project for MEN bearing the last name DRISCOLL or a West Cork agnomen. See SURNAMES for variations. * Read our offsite DNA testing FAQ if you do not understand the differences between the male line, female line, and universal lineage types of DNA tests. http://driscoll.dnagen.org/dna/faq.htm * READ THE FTDNA FAQ FOR ADMIN AND ELIGIBILITY POLICIES: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/driscoll/faq * Email Susan - DIRECTLY - at driscolldna@pobox.com if you have any questions AFTER reviewing the above materials. Put the words DRISCOLL PROJECT in your subject line OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GET A REPLY. * MEN NAMED DRISCOLL (ELIGIBLE): STATE IN YOUR JOIN request that you have tested Y37 or more. * MEN WITH DOCUMENTATION PROVING A NAME CHANGE: After corresponding with the project administrator, state in your JOIN request that you have tested Y37 or more. * OTHER MEN WITH NON-ELIGIBLE SURNAMES: SEE THE FTDNA FAQ FOR THE QUESTIONS TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT IN THE JOIN REQUEST WINDOW.