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About us

For Y-chromosome SNP M304 and all subclades (J1, J1c, J2, J2a, etc.) we like to achieve:

  • Resource to gain a clearer picture about the history and nature of this fascinating Y-DNA haplogroup, and especially, its sub-clade structure and the distribution of ethnic groups among the clades.
  • Discover where a lineage fits into the phylogenetic family tree of the J haplogroup and finding new SNPs. An updated version of this tree, prepared by members of the ISOGG, based on the latest scientific papers, can be seen here: Y-DNA Haplogroup J and its Subclades. Y-DNA_J-M304 Map
  • Increase participation especially in the following countries (and ancestry places): Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia (North Caucasus, Murmansk), Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Greece, Balkans, Austria, France, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China (Tibet), Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar.
We cannot carry out detailed research on individual family lineages in this large project which includes the entire J haplogroup and around 2,000 members.

Genographic Project
Geno 2.0 customers who tested positive for the M304 Y-SNP, please transfer your data (in Profile / Expert Options) for free to Family Tree DNA, to your existing kit-number, or if you've never tested with FTDNA, create a new account and join this project.   You'll be able to give and receive more information about your paternal lineage origin and roots in the Y-chromosome tree.  We'd love to receive your downloaded Geno 2.0 raw data files, for our analysis of the Y-SNPs.

Please help
us to refine the tree, and to gather the evidence needed to include new SNPs as branches in the official ISOGG J tree, by testing the SNPs suggested in the table Y-DNA results > Classic (set Page Size to 2500) or by an Admin. One SNP will cost $39. Here's how to order:
  • Y-DNA_J-M304 MapLogin to FTDNA (MyFTDNA) > Order an Upgrade > Order an Advanced Test > Select Filter Test Type SNP
  • Search for recommended SNP (e.g. Z2220) and Add it to the cart. Repeat the last step for additional SNPs.
  • Make your order clicking on Next, etc.
We invite all members of the paternal Y-DNA haplogroup J, from anywhere in the world, to join, and welcome all interested researchers. Our volunteer project with no commercial intentions has an inclusive, open access philosophy! Since 2006 we've encouraged everyone to freely share their Y-DNA data for our common benefit (See also our Goals and Results). Please consider also donations to support our work.  With the recent discoveries of so many major SNPs, we need to test quite a few kits, and appreciate your generosity: please write your comments and wishes in the donation Note.
  • Compare your haplotype to people of all surnames and ethnic groups, and from countries all over the world. This may allow you to gain insight into your family's early origins.
  • Get assigned to a subgroup (cluster) based strictly on cluster analysis of marker values, and your SNP results. Ethnic labels on some subgroups are "after the fact" descriptions, not criteria for inclusion.
  • Y-DNA_J-M304 MapHear about the latest J-SNPs that are discovered, developed and that become available for ordering for members of the J haplogroup, with guidance on who will benefit by testing them.
  • See your subgroup status updated according to the latest data analysis and SNP information available.
  • You can help: if you see members of Haplogroup J show up in your surname, ethnic, or geographical project, or in Ysearch search results, etc., who are not members of the J-Haplogroup Project, please ask them to join! Especially if their haplotypes look unusual or different from others you've seen.
FAQ subgrouping/clustering: FAQ Markers, FAQ SNPs/Deepclade, Y-DNA Project Help
Y-DNA_J-M304 Map About the people doing the work for the Project:
All the current Volunteer Group Administrators have begun with a simple private DNA-Test and eventually step by step have become Y-DNA Haplogroup-J experts by passion. They are not paid by FTDNA or others and do all the work in their free time.