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About us

The FTDNA Rose Surname Y-DNA Project is open to all persons with a surname of ROSE, ROAS, ROOSA, ROOSE, ROS, ROSA, ROSENBAUM, ROSENBERG, ROSENTHAL, ROZE. ROUSE, De ROSE, La ROSE or any other derivative of the ROSE surname. In addition, this project welcomes certain persons with the ROSS surname as there is documented cross over with the ROSE surname. (See Family Group “G” on the projects’ colorized spreadsheet). PROJECT GOAL: This project attempts to formulate family lines, or “Family Groups” if you will, based on a combination of genetic testing results and documented lines of ancestral descent. To that end, kit managers are encouraged to get the highest level of genetic testing available, currently Big Y, or Y-700 testing. This is important if you are wanting to get the most from the Project and will enable the Project to build a Rose Family Haplogroup Tree for the use of its members.