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Rosen* Rosan* Rosin* Rozen* Etc

Y-DNA Surname Project
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About us

Individuals surnamed ROSEN, ROSAN, ROSIN, ROZEN and any other surname beginning ROSEN, ROSAN, ROSIN, or ROZEN — with some exceptions (see below) — are welcome to join this Y-DNA surname project. If your ROS*N surname has Anglicized to ROSE, you are also welcome here. Only males have a Y-chromosome, so only males can participate. For females to participate in a male Y-DNA project, you will need to find a male relative who is willing to be tested on behalf of your line — as long as your email address is included on his member account, you can share access to the account. To participate meaningfully, members will need to share their patrilineal (direct male line) ancestry back to their earliest known ancestor. Members will need to sign the Release that comes with their kit allowing matching and sharing. Members will also need to set the sharing of their results (not their identity) to "Anyone" on the "Privacy & Sharing" tab of their member page. Otherwise, their test results will not appear on the Project Results page here at the FamilyTreeDNA web site. If you don't share results and earliest ancestor information, your test results won't be of use to genealogical researchers. A few of these surnames have their own project, so please join them in preference to this project. These are 1) Rosenbaum and var., 2) Rosenberg and var., 3) Rosenfeld and var., 4) Rosenthal and var., and 5) Rosenweig and var.