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The text below was entered by previous project administrators and is of such value, I feel it should be preserved unedited. (DGM 21 Feb 2017).


With the aid of Y-DNA test results and the sharing of family lineages by our participants, we have been able to

determine various groups of Roses and related surnames, and their ancestors... Below is a listing of the earliest

ancestors we have identified to date (as of 21 Feb 2016):

Groups & Their Earliest Ancestors

Group A

Robert Rose from England 1634 to Wethersfield and Branford Cos., CT

• Robert Rose b. ca 1594 (m. Margery), from England, 1634 to Wethersfield & Branford Cos., CT

• William W. Rose b. ca 1795 (m. 2Belinda Turner), Monroe Co., NY to Huron Co., OH

• Josiah Rose b. 1831 (m. Malinda), Monroe & Orange Cos., NY to Ticonderoga & Carroll Cos., IL

• John L. Rose b. ca 1823 (m. 1Phylinda Norton), MI to KS

• Freeman H. Rose b. ca 1814 (m. Jane Bailey), NY

• John Rose b. 1789, Branford Co., CT, lived in Elkhart, IN

• David Rose b. ca 1825 (m. Ataline Abby), NY to Clark Co., MO

• John Francis b. 1658

• Robert Francis b. ca 1628 (m. Joan Sibberance), England to Wethersfield, CT

Group A1

William Rose from England to Surry County, VA, ca 1650

• William Rose (m. Ann) from England to Surry Co., Virginia, c1650

• Robert Rose b. ca 1737 (m. Elizabeth), Southampton Co. VA to Edgecombe Co., NC

• John Rose b. Ca 1718, Surry & Southampton Cos., VA to Bute, Surry & Wilkes Cos., NC

• Reddick Rose b. 1778, Nash Co., NC to Robertson Co., TN

• Allen Rose b. 1810 (m. Edna Ann Redfearn), Nash Co., NC

• Robert Rose b. ca 1775 (m. Patsy Jones), Nash Co., NC

• Theophilus Rose b. ca 1763 (m. Christian), of Wayne Co., NC

• William Rose b. ca 1812 (m. Sarah Glover), Nash Co., NC to Carroll & Granada Cos., MS

• Richard Rose b. 1790 (m. Sarah Harrell), NC to Christian Co., KY & Stewart Co., TN

• Micajah William Rose b. 1830 (m. Sarah Elizabeth Ogdon), Edgecombe Co., NC to KY & IL

• William Rose b. 1720s (m. Martha), Southampton Co., VA to Bute & Franklin Cos., NC

• William Amos Rose b. 1827 (m. Darcus Wilson), SC to TN

• William Rose b. ca 1785, Marshall & Maury Cos., TN

• Thomas Carlton or Carleton b. 1748 (m. Martha Thomas), Chester Co. PA

Group A2

Friederich Roose, Wurttemberg, Germany to York Co., PA on the "Osgood" 1750

• Melchoir Ruoss b. 1600 (m. Margaretha), Wurttemberg, Germany

Group AA

A Rose Family of Illinois (Possibly from an earlier Southern McKinney family.)

• Joseph Francis Rose b. 1789, NC to IL?

• William Jesse Rose b. 1825 (m. Julia Clark), TN to Hamilton Co., IL

• Kim Rose b. ca 1845 (m. Mae Hammond), of Monroe Co., AR

Group B

From an Earlier Brewer family

• John Rose b. 1765 (m. Dorothy), of Rockingham Co, VA, Fairfield and Pickaway Cos., OH

• William Templeton Rose b. 1823 (m. Hester Ann O'Dell), IL to IN to MO

Group BX

Raised by John & Dorothy Rose - Group B; from a Good Family

• Abraham Rose b. 1805 (m. Sarah Mooney), VA to Fairfield Co., OH & Keokuk Co., IA

Group BB

• William Rose b. ca1715 (m. Mary), of Bedford Co., PA

• Edward Rose b. 1743 (m. Drucilla Pierpoint), Bedford Co., PA

Group BBX

This group is Possibly Associated with Group BB through Adoption.

• William Rose b. 1775 (m. Jane Elder), PA

Group C

• William Rose b. 1725 (m. 1Martha, 2Elizabeth) of York, Surry & Lee Cos., VA

• Thomas Rose b. ca 1776, of Sumter Co., SC

• Samuel Rose b. 1791 (m. Sally Freeman), VA to Estill & Madison Cos., KY

• Samuel Rose (m. Deborah Phipps) b. ca 1765, Surry Co., VA

Group CX

• John G. Rose of TN & MO - son of Rachel Rose, who was the daughter of Samuel Rose & Deborah Phipps

Group CC

• Adam Rose b. ca 1770, of Bedford & Cambria Cos., PA

• Julius D. Rose b. ca 1826 (m. Elizabeth), Germany

• Laurentius Roser b. 1686 (m. Anna Katrina Gottmeyer), Singen, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

Group D

• Andreas Roos/Rose (m. Cecelia) Palantine from Germany/Holland to NY c1709

• Andrew Rose b. ca 1752 (m. Hannah Chapman), Bucks & Mercer Cos., PA

• Andrew Rose b. 1782 (m. Elizabeth Daniels), Morris Plains, NJ to NE

• Robert Rose b. 1760, Harrison Co., OH & Bucks Co., PA

• William Rose b. 1806 (m. Mary Ann), Ontario, Canada

Group DD

A Rose Family of Buckinghamshire, & Birmingham, England

• Thomas Rose b. 1806 (m. Ann Leonard), Buckinghamshire, England to Erie Co., NY by 1837

• Walter W. Rose b. 1881 (m. Florence Lycett), Birmingham, England

Group E

• William Rose b. 1764 (m. Annatje Wolven),  of NY

• Jonathan A. Rose b. ca 1820 (Lucinda Eggleston), NY to Luzerne Co., PA

Group E1

• Edward Rose b. ca 1725 (m. Hannah Frost), Baltimore Co., MD, Fayette Co., PA & Guernsey Co., OH

Group EE

Possible Link to Channel Islands

• Peter Rose b. 1745 (m. Mary Gardner), of Philadelphia, PA

• Jean Rose (Channel Islands)

Group F

Associated with Group A1, William of Surry, but not genetically

• Thomas Rose b. ca 1692 (m. Elizabeth Seward), Surry Co., VA

• Young Allen Moon b. ca 1809 (m. Sarah Manley Staples), Madison Co., GA to Clay Co., AL

• Thomas Rose b. c1790 (m. Ann Bronner), GA to Pope Co., IL

• Henry Rose b. ca 1755

• Col. William Rose b. 1779 (m. Elizabeth Winfield Meredith), Brunswick Co., VA to Giles Co., TN

• William Rose b. 1792 (m. Parthena Chandler), Nash Co., NC to Smith Co., TN

• Joseph B. Kincade b. ca 1833 (m. Julia A Saunders), KY to Scott Co., MO

Group FF

Robert Rose of Newfoundland

• George Rose b. 1750 (m. Sarah, Rachel), England

Group G

The Roses & Ross of Kilravock Castle, Scotland, U.S. & Canada

• Rev. Robert Rose b. 1704 (m. Ann Fitzhugh)

• John Ross b. ca 1775, Scotland to TN & MO

• William Ross 11th Baron b. 1545 (m. Lilas May)

• Francis Ross b. 1665 Scotland

• James Ross b. 1815 (m. Frances Forster), Ireland

• Hugh Rose b. 1738 (m. Marjory Clark), Inverness, Scotland to NY

• James J. Ross b. 1817 (m. Mary East), Madison Co., KY

• William Rose b. 1804 (m. Margaret Young), of Urquhart, Morayshire, Scotland

• William Ross b. 1700s Carlisle, England

• John Rose b. 1797 (m. Margaret Smith)

• James Rose b. 1762 (m. Margaret McBean), Inverness, Scotland

• John Ross b. ca 1809, County Derrylin, Fermanagh, Ireland

• Adam Ross b. ca 1655, Skirling, Scotland

• John Ross b. 1807 Blount Co., TN

• Alexander Rose b. ca 1860 (m. Mary Carey), NS, Canada to Lynn, Essex Co., MA

• John Rose (m. Helen Grieve), Scotland

• Alexander Rose b. ca 1737 (m. Eunice Lea), Inverness, Scotland

Group GG

• Benjamin Rose b. 1808 (m. 1Sarah A. Holman, 2Elizabeth A. Robbins), King George & Stafford Cos., VA & Putnam Co., MO

Group H

• William Rose b. 1790 (m. Wini Neal), Montgomery, VA to Galia & Lawrence, OH

Group HH

• Thomas Rose (m. 2Alice Hatch), of Scituate, MA

• Stephen Rose b. ca 1831 (m. Mary Ann), Twillingate, NF, Canada

• James Rose b. 1795 (m. Dinah Bull), Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England

Group I

• Joseph Rose b. ca 1633 (m. Elizabeth Bumpus), of Marshfield, MA

• William Rose b. 1817 (m. Margaret Goltry), NY to Dodge Co., WI & Marion Co., IA

• Edward Rose b. 1735 MD

• Nathaniel Rose b. c1775 (m. Esther Dorton), VA to Estill Co., KY

• Job Low b. 1677 (m. Mary Wormwood)

Group II

A Very Early French Rose Family of Quebec

• Nicholas Rose b. 1620 (m. Jeanne Tardif), Paris, France

• William Rose b. 1785 (m. Elizabeth Ferguson), CT

Group J

Roses of Onondaga & Otsego Cos., NY

• Benjamin Rose b. ca 1757 (m. Judith Clark), Orange, Albany & Otsego Cos., NY

• Elisha Rose b. 1829 (m. Elizabeth Headlee), Guernsey & Licking Cos., OH

Group J1

Roses of Long Island, NY and NJ

• Jeremiah Arose b. 1762 (m. Hannah), Long Island, NY to South Amboy, NJ

• Lemuel Rose b. 1754 (m. Amy Wicks), Suffolk Co., NY

• Selah P. Rose b. 1821 (m. Eunice), Egg Harbour, Atlantic Co., NJ to Kennebec Co., ME

Group JJ

A Rose Family of Delaware and NC

• Edward Rose b. ca 1787 (m. Dorcas), Hyde, NC

• Truman Rose (m. Dorothy), d. 1783 Sussex Co., DE

Group K

Rose Family of Long Island, NY; Orange Co., NY; Hunterdon Co.,  NJ & Frederick Co.,  VA

(Probably Robert & Dorothy Rose of LI 1640's)

• Robert Rose b. early 1700s (m. Johanna), Frederick Co., VA to Hampshire Co., VA

• John Rose b. 1764 (m. Hannah Addleman), Greene Co., PA

• Samuel Rose b. ca 1700 (m. Anna Duckworth), Burlington Co., NJ

• David Rose b. ca 1724 (m. Hannah Parr), LI, NY to Lancaster Co., PA, Washington Co., MD & Mahoning Co., OH

• Matthias Rose b. 1727, NY to Ontario, Canada

• Henry M. Rose b. 1809 (m. Candes)

• John Rose b. ca 1700 (m. 1Mary), Salem Co., NJ

• Jonathan Rose b. ca 1645 (m. Jane Williams)

• Ezekial Rose b. ca 1710 (m. Mary Fidler), Hunterdon Co., NJ

• Israel Rose b. c 1730 (m. Phoebe), Orange Co., NY

• Abraham Lacy Rose b. 1794 (m. Sarah), Seneca Falls, NY to OH & Marion Co., IA

• William Rose b. 1747 (m. Mary DeWitt), Orange & Onondaga Cos., NY

• Robert Rose b. ca 1770 (m. Jane Cree), Washington Co., PA

• William Rose b. ca 1790 (m. Ruth Comstock), Otsego Co., NY

• Daniel Rose b. ca 1792 (m. Jane Harris or Lucinda), ME to NJ & Randolph Co., AR

• Stagton Rose b. 1802 m. (Sophia Smith), NJ

• Emanuel Rose b. ca 1794 (m. 1Margaret Hise), Cherokee, NC to Fannin Co., GA

• Benjamin F. Rose b. 1806 (m. Margaret), NY to OH

• John L. Rose (m. Sophia) d. 1831, of Columbia Twp, Bradford Co., PA

• John Parker b. 1791 (m. Beulah Cranmer) Burlington Co., NJ

• Alexander Smith b. 1837 (m. Nida L. Hewett) Pa to New Orleans, LA

Group K1

Also a part of Group K

• John Rose b. 1761 (m. Rebekah Bowen), Harrison Co., VA to Wolfe Co., KY

• William C. "Charley" Rose b. 1854 (m. Eliza Jane Spicer), MO to AR

• William Rose b. ca 1845 (m. Sarah Resides), MO to KS

Group K2

Possibly distantly related (Overseas) to the Robert & Dorothy Rose Family

• James Ellis Rose b. 1755 (m. Jane Conover), Prince William Co., VA

Group K3

A Brown Family related to Group K prior to Immigration

• William Brown b. 1770 (m. Sarah Lewis), Luzerne Co., PA

• James Brown b. ca 1780

• John Brown b. ca 1740 Armagh, Ireland

Group KK

• Hardy Rose b. 1797 (m. Polly Freeman), Nash Co., NC to GA

Group L

• John Rose (m. Lucy Bennet), of King George & Stafford Cos., VA

• Abner Rose b. 1763 m. Sally Summers, NC/AL/MS/TN

• William Hamer Rose b. 1816 (m. Elizabeth Duvault), VA to Greene Co., IL

• John Rose b. 1802 (m. Catherine Craig), ME to VT & Centre Co., PA

• Samuel Sandy b. ca 1802 (m. Elizabeth Pullen), VA

• John Hall b. 1775 (m. Sarah Taylor) VA to Richfield, NC

Group L1

Roses of Invergordon, Scotland/Canada; Wm. Rose of Fayette Co., PA

• Donald Rose b. ca 1840 (m. Ann Wood), Perthshire, Scotland

• Wilson Rose b. 1836 (m. Rachel Hartley), Roane Co., TN

• Hans Jacob Rose (m. Elizabeth) to U.S. 1749, York & Adams Cos., PA

• William Rose b. ca 1755 (m. Elizabeth Alton), Md to Fayette Co., PA

• John Rose b. 1725

Group LL

• Johannis Rose b. 1670 (m. Elizabetha), of Warwickshire, England

Group M

The Tormut Rose Group - Scotland to Block Island, 1632

• Tormut Rose b. 1632 (m. Hannah George), Scotland to Block Island, RI

• George R. Rose (m. Janey)

Group M1

Rose Family of Burke & Buncombe Cos., NC

• Samuel Rose b. 1756 (m. Rhoda), Buncombe & Macon Cos., NC

• John Johnson Rose b. 1816 (m. 2Louisa Powell), Haywood, Macon & Cherokee Cos., NC

• Isaiah Rose b. ca 1795, NC to Washington Co., TN

• Andrew J. Rose b. 1828 (m. 1M. Neeley), Scott Co., VA to Franklin Co., AR

• Samuel Rose b. 1757 (m. Lydia Sizemore), NC

• Francis Rose b. 1753 (m. Abigail Sizemore), Wilkes Co., NC to Scott & McDowell Cos., VA

• John Rose b. ca 1800 (m. Abigail Vanover), NC to Pulaski & McCreary Cos., KY

• John Rose b. 1819 (m. Nancy), NC

• Jacob Rose b. 1826 (m. Lydia), VA

• John Rose b. ca 1740, Burke & Rowan Cos., NC

• Jacob Rose b. 1770 (m. Lydia Birchfield or Burchfield), Burke Co., NC to KY

• James R. Short b. 1853 (m. Martha Ellen Jordan)

Group M2

Rose Family of Northwestern SC

• George Rose (m. Tamar), Laurens Co., SC

• Green Rose b. 1809 (m. 1Lydia Black, 2Charity E. Taylor), Laurens Co., SC

• William Rose b. 1823 (m. Mary J.), SC

• George Rose b. 1795, SC to Polk Co., TN

Group MM

• Isaac Rose b. 1753 (m. Margaret Forsythe), of Bucks Co., PA

• James Rose b. bef 1875 (m. Mary), PA

Group N

• Isaac Rose b. 1747 (m. Margaret Leyde), Bucks, Washington, Mercer Cos., PA

Group NN

Group with ties to Morayshire, Scotland

• James Rose (m. Jean Davnie), of Morayshire, Scotland

• Hugh Rose b. ca 1790 (m. Isabell Young), Scotland to Huron, Ontario, Canada

Group O

• Robert Rose b. 1769 (m. Elizabeth), MD/VA to Washington, DC

• Richard Rose, b. 1759 (m. Elizabeth Morris), VA/KY/IN

Group OX

Stephen Rose - Adopted son of Richard Rose & Elizabeth Morris

• Stephen Rose (m. 1Esther Conley, 1Cassy Curtis), KY/MO/TX

Group OY

•James N. Rose b. 1842, of TX - adopted son of Stephen Rose & Cassy Curtis

Group OO

• Albert Rose b. ca 1860 (m. Emeline Lockhart), McDowell Co., WV

• Noah P. Bullock b. 1878 (m. Maud Brown), Decatur Co., IA to Custer Co., OK

Group P

• William Rose b. ca 1730 (m. Mary) Halifax Co., NC

• Joseph Rose b. ca 1765 (m. 1Kurine Terry, 2Catharine Bausman, Montgomery & Giles Cos., VA

• Thomas David Rose b. 1795 (m. Sarah)

• William Rose b. 1815 NC

• William Washington Rose b. 1822 (m. Elizabeth Jane Harmon), Allegheny Co., VA

• Uriah Rose b. ca 1790 (m. Susannah Taylor), VA

• Thomas Rose b. ca 1775 (m. Mary "Polly" Murphy), Frederick & Warren Cos., VA

• Napoleon E. Rose, Roses in Virginia

Group PP

• John Rose b. 1741 (m. Ann Forbes), Nairn, Scotland

Group Q

• William Rose b. 1738 (m. Elizabeth Schoolcraft) Germany & Schoharie Co., NY

• Lawrence Rose b. 1787 (m. Thankful Reynolds), Rensselaer Co., NY to Brown Co., OH

• Isaac Hobbs Rose b. 1790 (m. Anna Young), Chenango Co., NY to Adams Co., IN

Group R

• Charles Rose b. ca 1804 (m. Elizabeth Pitts), Wayne Co., TN

• James Rose b. ca 1810 (m. Sarah Snowden), Wayne Co, TN

• Romulus Swift b. 1818 (m. Sarah Selina Paine), NC

• Isaac W. Huff b. 1802 (m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Clarkston), Lee Co., VA to Harlan Co., KY

• Jonas Eaton b. 1618 (m. Grace), Staple, England to Middlesex Co., MA

• Thomas Choate b. 1861 (m. Minnie Baker), TN

Group S

Another Rose Family of KY & TN

• Thomas Jefferson Rose b. 1824 (m. Elizabeth Daughtey), KY

• Samuel Rose b. ca 1820 (m. Mary Ann Bloomer), Berkeley Co., WV to OH/IA

• Nathan Rose b. ca 1805 (m. Rebecca Rowan), Burke Co., NC to Blount Co., TN

• Jonathan Rose b. ca 1835 (m. Agnes), Manhattan, NY

• John Calvin Rose b. 1859 (m. Evelyn Sobre), Davidson Co., TN to CA

Group S1

Another Rose Family of England & NY

• Joseph F. Rose b. ca 1812 (m. Emeline Ryers), NY

• Joseph Rose b. ca 1735 (m. Barbara Egburson), England to New York City, NY

Group T

Aldert Roosa from the "Bontekoe", Holland, 1660 to Ulster Co., NY

• Aldert Roosa b. ca 1620 (m. Wintjie DeJongh), Holland

• Gijsbert Geurts Roosa b. ca 1550 (m. M. Dircksen)

• Gilbert Roosa b. ca 1794 (m. Margaret Beatty), Ulster Co., NY

• John Rose b. 1740 (m. 1LucyBoardman, 2Katherine Wheeler), CT to Broome Co., NY

• William Rose b. 1796, Montgomery & Saratoga Cos., NY

• Allen Theodore Rose b. 1849 (m. Elizabeth Jones), NY to Union Co., IA

• Ara Rose b. ca 1755 (m. Margaret Simons), Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY

• William Rose b. ca 1826 (m. Fanny), NY

• Peter Rose b. 1788 (m. Christina Bongard), Ontario, Canada

• Elisha Rose b. 1744 (m. Rebecca Hubbel), Ontario Co., NY

Group T1

Family of Johannes Roosa (descended of Aldert Roosa, above)

• Johannes Roosa b. 1742 (m. Elizabeth Masten)

Group T2

Samuel Rose of Dutchess Co., NY & Bennington Co., VT (also descended of Aldert Roosa)

• Samuel Rose b. 1725 (m. Sarah Reynolds), NY/VT

Group TX

• Henry Rosa b. 1793 (m. Mary Hawkins), Sullivan Co., NY to Lorain Co, OH

Group TY

• Chauncey Rosa b. 1823 (m. Eliza Foster), Chenango Co, NY to Rock Co., WI

Group U

Roses of Harrison Co., IN, Guernsey Co., OH; Jackson Co., AL & TN

• John Rose b. 1751 (m. Elizabeth), Prince William Co., VA

• James Rose b. 1810 (m. Mary Schaeffer), VA

• John Rose (m. Eleanor Crabb), Franklin Co., TN

• George Washington Rose b. 1818 (m. Nancy), Franklin Co., TN

Group U1

A Rose Family in England with ties to America (distantly related to Group U)

• Roger Rose b. 1675, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England

• James Rose b. ca 1793 (m. Sarah), England

• Richard Rose b. ca 1811, VA to Knox Co., IN

• John Rose b. 1810 (m. Martha Huffman), VA

• Thomas Rose (m. Elizabeth), London, England

Group V

• Montgomery B. Rose b. ca 1815 (m. Rebecca Vincent), TN to Pulaski & Wright Cos., MO

• Alexander Rose b. ca 1810 (m. 1Ruth Prewit, 2Mary E. Graham), Clark, Hempstead & Columbia Cos., AR

Group W

Samuel Rose of Berkeley Co., WV & Harrison Co., OH; Rosen of Germany

• Samuel Rose b. ca 1780 (m. Amy Matson), PA to Harrison & Belmont Cos., OH

• Daniel Rosen b. 1662, Westphalia, Prussia

Group X

Charles & George Rose of Fayette Co., KY; Adopted Roses - original surname Thornton

• Charles Rose b. 1756, King George Co., VA to Fayette & Gallatin Cos., KY

• George Rose b. 1755, of Fayette Co., KY

• Wilson Rose b. 1816 (m. Sarah Rose), Fayette & Versailles, Woodford Co., KY

Group Y

Jachonias & Phillip Rose Group of PA/OH/MO

• Jachonias Rose ca 1740s-early 1750s, Westmoreland Co, PA

• Phillip Rose b. 1780 (m. Ruth Talkington), PA to OH

• Moses Rose of Southampton, LI, NY

• John Rose b. 1818 (m. Rhoda), OH

Group Z

David Rose of Philadelphia, PA; Branch to IN

• David Rose b. 1730 (m. Abigail Busby), Philadelphia Co, PA

• William Lewis Rose b. 1840, Vanderburgh Co., IN

• James Rose b. 1800 (m. Ann), England

Group 45

Ross of Laurens Co., SC

• Dr. George Ross b. 1746 (m. Isabella Montgomery), Laurens Co., SC

• John Edward Ross b. ca 1815 (m. Martha E. Melton), TN

Group 46

A Rose Family of VA and Gallia Co., OH

• Charles Rose (m. Harriett), England

• Uriah Rose b. ca 1822 (m. Elizabeth A. Gaskins), VA to Gallia Co., OH

Group 47

Rosenberg Family of PA

• William Rosenberg b. ca 1800 (m. Elizabeth), MD/PA

Group 48

A Rose Family of GA and Montgomery, MS

• Terrell Rose b. 1815 (m. Elizabeth Parker), GA to Montgomery & Choctaw Cos., MS

 Group 49

DaRosa, Rosa, Rose, Etc. of Azores, Portugal

• Manuel Rosa b. 1873 (m. Maria Fraga), Azores, Portugal to Providence, RI

                                                      Group 50

                                     A ROSE Family of Warren NC

• John Parham Rose (Mary H Langford)1793 Bute/Warren NC

                                                      Group 51

                   A ROSE-WILKERSON Family of King George Co., VA

         •  Elizabeth Rose;John P(Ann Taylor)1804 KG VA

                                                              Group 52

                                   A ROSE Family of Bedford Co., VA

         • Thomas Wharton Rose (?)c1745 Bedford VA                    

                                                     Group 53

                                          A ROSEBOROUGH Family