Projekt identyfikacji genetycznej rodu Plewako

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We has established genetic tree of Plewako clan starting of Paweł Plewako born ca 1616 died ca 1680 - father of sons who begins two lines of clan presented in Genealogical Proof in 7 December 1800 in Wilno, and existing both in XXI century. In our Genetic Proof I2a2 haplogroup has been confirmed for Nearest Common Ancestor: Paweł Plewako (~1616~1680) and sequence of changes in main line was discovered. The territory of I2a2 intensive presence fit to territory Epi Gravettian Culture 20.000 years ago (magenta colour), please reefer to Wikipedia

At the post-roman period I2a population in middle Europe was limited to some tribes, which use probably Slavic language at this time,
Венеды (Vistula Veneti), marked by light brown south and around mud of Polessye (especially Drevlyans and Dregovichs):

Plewako Clan Society has took part of WTY (Walking Through Y Chromosome) and BigY Programs of FT DNA. In result in our Y-DNA has been discovered mutation L621 characteristic for  Dinarics (South, North) and Disles. Next mutation L147 is characteristic for Dinarics only.

Stanislaw Jan Plewako #131251 & Damian Plewako #156366 have participated in BigY Program Plewako clan belong to S17250+ 
Y4882+ subclade  (ISOGG I2a1b2a1a2) subclade.

It is find also 19 SNP Novel Variants which are not present at any known (for us) kit. After Damian Plewako BigY (family splits into two branches in the middle of XVII century) we find that 15 (PLE01-PL15) of this 19 Novel Variants are common for both representatives of Plewako family. Last 4 SNP are private for Stanislaw Jan Plewako line and will be analysed for time of erasing this mutations.

Very interesting results are from DYF399X testing in I2a1b2a1a2 subclade. This subclade consist further branch with derived 21t-22c-23c value (in which is the Plewako clan), when other group have ancestral value 20t-22c-23c. It show us, that derived branch I2a1b2a1a2a DYF399X: 21t-22c-23c arise befor XV century and after V century.

We will do not publish of those partially private, partially tribal, derived SNP until we don't end our analysis. All person belonging to I2a1b2a1a2a DYF399X: 21t-22c-23c subclade are invited to Plewako Project to investigate our common tribal past. The others are invited to the Baltic Sea DNA Project, leading by Stanislaw Plewako.

Stanislaw-Jan Plewako, administrator

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