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Pittman DNA Project

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About us

December 2021:  Significant increase in Wall(s) related testers in the Project.

September 2020: Startup of Facebook effort to bring in a wider Pitman, Pittman (var.) audience.

May 2020: Bulk Email to all members / Focus on Beneficiary Information update.

In March 2004 we began the Pittman DNA Project…and our goal was to find separate Pit(t)man family lines in the US, Canada, England, and Australia to join the Project and link them to Pittman (various spellings) families in the United Kingdom. Since that time we have identified 8 MAJOR Pit(t)man family lines, each distinct from the other major lines. They are:
1. The (Capt.) Thomas Pitman Group;
2. The East Coast (US) / Essex Co. (UK) Group;
3. The West County English (Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon, Gloustershire) / Canada Group;
4. The New Hampshire Group;
5. The Wylie Pitman Group (North Carolina circa 1790);
6. The Friedrich Bittmann / Pittman Group (Framersheim, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany);
7. The Henderson Pitman Group (Afro-American);
8. The Ruben Pitman Group (Bedford Co. VA circa 1760);
9.  Unassigned Group

NOTE: Some participants in the Project remained unassigned since we do not have a large enough ‘base’ with a close DNA signature to give them their own group. That will decrease as more test.

Fully 90% of our Project participants ancestors came from the UK. We have 161 current participants in the Project who have submitted saliva samples. Out of this group of researchers only about 30 (my guess) work on genealogy every day. I usually hear from them at least every month.

Though we will continue to seek ‘new’ distinct major lines in the US and Canada, in order for the Project to be most effective, we have to attract more Pittman testers now living in the UK. By attracting UK Pittmans (and Pittman researchers) into the Project, we hope to bridge our major lines with those in the UK and to seek new distinct lines there. We have consulted persons at FTDNA and at GOONS (UK based Guild of One Name Studies) for ideas. We have also sought views from various potential UK testers. Most are reluctant to join any DNA project because of the newness of the technology, concerns about the low numbers of UK testers in our database, and because of financial concerns. To address the last two concerns, we believe a direct incentive would be to advertise in selected UK genealogical publications, offering subsidized tests to UK nationals with documented Pittman ancestry.

If you think this is worthwhile, I would ask you to contribute no more than $25 directly to the Pittman DNA Project General Fund. This money would be used solely to encourage / cajole / defray / partially subsidize some of the expense of the Y-67 or Y-700 tests for Pittmans here and in the UK. Once our Project becomes better established in the UK, it should spread naturally (as it has done in the US). If you would consider contributing $25 (or less), the Pittman DNA Project General Fund link is: )

If you would rather contribute by check (regular mail), go to the above link and print out the form and mail it to:

Family Tree DNA - Gene By Gene, Ltd.
World Headquarters
1445 North Loop West, Suite 820 Houston, Texas 77008, USA
Phone: (713) 868-1438

If you have any questions or thoughts about how we can promote this Project in the UK, please contact us:

Dan Pittman,
Springfield, Illinois

Rebecca Starr (Dr)
Gloucestershire, England

November 2011:  Rebecca Starr / Dan Pittman to Co-Administer the Pittman DNA Project.  Currently 115 persons tested.

November 2009: Our 5th Pitman with a provable date / location in England or Australia has joined the Project. We are increasing our efforts to locate Pit(t)ma(o)n families / researchers in the UK / Canada / Australia / Germany and inform them about the DNA Project.

July 2008: The Project is expanding our research efforts to look specifically for an English connection to the (Capt.) Thomas Pitman line. We are hiring an English researcher to review records at the British Archives.

February 2007: One goal of the project is "To find a direct bloodline / male descendant (i.e. a son, of a son, of a son, etc.) of each major distinct Pit(t)ma(o)n family branch in the American colonies between 1620 & 1760. Currently

December 2008 we have identified 5 MAJOR BRANCHES in the United States. May 2006: Our first Pit(t)man member from England joined the DNA project.

May 2004: Project begins with 4 separate (and seemingly unrelated) Pit(t)man branches submitting saliva samples: CAPT. THOMAS PITMAN (bc 1614 - dc 1687 VA) SAMUEL PITMAN SR.(bc 1740: ENG.: VA, SC, NC) TIMOTHY PITMAN (b 1794 - d 1854 TN) LEMUEL PITTMON (bc 1775 - d before 1850) Results would show that 3 of the branches were closely related by blood.

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