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Analiza mutacji STR w szlacheckim rodzie Plewako z Województwa Mińskiego Wlk. Ks. Litewskiego 

STR mutations analysis in members of the Plewako noble clan from Minsk Province of Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Kinship between Plewako participating in this Project: 

Najbliższy Wspólny Przodek (NWP) - Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)Paweł Plewako urodzony/born ~1616 zmarł/died ~1680.

He is 5-th generation from Jaroslaw, founder of Plewako clan  (~1485-1528/)

DYF399X advanced STR marker analysis 

An Advanced STR marker DYF399X for few person belonging to I2a1b3a haplogroup (L621+ L147+) has been determined. It is an asymmetric three allele STR locus that can be used to observe deletions and re-combinational rearrangements in the palindromic region of the Y chromosome. This marker is valuable in few hundred years genealogy. In I2a1b2a1a2a S17250 Y4882 subclade for Plewako clan and few matching persons we have obtained  a specific patern of DYF399X21t-22c-23c

It is defined internal branch of L621>S17250>Y4882> PLE23

DYF399X 131251    21t-22c-23c  2011-03-22 Plewako Stanislaw J.  I2a1b2a1a2a S17250 Y4882   (Plewako DNA Project, WTY & BigY)

DYF399X 156366    21t-22c-23c  2012-04-05 Plewako Damian        I2a1b2a1a2a S17250 Y4882   (Plewako DNA Project, BigY)

DYF399X 316213    21t-22c-23c  2014-08-29 Linnichenko              I2a1b2a1a2a S17250 Y4882   (Plewako DNA Project)

DYF399X 152857    21t-22c-23c  2012-07-07 Feklistov                   I2a1b2a1a2a S17250 Y4882   (Russian Empire Project)

Stanislaw J. Plewako, 2012-12-14

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