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About us

The multi-decade ongoing project, funded by volunteers and donations, utilizes DNA testing to increase what is known about Pittman lineages, 16th century to present. We are primarily a Y-DNA project, which is the patrilineal DNA, passed only from father to son. Matching on Y-DNA follows the surname along a particular line, assuming biological sons and a culture where surname is inherited from the father. Some of our project participants do not have Y-DNA test results, though they have a Pittman ancestor. In addition to our main focus of Y-DNA, we also look at autosomal DNA (atDNA), which is inherited from both parents. Many of our participants have atDNA results, which FTDNA refers to as "FamilyFinder". The project is designed to find common ancestors among the distinct branches of Pittman, Pitman, Pittmon families worldwide - and any spelling of what may be this surname. Our research typically focuses on Pit(t)ma(o)n families currently found in the UK, tracing migration routes to the USA/Canada, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa and other diaspora, as well as Pittman genealogies found within these countries. This is the pattern for most of the participants to date. We also look forward to connecting new lines in the future that may not fit this pattern. While the spelling Pittman is a more-common spelling in the United States, Pitman is a more-common spelling in England. If the name looks similar, assume it is related unless proven otherwise. A given person sometimes didn't even use the same spelling through the course of his life. Pitman is also a word in the dictionary, which means a person who works in or near a pit. If you have questions about the project, or you seek testing advice, or you have any other info to share, feel free to contact one of our volunteer project admins or co-admins. You can find the contact info on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.