Driscoll of Ireland

Rulers of the Corca Laidhe
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About us

As of October 2017 we are still waiting to absorb and digest the effects of the Big Y testing that was done during the August 2017 sale. In the meantime:

  1. About 63% of our project members fall under I2a P37. SNP testing so far is consistently putting them in I-PF4135, somewhere in the stream PF4135 > A13665 > A14359.
  2. About 21% of our project members fall under R1b CTS4466 - some under S1121, a few under A88 > Z16259.
  3. We may have tentatively identified an R-CTS4466 subclade for Driscoll Kronicane, and we're also looking for STR mutations distinctive to this branch of Driscoll.
  4. The project has funds to offer one full Y111 (roughly 50-50) cost splitting scholarship to an eligible man in 2018.

See Driscoll Genes for a rough project breakdown by major haplogroup. See our haplogroup pages off of our main project data page.