The Y-Haplogroup R SRY2627/L176.2/Z198 Project - Results

As at 20th April 2008, of the 11 members who are SRY2627+, 6 have DYS490 = 10 and 5 have DYS490 = 12. Both groups show considerable variety amongst other markers suggesting that the DYS490 = 10 variant occurred early in the history of R-SRY2627.

As at 31st January 2010 the project has 106 members.
7 members have tested positive for L176.2 and none have tested negative. This gives a strong indication that L176.2+ is likely to be universal within R-SRY2627.

As at 1st October 2010 the project has 122 members.
To date 13 members who are SRY2627+ have tested L176.2+ and none are L176.2-.

As at 13th March 2011 the project has 131 members.
See the new SNP section under the Y-DNA Results tab for the SNP test results for each member.
Several clusters within the project have been identified but the 10/12 split at DYS490 remains the most distinctive division.