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Johannah ᏣᏑᏰᏓ Meeks Johannah ᏣᏑᏰᏓ Meeks
August 12, 2017 @ 3:39pm
hi, everyone! I am a descendant of John Hatfield and Annie Ross through their son Granville Hatfield (our family said he was twin brother of Comfort) of Sequatchie, TN. Granville's Son JOHN married Katie Shadrick. Their daughter Matilda married Levi Lankford and their daughter Mildred Married Charles Alford/Alfred (name changed) Lawson- they were my maternal grandparents anyway-- Comfort nee Hatfield married Daniel PITTMAN. oh and I am on GEDMATCH if you are too and connected to this line I would love to hear from you!
Johannah ᏣᏑᏰᏓ Meeks
September 19, 2017 @ 7:46pm
chart? i have my tree online here is that what you need?
Patricia Lawrence
October 21, 2017 @ 9:59pm
What is this name you have for Annie Neinyehi Rice/Ross?
Patricia Lawrence
October 21, 2017 @ 10:00pm
This chart you talk about that shows possibly X matches, is it on here? Comfort is my line also
Richard Pittman
May 20 @ 9:42am
Daniel and Comfort are my gg grand parents - never heard Comfort was a twin? I have Comfort with the first name as Louisa - not sure where that comes from - anyone else have that? My family also passed down through the years that there was Indian in the family - I did find documents showing Comforts mother applied for Indian funds but no proof it was ever received or approved.
James Herring James Herring
May 5 @ 1:16pm
Good afternoon I am looking for any information on John (Frosty) Herring who married a Rosa or Roseanne Pittman in Robeson County North Carolina in 1829. What I am exactly looking for is Roseanne's parents. - Mia Herring (Admin for James)
Jef Treece
May 9 @ 10:43am
Hi James, I'm sorry to say I don't have any information about her line. Do you know of any siblings she had?
James Herring
May 12 @ 8:27am
Hi Jef and what I know so far is maybe a sister/cousin married Absolom Herring. Other than that I am pretty much at a dead end. I have found a Dempsey Pitman that had a daughter by the name of Rose. So for now I am going to stick with that and see where it leads. - Mia
Christopher Robertson Christopher Robertson
March 5, 2019 @ 6:44am
Hi, I'm descended from Joseph Pittman of Harlan County, Kentucky. I just joined the group.
Jef Treece
March 6, 2019 @ 12:12pm
Hi Christopher, welcome.
Dan Pittman
May 9 @ 10:49pm
(JOSEPH PITMAN) – Kit# 406076 (AG) Joseph Pittman bc 1808 Harlan Co. KY m Cynthia Wilson John Madison Pittman b 11/22/1843 Harlan Co. KY m Malinda Hoskins Carter Pittman b 1/1870 Bell Co. KY m Betsy Jane Wilson John Matt Pittman b 9/11/1889 m Sarah Jane Cheek *William Bradley Pittman b 3/2/1915 Bell Co. KY m Rachael Nichols Henry Pittman Christopher Pittman Researcher: Teri Carlton t.l.c1@sbcglobal.net *(sister) Myrtle Pittman (1917 – 2017) md Rapier (Kit# 588860) Bradley Rapier Researcher: Teri Carlton t.l.c1@sbcglobal.net
Demesha Cornelius Demesha Cornelius
January 30 @ 1:02am
Hello all! I have started a website that will allow us to add to the tree, correct information, add stories and sources that can verify the data. If you want to contribute let me know! It is brand new and definitely a work in progress, but I have about 400 people on there right now. I would love to get all the Pittman and Whitehead/Whitted information in one place. www.pittmanwhittedancestry.com
Jef Treece
February 1 @ 6:58pm
I'm in. One thing to keep in mind, which we can work through as best we can, is there are limitations on what I can share, due to privacy concerns. I'm entrusted with additional information for many project participants, and part of that trust is me agreeing to not use any information beyond what has been approved by the owner. This is a bit of a minefield in DNA based genealogy, since it's all about comparing with others, and if even one person of the comparison set hasn't given explicit permission for the use I'm considering, then I have to refactor the comparison to either exclude that person or exclude the information. Furthermore, people can revoke permission at any time, and I'm then required to delete any trail of the affected information. This all is good, and I support, from a privacy perspective. I'm just saying it makes many things difficult to manage.
Demesha Cornelius
February 9 @ 9:33am
Let me know when you set up an account on the site. I'm very excited, I'm hoping to get a repository of information on the site as well so records are accessible to anyone searching.
Demesha Cornelius Demesha Cornelius
February 9 @ 9:31am
I believe I have solved my Thomas Augustus Pittman brick wall... FINALLY!! And it only took 6 years off and on. Had I only looked to the right side of the page on the 1880 census. It was the first census that listed the birth states of the parents on it. Thomas A. listed that his father was born in GA, while his mother was born in Virginia. Once I saw that, everything suddenly made sense. How unusual would it be for TWO Thomas Pittman's to be born roughly the same year with a father from GA and a mother from VA? I mean, it's a possibility, but highly unlikely. Ichabod Byrd Pittman was born in GA and Frances Jackson Stone was born in VA. They moved to Gwinnett county from Columbia County, GA around 1807ish?? There were 2 Thomas Pittman's born approximately the same time. One in Gwinnett County, Georgia (mine) and one that was born in either NC or GA. Birth state confusion due to 1 census that listed NC, but another listed GA? Most likely born in Columbia County, GA. According to census and marriage records, 2nd Thomas lived in Taliaferro County, GA until at least 1850. He was married to Sallie King in Taliaferro County in 1826. At some point between 1850 census and 1852, probably after Sallie's death, he moved to Gwinnett County, GA. He married Lucy Bramlett in 1852 in Gwinnett county (he and his son William Thomas Pittman were actually married on the same day in 1852). This Thomas died in 1872 in Hog Mountain, Gwinnett County, GA. If my theory is correct, my Thomas Pittman was born in Gwinnett county to Ichabod and Frances. He is referenced in Sheriff's sale papers with Daniel N. Pittman, and James Tate. Thomas A married James Tate's daughter Mary Frances Tate in 1836 in Gwinnett. Thomas and Mary moved from Gwinnett along with James Tate to "Tatesville' around 1848. Because Thomas Pittman/James Tate and their respective families are listed in the 1850 census in McNairy County, TN. Thomas A was a postmaster in Pickneyville, Gwinnett County (1839), GA as well as a postmaster for Tatesville, TN (1853). Tatesville became Chewalla, TN and he was postmaster for Chewalla (1858) I believe that when my Thomas moved out of Gwinnett, and the 2nd Thomas moved in from Taliaferro County, GA the lines became crossed and people assumed they were the same person. My Thomas is always referred to as Thomas A. Pittman or T.A. Pittman. The 2nd Thomas is only ever referenced as Thomas Pittman or Thos Pittman. Never a middle initial on the docs I can find. My Thomas died sometime between the 1880 census in Alcorn CO, Mississippi where they lived at the time. and Sept 1891 when Mary Frances died because he's referenced in her obit as having passed before her.
Demesha Cornelius Demesha Cornelius
December 3 @ 11:46am
Just checking in to see if we have any progress on some of the Pittman lines? My cousin tested, and joined, but haven't really gotten any new info out of this group?
Jef Treece
December 4 @ 7:52am
We are also using affiliated autosomal test results from Family Finder and others. This has helped us confirm family lines going back to around 1800. With the popularity of DNA testing picking up, these results are increasingly useful. One challenge is there are now quite a few testing companies, and if we don't have the results we need here, we can't compare two people. Fortunately, FTDNA allows you to import your data from AncestryDNA et al. Another challenge we face with both Y DNA and autosomal DNA is locked down permissions. When people choose not to share (a choice we respect), we can't do the comparisons that help the project.
Jef Treece
December 4 @ 7:54am
We haven't done very much with mtDNA, as it is primarily a research tool for non-Pittman lines. However, if anyone needs help with a mtDNA project I'll do my best to assist.
Jeremy Pittman
January 8 @ 2:41pm
Kit 877321 is the cousin's DNA kit.
Jeremy Pittman
January 8 @ 2:42pm
I know I saw a tree at one point, but I can't find it anymore. Can I please get that again?
Eric Jontz Eric Jontz
December 24 @ 3:59pm
Is anyone here related to the Pittmans who settled around Guthrie County, Iowa, about 1 hour west of Des Moines? My paternal grandmother was Leora Pittman, and she later became a Jontz.
Eric Jontz
December 24 @ 4:00pm
Before Iowa, these Pittmans settled in NW Missouri.
Willie Pittman Willie Pittman
April 27, 2019 @ 3:09pm
Here I am still looking for Everett Pittman's parents and siblings. Someone decided that his first wife Molsey was a Hester, but I cannot prove that. I have done my DNA on Ancestry.Com, but no links to Everett Pittman.
Jef Treece
May 5, 2019 @ 9:56am
Hi Willie, as of now, there's not much Y DNA data to tie Everett's line to any other line, apart from the fact that tester is certainly in the large haplogroup. There is a tester in the project we think is a descendant of Everett, and you can see him in Group A2 in the project DNA results. He has only tested to 37 markers and is on the 37-marker modal. Another tester near him in the group, 112153, I think would be a suspect for coming from this same line. He has also tested to 37 markers and is also on the 37-marker modal. Having the modal values means there is no distinctive STR marker we could look at to see evidence they're related more closely to each other than they are to the group in general. One way of getting better evidence would be to get more people in this part of the tree to get 111 markers or SNP (Big Y) results. Another way would be to look at autosomal matches, as you're doing. for ancestors in the circa 1800 range, there certainly should be some DNA matches, but they may be difficult to sort out. If you would like me to look at your AncestryDNA matches, I would do that. I might notice something interesting since I've been looking at many Pittman matches. Contact me treece at gsp.org if you wish.
Mark Pittman Mark Pittman
April 20, 2019 @ 10:32am
The surname Pittman is rare in Ireland. Thought the group might be interested in these images (from Ireland national archives) of indices of Pittman wills and marriage in Dublin and Cork Co. Ireland. Still trying to find a european connection to my Edward Pittman/Temperance Barker of Hall/Banks Co. GA.
Mark Pittman
April 20, 2019 @ 10:38am
Hmm. The site is not posting the pdf files
Jef Treece
April 22, 2019 @ 11:54pm
maybe post it as a picture?
Auriette Lindsey Auriette Lindsey
August 22, 2017 @ 8:21pm
I posted a photo and a little family heritage info in 2016. Now I have my 23andMe results up on GEDmatch and wanted to share that it's kit # M475817. My most distant Pittman ancestor is Isaac, b. ~1767 in North Carolina (according to the 1850 Census). He received a land grant in the Florida territory in 1829, but I'm still searching for more on his history and parentage. If anyone's looking for Northwest Florida/South Alabama Pittmans, I'd love to hear from you! - Auriette
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Auriette Lindsey
September 19, 2017 @ 7:45pm
Hi, cousin! If Isaac is your cousin, I imagine that means you know know of at least one sibling and/or his parents. I can't figure out how to email you, but my email is dahlia (at) tmlindsey (dot) com. I'm in Pensacola, and my mom and I come over to Foley to the Genealogy Society meeting every second Saturday.
Tracy Pittman
July 23, 2018 @ 12:00am
HI Compared your GEDmatch number we seem to share a little over 11CM . My GED Match is A564732.
Auriette Lindsey
August 26, 2018 @ 9:47am
Hi Tracy, sorry to be so long in responding. I see the segment in the one-to-one matching, but you don't come up as a match in one-to-many. I can't access your family tree on FTDNA, but you should be able to access mine; it's set to public. My email is dahlia(at)tmlindsey.com. I'd love to figure out our link. I see you also have a Reid surname -- my Isaac Pittman married Mollie Stevens, whose mother was a Reid.
Bradley Rapier
September 10, 2018 @ 6:59pm
No connection to any of my Pittman's descended from Joseph Pittman b. 1809 Magnolia, Duplin, North Carolina, USA d. 01 JUN 1880 • Harlan Co Kentucky. If anyone is interested in comparing. Here are Joseph's gggGrandchildren's kit numbers for GEDMatch : Brad T638148, Mary T633652, Larry A169106 , Els A611033