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(March  2016) 

Section I:  Non-Blood Related Pit(t)man Family lines in the US  with earliest known ancestor (by Group).

Section II:  All FAMILY LINES participating in this DNA Project / earliest known ancestor.

Section III:  Lines with PROVEN connections to England, Australia, Canada, and Germany.


Section I:  Non-Blood Related Pit(t)man Family lines in the US  with earliest known ancestor (by Group).


A.  Virginia:  (Capt.) Thomas Pitman, bc 1614 (England) and migrated to Surrey Co. VA about 1649, and

           Joseph Pittman / Nancy Johnson , Accomac Co. VA - migrated circa 1677, Will probated 1683, and

         Joseph Wall Sr., bc 1649 Surry Co., VA – d aft 1740 (Edgecombe Co. NC??)

B.  Upper East Coast US & Essex Co. UK:  Uriah Pitman / Ann Mattson, b 30 Jul 1735 Hanover Twp, Burlington Co, NJ - d 1783, and

         Richard Pitman, bc 1695 Monmouth Co. New Jersey – d aft 1745 Bedford Co. PA

C.  West County English:  Captain William Pitman b 1647 / 1648- dc 1700 Boston, MA / Portsmouth, NH, and

           John Pitman  bc 1655 VA

D.  New Hampshire Group:  William Pitman c 1632 Oyster River, NH., and

           Ebenezer Pitman bc 1739 NH

E.  Wylie Pitman Group:  Wylie Pitman bc 1770 NC

F.  Friedrich Bittman Group:  Friedrich Bittman, bc 1627 Germany - d 1708 Framersheim, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany

G.  Henderson Pittman Group (Afro - American):  Henderson Pittman b 12/1849)

H.  Ruben Pittman Group: Ruben Pitman bc 1760, Bedford Co. VA

I.  Unassigned Group


Section II:  All FAMILY LINES participating in this DNA Project grouped by blood relationship:

A.  Virginia


Capt. Thomas Pitman bc 1614 m1Frances  m2 Mary Gwaltney  m3 Lydia Judkins

Thomas Pittman Jr. bc 1650  m1 Mary (Chambers) Holleman  m2 Eliz Lancaster

Thomas Pittman III  b 1695 d 1754

Nathan Pittman  b 1734

Newitt Pittman bc 1770 Robeson Co.NC  d 12/1830

John Pittman  b 1/12/1796 dc 1845

James A. Pittman b 3/16/1833 MarionCo. MS  m Eliz. Stanford

Enoch Irvin Pittman   b 4/25/1873 d 11/19/1945

Baxter A. Pittman   b 3/21/03 d 1/23/79

Clyde Pittman b 7/13/1928  d 10/27/1989

Jerry Dale Pittman b 4/6/1951

Researcher:  Jerry Pittman

Researcher:  Terri Moore

Researcher:  Carol Holmes

Researcher:  George Purvis:

Researcher:  Terrell Johnson:


(Will made 1678 Accomac Co. VA)

Joseph Pittman  bc 1640 (per Betsy Pitman*)   migrated 1677 m Elizabeth Johnson Will probated 1683 Accomac Co. VA)

Obedience Pittman (male) bc 1670 Accomac Co. VA?  D pre-1713 Bath / Craven Co. NC

Joseph bc 1700 m Elizabeth Furguson  Joseph’s will probated 1752 Craven Co. NC

*Joseph Jr. bc 1730  m Eleanor Veale before 1786

Elijah Vail Pittman bc 1782  m 1807 Nancy Brooks  Craven Co. NC d 1855

Francis Marion b 1829 Lenoir Co.NC  m1 1855 Louisa (Eliza) Mewborn  m2 1878 Sarah Ann Mewborn 

        d 1/1/1899 Grifton, Pitt Co. NC 

Robert Elijah b 8/31/1867 Lenoir Co.NC  m Eugenia Albert Coward  d 1/12/1936 Roxboro, Person Co. NC

Francis Marion b 1901

Bob b 1932

Researcher:  Robert Pittman

* James L. Pittman line

Joseph Pittman b 1746  d 1832 m Mary Neal  1748 - 1809

John Pittman b 1785  d 1852 m Abigail Smith 1792 -  1855

Meredith Pittman  b 1821 d 1894  m Mary Lewis  1828 - 1898

Ambrose Pittman  b 1857 d 1941  m Hannah Gilbert  1861 - 1905

Bert Pittman  b 1888 d 1958  m Carrie Willis  1897 - 1954

Jimmy Pittman  b 1924 d 2004  m Vida Snooks  b 1924

James L. Pittman  b 1944 m  Barbara Peters  b 1948

James M. Pittman b 1967  m Tammy Hasclaw  b 1970

Rylan Pittman  b 1995

Researcher:  James L. Pittman:



Thomas Pitman. Sr.  bc 1614 England dc 1688 Surry  Co., VA
Thomas Pitman II    bc 1659 Surry Co., VA  dc 1690   Surry Co., VA

Thomas Pitman III  bc 1679 at Surry Co., VA   dc 1730 Isle of Wight Co, VA

Ambrose Pitman  bc 1704 Isle of Wight Co., VA   dc  3/25/1786 at Halifax Co., NC

Elisha Pitman  b 1739  Edgecombe Co, NC   d Halifax Co., NC 1803 in NC

John Pitman  b 1785   HalifaxCo., NC and d 1831 Henry   Co., GA
Isaac Henry Pitman  b 4/22/1821  Watauga Co., NC.    d 12/9/1885 Heard Co., GA
George Tolbert Pitman  b 2/25/1857  Corinth, GA.   d  7/31/1932  Simpsonville, TX
Judge Tolbert Pitman  b 1/20/1901  Simpsonville Texas.  d 10/20/1968  Bettie, TX

Gerald Gene Pitman  b 07/07/1927 Ibex, TX
Researcher:  Gerald Gene Pitman

Researcher:  Laurie Pitman
Researcher:  Terrell Johnson:

(CAPTAIN THOMAS PITMAN) (speculation in italics), through the Joseph > Robert Pittman line – Kit# 19535

Thomas was born about 1615 and migrated to Surrey Co. VA approx. 1649. 

Thomas Pitman

Thomas Pitman  bc 1704 Surry Co.VA  mc 1720 Ann Coffield IOW Co.  d 1754 Edgecombe Co. NC

(Connection Uncertain to the Following Line)

Joseph Pitman ‘Quaker’ b 1/11/1724(Bertie Co. NC?)  (m 1745 Elizabeth Gay?)  d 10/9/1762 Edgecombe Co. NC

Joseph Pitman Jr.  10/8/1756 m Sarah Harris  d 1833 Burke Co.NC

Robert Pitman b 5/13/1781  Edgecombe Co. NC m Mary Gosnell   d 11/24/1854

          (migrated to Greenville Co. SC by1809)

Harris Pitman  b 2/3/1819 m 1847  Julia Ann Howard  d 5/4/1906

Robert Portman Pitman b 1854  m Mallie d 4/4/1930

Milford Pitman b Oct. 23, 1923   d 12/30/2011 Traveler’s Rest, SC

Researcher:  Kathy Strickland

Researcher:  Jerry Dale Pittman

Researcher:  George Purvis:

Researcher:  Terrell Johnson:

Researcher:  Betsey Mehl:  also see

Researcher:  Albert Pittman: 

Researcher:  Carol Holmes:

(TIMOTHY PITTMAN) – Kit# 19537  

Timothy was born in 1794 in the Carolinas and by 1819 was living in the

Northern Greenville Co. SC area (Glassy Mt.).  He died in 1854 in

Polk Co.  TN

Timothy Pitman b 1794   d 1854

John Pitman b 1819

Francis Marion b 1844


Lester Pittman

Mike Pittman

Researcher:  Bud Pittman          or

Researcher:  Warren Babcock

Researcher:  Mike Pittman

Researcher:  Katie Pittman


(JAMES MADISON PITTMAN line) – Kit# 66425  

James Madison Pittman bc 1860 Tishomingo / Alcorn Co. MS (mother Louvenia (Levicy) Pittman)

         md Eliza Jane Seago  d 1896

William “Sam” Pittman b 6/30/1887m  Lula Maude Wallace d 4/2/1969

Arnold Pittman b 1921

Researcher:   Margaret Pittman  


(JOHN WALL / LUCY ADAMS) – Kit# 107796

John Wall (bc 1770)  mc 1799 Lucy Adams  Rutherford Co. NC   d 8/6/1832 High Shoals, NC

Kinchen Wall b 1806  mc 1825 Mahley Whitecar   Rutherford Co. NC

James B. Wall  bc 1835 Rutherford Co. NC  md Susan LNU

Columbus Wall   b 12/28/1864 Rutherford Co. NC  md Ola Green  d 2/21/1939 Gastonia, Gaston Co.,NC

Link Lawton Wall

Paul Lawton Wall   b 3/1927

Gary Lee Wall   b 9/1951

Researcher:  Gary L. Wall 

Researcher:  Casey Humphries

Researcher:  Paula Fabionar:

Researcher:  Tim Walls:

(JOHN PITTMAN) - Kit# B71814

(Speculation)  John Pittman bc 1700  dc 1761

John was born in Oct. 1726.  Died 1785. He and Polly migrated from

Buckingham Co. VA to Edgefield Dist.SC by 1757

and then to Richmond/Columbia Co. GA in 1771. 

James Greene Pittman b March 1756 Amelia Co. VA    m Mary 'Patsy' Taylor

Martin Hughes Pittman  b 1/15/1786 Henry Co. VA   d 4/1/1836   m Nancy Smith

William Alphonso Pittman  b 12/10/1817  d  8/6/1904  m Rebecca Balzara Davis

James Franklin Pittman  b 9/14/1847  d 9/10/1922  m  Emily Manderville Lee

Arthur Franklin Pittman b  4/3/1878  d 12/28/1943  m Anna Marie Poiry

Marvin Joseph Pittman  b 4/23/1919  Lawton, OK   d 4/27/1996  m Dorothy Coyle

Phillip Coyle Pittman  b 10/27/1942

Jerry Pittman Sr.  b 1/22/1963

Jerry Pittman Jr.  b 8/6/1985

Researcher:  Jerry Pittman

(JOHN PITTMAN) - Kit # B72885

John Pittman  b 1776

John S. Pittman  b 1808 Rowan Co.  NC    d  Casey Co. KY

Samuel Henry Pittman b 1858 TN  md Mary Isabelle Turpin   d 6/15/1953  Casey Co. KY

Arthur Pittman  b 3/3/1891 Casey Co. KY  md  Myrtle Hatter   d 9/19/1975  Casey Co. KY

Haskell Pittman  b 6/12/1938  Casey Co. KY  md  Mary Lou Douglas  

Ronnie Pittman

Researcher:  Ronnie Pittman


 Joseph Berry Pittman bc 1849 TN, dc 1934 OK  m Nancy A. Darter. 

(He is possibly Berry /Green Pittman in 1860 Limestone Co. AL and Overton Co. TN in 1850.  Believe his father was Joel Pitman of NC). 

Locations for him during various census are:

1870- Lawrence Co., AR
1880 - Parker Co., TX
1900 - Chickasaw Indian Nation, OK
1910 - Johnston Co., OK

1920- Caddo Co., OK
1930 - Caddo Co., OK

Charles John Pittman - b. 1873 in AR, d. abt 1958 in OK, m. to Callie MaeCaudle
William Earl Pittman - b. 1920 in OK, d. 2004 in CA, m. to Joyce McBride
Lee Earl Pittman  b 7/5/1946 Oklahoma City, OK

Researcher:  Lee Earl Pittman     916-488-8071

(ELIJAH PITMAN) – Kit# 204693   

Elijah Pitman  b1/2/1795  NC  m1c 1815 Sarah  m2 1/11/1859 Malinda Bilyeau  dc 4/1864

(from m2) Silas Edward b 1/28/1864  Miller Co. MO   m 1/13/1888 Flora Avis Ryther

Charles Edward  b12/14/1892 (near Dixon, MO)  m8/30/1919  Jennie Hlavka  d 1/9/1970 Sturgis, SD

Charles Kenneth (Kenny) b 7/22/1920  m Herma Durst  d 4/1944

Kenneth Charles (K.C.) Pittman b 10/1/1942 New Braunfels,TX  m Karen  d 1/5/1997 

Kenneth Charles Pittman Marsden   (ID Falls, ID)

NOTE:  Elijah Mother maiden name may have been Gentry in NC (Betty Cassidy)

Researcher:  KarenMarsden


(Samuel Pitman Sr.) – Kit# 19788  

Samuel Sr. was born about 1740 (unknown location)

 We believe he is the Samuel mentioned in a will dated

    April 1763 in Granville Co. NC

He is in the 1790 96thDistrict / Pendleton Co. Census of SC

He died approximately 1812 (perhaps in Lee Co. VA)

Samuel Pitman Sr. bc 1740 (location unknown)

Samuel Pitman Jr   b  1766

John Pitman           b 1794

Newton William Pitman      b 1858

Calvin Clark Pitman        b 1897

Zeph Pitman           b 1927

Calvin Pittman       b 1963

Researcher:  Calvin Pittman

Researcher:  Dan Pittman



James Pitman bc 1715 (PERHAPS PRESTON)  Lancashire, England  m Mary Eastwood (b England d 1750)

     It is believed by descendants both James and Mary Eastwood died in Lancashire.

John Pittman (son) b 1735 Lancashire, England d 1775 (in battle of Bunker / Breed’s Hill)

         m Elizabeth "Lucy" Hampton b 1755 in Lancashire, England

        John and Lucy came over and  family came over in 1765 and disembarked at

         Wilmington, NC and later settled in  Lumberton, NC.  He and his son James fought the British at

         Bunker or Breed’s Hill and was killed.  His son James came back o.k.  Descendants now live in Uvalda, GA

Jacob Pittman b 1764 in Lumberton,NC) m  Sarah M. Bullard (b1775in Robeson Co, NC).

John Pittman (b Feb. 10,1801 RobesonCo, NC m  Mary Stafford b1815 in Tatnall Co,Ga).

Ezekiel Devers Pittman b 1850 in Tatnall Co, Ga m Luvencie Partin (b 1852 in Vidalia, Ga.).

John Walker Pittman b 1893  Tatnall Co., Ga m Carrie Burns b 1896

Hoyt Summers Pittman  Sr. b March 1923

Researcher:  Hoyt Pittman Jr.

Researcher: Teresa Miller

Researcher:  Signe Anderson    


(WALL(S) / PITTMAN) – Kit# 57811  

Jesse  b NC

John Mark Wall bc 1816 AL?  d Greene Co. AR 1889  m1 Mary A. Johnston  m2 Sarah Kennamore

Ethel “Bud” Wall (spouse: Martha Blackwood)

Ellis Wall

(Lonnie) Mack Wall bc 1926   Jonesboro, AR (brother of Grace who is mother of Paula)  d 2007
Reseacher:  Paula Fabionar:

Lee Bain:

Researcher:  Gary Wall


(LEWIS ANDREW PITMAN) - Kit # 255879

Lewis Andrew Pitman / Nancy Johnston
Lewis Andrew  b 1782 VA,  d  1849 Macoupin Co. IL)   md Nancy Johnston
John Lester Pitman  b 1817 Orange Co. IN,  d 1900 Vernon Co. MO,  m  Annie Rowland
William Harvey Pitman  b. 1858 Macoupin Co. IL,   d 1951 Cedar Co. MO  m.  Felicia Jane Hamby
James Robert Pitman  b 1893 Cedar Co. MO,   d1972 Jasper Co. MO,   m Ethel MaePruitt
Merle Wayne Pitman  b 1931 Cedar Co. MO,
Researcher:   Warren Lawrence


(JAMES PITTMAN) – Kit# 202787

JM Pittman (James, I think) (1847-Alabama - or maybe Georgia)

John A. Pittman (1888-Texas)

Harvey C. Pittman (b 1929-Sweet Home, Pulaski County, AR)

Dan H. Pittman b 1953 (Fresno, CA)

Ryan Pittman  b 1976(La Mesa, CA)   (now Woodbridge, VA)

Researcher:  RyanPittman


(SOLOMON PITMAN) -  Kit# 25395

Solomon Pitman  / Susannah Howard?   d b/4 1848 Glassy Mt. area, Greenville Co. SC

Solomon T Pitman  b April, 1839  m Susan Elizabeth Robertson  d Jan. 1907?

       Perhaps Columbia, SC (lived in the Glassy Mt. area)

Alfred Calvin Pitman  b 3/17/1880 Greenville Co. SC   mc1898 Lillian Pittman  d 10/28/1942 Grayson Co. TX

Hayden b 6/26/1923  m Mary Frances Reid

Researcher: Carroll Pitman

(WILLIAM PITTMAN) -  Kit# 58856  

William was born circa 1780 in SC.  By the 1840s the family lived in the Oxford, Mississippi area.  William died in the early 1850s. In Arkansas.  Two of his sons are Ephraim Davidson and Mortimore.

William bc 1780 SC  dc 1850 AR

Ephraim Davidson b 1811 TN  d 12/1863 Independence Co. AR  md Nancy Griffin

Adino Griffin b 1/1847  Oxford, MS d 1/1940  Baum, OK

Antiny  b 1/1872 d 12/1963  Baum, OK  md Arminta Newman

William Henry b 2/1895  d 12/1955 (md Maude Barnes)

Nethel  Atola, OK

Researcher:  Roy Barnes

Researcher:  Sylvia Moore:



Berryman Watts bc 1745  will dated 25 Jan 1811, Columbus Co, NC d Columbia Co. NC

Richard Watts, born 1777 Columbus Co, NC

Richard Watts, born 1820 NC and died 1890 in Horry Co, SC

Henry Byrd Watts, born Aug 1867, Horry Co, SC, died 18 Jan 1915 Horry Co, SC

William Henry Watts, born 02 May1894, Horry Co, died 12 Nov 1957, Horry Co, SC

Raymond Odell Watts, born 10 Dec 1925 Horry Co, SC, died 11 Feb 2002, Florence Co, SC

Jackie Ray Watts, born 26 Mar 1948 Horry Co, SC
Researcher:  Peg Watts



(JESSE  PITTMAN) – Kit #B1508

Jesse Pittmon  bc 1805   m Jincie Garrett

Jeremiah Pittman  b 2/14/1832  Wilkinson Co. GA   m1 8/30/1886 Talulah McElfresh in

              Hempstead Co. AR   m2 Elizabeth Stone   m3 Phoebe Mitchell

                           Jeremiah Jr. d 9/6/1915  Nevada Co. AR  bur Morrow Cem. Nev. AR

John C. Pittman  bc 1873 Nevada, AR  m  Emma

Researcher:  JeffreyPittman Hess


(WILLIAM WALL SR.) – Kit# 94627  

William Wall Sr. and ? Probably born in Surry County, Va.   Johnson Co. NC

William Wall Jr. and Elizabeth Perry Born in Johnston County, NC

Jarrett Wall and Sally Hinnant                           "

Mabry Wall and Louisa Jane Talton                  "

Lunsford Wall and Ruthie Ellen Batten             "

Worley Wall and Bessie Brown                         "

Needham Norwood Wall and Mozell Brown            "

Norwood Gary Wall:


(EBENEZER PITTMAN) – Kit# 272682

Ebenezer Milton Pittman b 1827  Monroe Co TN  d 1898

  (Brother is Samuel Armstrong Pittman b Monroe Co TN in 1824)

Smith Bales Pittman b 10/11/1859    d 10/19/1909

Dennis Clementine Pittman b 12/19/1888  d 1973

Charles Andrew Pittman Sr.  b 3/21/1918 Knoxville, TN    d 1962

Charles Andrew Pittman Jr.   b 11/29/1940 Avery, TN    d 1996

Kyle Shannon Pittman b 10/13/1971Knoxville, TN

Researcher:  Kyle Pittman


(ROBERT PITTMAN) – Kit# N39760

Robert Pittman b 1837 AL

John Walker Pittman b3/1874 AL

J. J. Pittman b 1921  Purdue Hill, Monroe Co. AL

Donald Clay Pittman  b 1958 Purdue Hill, AL

Donald Clay Pittman,Tallahassee, FL b 1958

Researcher:  Donald Pittman

(ROBERT M. PITMAN) – Kit # 242422

Robert Pitman b 1770/1780 probably VA or Edgecombe Co.NC  d aft 1830, probably Greene Co. IN.

         m  Katherine Smallwood (b 1780 / 1790  d aft 1870)

Haywood Pitman b 1810 probably KY.  d 1870/1880 probably Orange Co. IN

        Joseph Pitman bc 1833  Lawrence Co. IN   d 1890/ 1900 Lawrence Co. IN

        John Pitman b 1873 Lawrence Co. IN  d 1947 Lawrence Co. IN

        Harry Pitman  b 1903 Lawrence Co. IN  d 1966 Lawrence Co. IN                    

        Ermine Junior Pitman b 1928 Lawrence Co. IN  d 2005 Johnson Co. IN

        Tom Pitman b 1959

        Researcher:  Thomas AllenPitman



Philip  bc 1754. He is found in various years in the Darlington /

Kershaw / Chesterfield region of SC.   Philip d 5/14/1822 Montgomery, AL

Burwell b 12/20/1780 SC (1836 moved to Wayne Co., MS).

  (Burwell’s oldest child was born in 1806 in Darlington District, SC

   Carolina according to the inscription on his tombstone) He died on 4/26/1836in Wayne County, MS.

James B Pittman b 3/14/1824  Wayne County, MS   d 12/18/1900 Wayne County, MS

James S (JIM) Pittman b 4/30/1872  Wayne County, MS; d6/25/1959, Wayne Co., MS

Arthur Pittman b 10/28/1905 Wayne County,  Mississippi-died 1988

Jerry DeWade Pittman  b 1957 Wayne Co. MS

Researcher:  Jerry Dewade Pittman born 1957, Wayne County


Researcher:  Rhonda Mills Pittman

Researcher:  MikePittman (David Robert line)


(JOHN PITTMAN / of Samuel Jr.) – Kit# 56749

John was born circa 1794 in NC.  He was the son of Samuel Pitman Jr. and grandson of Samuel Pitman Sr.  John m1Nancy Brooks and m2 Hannah Williams Hestand (Her first husband was Henry Hestand).    John died 12/25/1874 in Cumberland Co.KY.   He had a son Micajah C. bc 1827 /1828 in Clinton Co. KY, by his first wife. Micajah C. b. about 1827 Clinton Co., KY and d. 11 May 1864 Louisville, KY; m. Isabella Shelly their son:  John Anderson b. 25 Apr 1849 Clinton Co., KY d.after 1900, prob. KY; m. Angeline "Angie" Denny,  their son: James Wesley Pittman b. 14 May 1885 Clinton Co., KY and d. 11 Mar 1966 Sangamon Co., IL; m. Cleo Patra Ann Carter,

their son:  William Calvin Pittman [my grandpa] b. 17 Jun1912 Green Co., KY and d. 14 Dec 1991 Sangamon Co., IL; m. Dorothy Lee DeSpain

John (bc 1794 NC)  and his wife Hannah had a son Newton, and thatdescends to Calvin Pittman

John Pittman bc 1794 NC d1874Cumberland Co. KY

Micajah C. b 1827/28 Clinton Co. KY

John Anderson b 1849 Clinton Co. KY

James Wesley b 1885 Clinton Co. KY

Russell b 1920 IL

James b 1942 IL

Researcher: Micki Behl:

Researcher:  Harold Hale:


(SAMUEL PITTMAN JR.) - Kit # 450943

Samuel Pittman Jr.  bc 1766

Joseph Pittman  m Cynthia Wilson

Jeremiah Pittman  md Mary

Solomon Pittman b 1870  d 1970  md Mary Wilson

Grover Pittman  b 1910   d 1995 Ewing, Lee Co., VA   md Roberta Cowan

Wendell Pittman  b 2/19/1931 Cubbage, KY   d  10/22/2002  md Mary Hurst

Ronnie Pittman

Researcher:  Kyle Pittman


Martin Pittman b 1791 Edgecombe Co. NC  md Achash

Joseph Paul  b 1844 Robertson Co. TN

Victor b 1868 IL

Lester  b 1894 IL

Carlyn  b 1919 IL

Researcher:  Jane Pittman McIrvin:


(MATTHEW PITTMAN JR.) – Kit# 89855  

Thomas Pittman III (1659-~1753) born inVA

Ambrose Pittman (1718-1787) born in VA

Elisha Pittman Sr (~1739-~1803) born in NC

Matthew Pittman Sr (1765-?) born in NC  m Keziah Williamson Rodden   

Matthew Pittman Jr. b1784 NC  m 9/30/1805 Mecklenburg Co. NC  m Mary Harkey

                          d 1849 Pontotoc Co.MS

(NOTE:  The above is speculation.  Below, starting with Matthew Jr.

IS documented).

Evan Alexander Pittman  b 1823 NC  d 1888

James Alexander Pittman  b 1856 TX  d 1947

Clinton Lowell Pittman  b 1908 I.T., OK  d 1987

Henry Hughes “Butch” Pittman b2/20/1945  Portales, Roosevelt Co. NM

Researcher:  Jim Bryan:

Researcher:  Henry 'Butch' Pittman

Sandy Rector:


(STEVEN S. PITTMAN) – Kit# 112153

Steven S. Pittman b 1870 LawrenceCo. MS  d 1946  b Mt. Olivet Cem., Ft. Worth, TX (g-grand)

           (possibly son of Nathan Lemuel Pittman (1844 – 1934) per Sami Sutherland)

Lloyd Byron Pittman, Sr., born 1895,somewhere in East Texas
Lloyd Byron Pittman, Jr., born 1938, Fort Worth, Texas

Steven Wendell Pittman, born 1964,Houston, Texas

Eli Steven Pittman born 2004,Houston, Texas
Steve Pittman:

Sami Sutherland:


(EVERETT PITTMAN) - Kit# 140165

Everett Pittman b 4/24/1807 Robeson Co. NC   d 2/17/1879 Catahoula Cem, Enterprise, LA

m1 11/3/1832 Molsey (Moly) (MaleyHesters?) (8/27/1820 NC  d 9/9/1868 bur Walthall, MS - Pittman / Thomas Cem.)

m2 3/16/1868 Clemency Thigpen (b/2/1835 Washington Parish, LA  d 1922 Hancock Co. MS)

m3 12/1/1872 Susan Volentine Lively (b 1835 MS)

Henry H. Pittman (from first marriage) b 9/21/1850 Pike Co. MS  d 2/9/1928 Enterprise, LA

m1 12/1/1872  Sarah Francis Volentine  (b 4/15/1859 Cardwell Parish, LA  d 10/9/1890)

m2 7/18/1895  Margaret Roland  (1/1857 d Jan. 2. 1943)

William Pittman (from m1)  b 9/2/1873 d 5/5/1948 Grayson, LA

m 10/20/1898 Tamar Gatsie Ann Elizabeth Franklin

Rufus L. Pittman “Pig”  b 1/4/1913 Enterprise, LA  d 11/28/2000 Phoenix, Ariz.  bur Payson, AZ

m 10/10/1936Mary Lucille Brooks (b 6/14/1915 Jena, LA  d 5/5/1998 Payson, AZ)

Richard Aiden Pittman  b 2/21/1938 Olla, LA m 1953 Jeanie Earlene Brodie  d2/21/1999 Prescott, AZ

James Earl Pittman  b 3/17/1956 Phoenix, AZ

Researcher:  Willie   Pittman

Willie is dau. of Rufus  b 7/18/1942 Buckeye, AZ  m 9/2/1960 Robert Earl Wooley

Researcher:  Betsey Mehl

Researcher:  Albert Pittman 

Researcher:  Debbie Kelly

Researcher:    Kim Pittman Marine

Researcher:   MaryFisher

Researcher:   Matthew Stiegler

Also see:

(JOSEPH WALL) – Kit# 211387

Joseph Wall   ????(speculation)

Benjamin Wall  b 1708  d 1789 Marion, SC (moved to Marion, SC in1749)

Thomas Wall bc 1730

Wright Wall Sr. b 1754 d 1803 Beaufort,  SC

Wright Wall Jr. b SC

Alexander Wall b SC

Timothy Wall b 1864 Alabama

Marvin L. Wall b 1900 Texas

Harold D. Wall b 1937 San Antonio, TX

Rob Wall

Researcher:  RobertSteven Wall

Researcher: Keva Labeth:



Thomas bc 1704 Surry Co. VA   mc 1728  Anne Coffield Isle of Wight Co. VA   d aft 4/4/1754 Edgecombe Co. NC 

           (To Edgecombe Co.. NC by 1739)

Jesse bc 1730 Isle of Wight Co. VA  m 9/1765  Rachel Flowers Horn  d b/4 1790 Bladen / Robeson Co. NC

Joel Flowers Pittman  bc 1772  m Winneford Bird  dc 1860 Robeson Co. NC  (moved to Robeson about 1816?)

Nathan Pittman  b 3/6/1797 Robeson Co. NC  m 4/16/1825 Robeson Co. Sarah Elziph

Rev. Alfred Rowland Pittman b 6/18/1829 Robeson Co. NC  d11/9/1902 Fairmont, NC

Alfred Edwin Covington Pittman  b 3/7/1865

Frank Pittman (younger brother of Lynette’s father – Rowland Martin Pittman)

Clyde Edwin Pittman

Researcher:  LynettePittman



PRE 1750

John was born in Oct. 1726.  Died 1785. He and Polly migrated from

Buckingham Co. VA to Edgefield Dist.SC by 1757

and then to Richmond/Columbia Co. GA in 1771. 

James Greene Pittman b March 1756Amelia Co. VA

Martin Hughes Pittman  b January 1786 Henry Co. VA

James Madison Pittman  b May 1812 Jackson Co. GA

James Madison Pittman  b November 1849  Randolph Co. AL

Nathan Elbert Pittman  b May 1875 Falls Co. TX

XX (1) Pittman  b November 1905 Randolph Co. AL

XX (2) Pittman  b June 1941 Autauga Co. AL

XX (3  Pittman III b July 1963  Fulton Co. GA

Researcher:  Lynne Pittman   

Researcher:  Jan Williams

Researcher:  Bert  Pittman

Researcher:  Stark Martin

Researcher:  Jack Neff Pittman

Researcher:  Douglas Shields Putnam

Researcher:  Bob Pittman

Researcher:  Charlie Joyner



Samuel Pinkney Pittman

James Chestnut Pittman - b 1808 NC  - dc 1847 Washington Co. AR

William Edward Pittman  b 5/2/ 1840 - d 5/19/1920

Porter Pittman  b 3/17/1885 - d 5/27/1948

James William (Bill) Pittman b12/30/1919 (Liberal KS)

John David Pittman b 12/20/1954 (Roseville, CA)

Researcher:  John Pittman:

(JOHN HENRY PITTMAN) -  Kit#19542 
John Henry Pittman
  b 11/1847 TN / 1850 Gallatin Co. TN through

Ivan Pittman

Researcher:  Sandy Morrison


(JOHN PITMAN) - Kit# 27806

John Pittman - bc 1810 SC or TN/ in 1850 Gallatin Co. IL census   md Mary / in Cass Co. MO

Francis Marion bc 1833 TN  m1 Elizabeth J.Wheeler  m2 Canele (Lived near Pineville,

                                              McDonald Co. MO

John F.Pittman b 2/1855 Cass Co. MO  m Mary Jennie Crager

Charles Farrow Pittman b 12/10/1879  m Nancy Elizabeth Shockley

Thomas J.Pittman b 1921

Researcher:  Glenn Spradley

(LEMUEL PITMON) -  Kit# 19525  

Lemuel was born about 1775 and by 1810 appears in the Greenville

Co. SC  Census next to J. Pittmon. 

Lemuel Pitman       bc 1775

Reason Pitman       bc 1807

Daniel Pittman         b 1832

John Oliver Pittman b 1874

Raymond Luther Pittman b 1932

Researcher:  Dan Pittman

(WILLIAM STARR) – Kit# 190560

Researcher:  Rebecca Starr

(THOMAS PITTMAN) – Kit# 97369  

Thomas Pittman  m 2/2/1815 Sarah “Sallie” R. Long in Surry Co. VA d 1846  

James Nicholas Pittman   b 1828    d 11/4/1893

     m1  11/29/1855 Rhoda Wright  m2 Mary Louise   m3 Ada Barlow

Charles Henson Pittman Sr.  b 9/1/1881  d 8/31/1958  m  1/5/1902 Nanny Mae Johnson

Charles Henson Pittman Jr.  bc 1907 m Mary Angeline Mumford

Walter Sale Pittman  b 1935 (Blackwater District, Surry, VA)

Tim Walls:

Paula Fabionar:

 Jonathan William Pittman B10-08-1837 (Mississippi)

John Warren Pittman  b 01-11-1862 ( Pike Co., Mississippi)

Lee Quincy Pittman  b 09-06-1884 ( Erath Co. Texas)

Lee Adolphas Pittman  b 09-22-1906 in (Dublin, Texas Erath Co.)
Brian Wayne Pittman  b 06-23-1935 in ( Dublin, Texas Erath Co.)

(NATHAN PITTMAN SR.) - Kit # 241979

Nathan Pittman Sr.  b 1740 Edgecombe Co. NC  d Robeson Co. NC

Nathan Pittman Jr.  b 6/12/1763  m Elizabeth Etheridge  d 12/3/1843  Choctaw Co. MS

Alfred Pittman  b 1812 NC m Elizabeth Stovall  d 1843 Lauderdale, MS

John William Pittman  b 10/8/1837 MS  m 9/30/1857 Margaret Ann Quin  Pike Co. MS  d 2/12/1902 Stephenville, TX

Martin Luther Pittman b 3/1888 Erath Co. TX  m Grace Smallwood  d 2/23/1971

Luther Nyal Pittman  b 1/20/1923 Hall Co. TX  m Martha Rachel Sweatt  d 10/31/1977 Amarillo, TX

Roy Nyal Pittman  b 6/6/1947 Amarillo, TX

Researcher:  Roy Nyall Pittman


(ISHAM PITTMAN) – Kit# 92160

We believe Isham’s  father was Malachi Pittman but have no proof.

ISOM P. PITTMAN  b 9/26/1808 NC     d  9/13/1886  Russell Co. AL

          m1 11/15/1829  Edith Ann Durden  Washington Co. GA

                From m1: Francis, Nathan W, John F., William J, and Eadie Ann

          m2  4/15/1844 Russell Co. AL  Sarah Frazier      

               From m2: Mary Elizabeth, Joseph Thomas, Isom Jefferson, James Pinkney,  Henry Clay

   Joseph Thomas    b 9/6/1848 Russell Co. AL   d 3/23/1946  Atlanta, GA

        John Franklin Sr.  b 2/3/1874  Rock Run Furnace, AL  m  Mary (Mamie) F. Hopkins   d 10/22/1952  Fulton Co. GA

            Clark Herschel b 3/5/1905 GA  m Ida Pauline Mullinax  d 4/25/1974  Fulton, GA   

                 Sandra  b 12/1940 m Charles Sumner

   James Pinkney Pittman  b 5/29/1855 Russell Co, AL    d12/6/1946  Port Arthur, TX

         m1 10/22/1876  Nannie Elizabeth Vick  

                From m1:  John Isaam, Ida Lillian, James Fenton, Sarah Elizabeth, Victor Randolph

                James Fenton Pittman, born Feb 6,1886, Springville, St. Clair, AL

                James Lloyd Pittman, born July 26,1911, Beaumont, TX

                Robert Fenton Pittman, born May 19,1939, Beaumont, TX

Researcher:  Sue Pittman Wright  (Georgetown, TX)

           m2  4/1/1895 Amanda MadoraSimms    

Researcher:  Sandra Pittman Sumner     843-795-6823

Researcher:    John H. Pittman Jr.


Additional Information:

In 1830, Malachi Pittman and Isham Pittman listed on same page of census for Washington Co, GA. Malachi old enough to be Isham's father.

In 1810 Malachi is in Robeson Co.,NC. with one son under the age of 10 (who could be Isham).

In 1820, Malachi is found in MarionCo., SC.

It's possible that Malachi went onto Mississippi and is the Malachi listed in Pike Co, age 50-60 in 1840.

In 1850, Malachi Pittman, age 63, islisted in Washington Co., LA with his wife Rebecca, age 68, both born in NC.

Pike Co, Miss and Washington Co, LA are close to each other.

It all fits together, but there's no proof beyond Isham



Elbert was born circa 1792.  He first appeared in Laurens

County Georgia around 1811 when he married Nancy Council.

He died around 1843 in Sumter Co.,GA.

William Bluford Pittman b January1815 Laurens Co. GA

Charles Pittman b March 1866  Colquitt Co. GA

Carl Shepherd Pittman Sr. b August1888  Pavo, GA

Carl Shepherd Pittman Jr.  b November 1915  Ty Ty, GA


Researcher:  Charles R.  Pittman



William Pitman bc 1812 NC) m1Kizziah McBevery Norfleet  m2 Susan Haney Rainwater
(from m2)  Silas Green Pitman b 4/27/1868  m 8/5/1886 (Judith (Cotton)Louden)  d 3/3/1926

Daniel Gaither Pitman b 1890  m Annabel York  d 1968

Ralph James Pitman b 1934  m (Glenna Mae Staggs)  d 1968

Jerry Pitman

Lola Snyder:

Jerry Pitman:

Kym and David Pittman:

Anna Cook:


(LEMUEL PITTMAN) – Kit# 102945  

Lemuel  bc 1775 - Carolinas    md Jerusa?

Reason bc 1807 SC  mc 1828  Inez Farmer  dc 1868 Clinton Co. KY

Lemuel bc 1828 SC  mc 1851 Sarah Melton  dc 1907 Albany, KY

Winfield Scott  b 7/4/1861 Morgan Co. TN  m 12/4/1887  Georgetta Albert

Elbert  b 8/15/1888 Deer Lodge, TN  m  11/26/1923 Anna Marie Frommelt  d  9/24/1948  Linton, IN

Don  b 8/7/1914 Fargo, ND  m1 2/21/1942  Loretta Sackmaster  m2 8/1/1945 Alice Roraff  d 7/15/1951  LaCrosse, WI

Dan   b 10/07/1949  LaCrosse, WI

Researcher:  Dan Pittman


(LEMUEL PITMAN) – Kit #285032      

Lemuel  bc 1775 - Carolinas    md Jerusa?

Reason bc 1807 SC  mc 1828  Inez Farmer  dc 1868 Clinton Co. KY

Lemuel bc 1828 SC  mc 1851 Sarah Melton  dc 1907 Albany, KY

Winfield Scott  b 7/4/1861 Morgan Co. TN  m 12/4/1887  Georgetta Albert

Elbert  b 8/15/1888 Deer Lodge, TN  m  11/26/1923 Anna Marie Frommelt  d  9/24/1948  Linton, IN

Don  b 8/7/1914 Fargo, ND  m1 2/21/1942  Loretta Sackmaster  m2 8/1/1945 Alice Roraff  d 7/15/1951  LaCrosse, WI

Don Pittman (b 7/30/1946 LaCrosse, WS)


Researcher:  Don M. Pittman

 (JAMES PITTMAN) - Kit# 79430  

James P. Pittman (b 1798 ClairborneCo. TN) / m1 Mary Elizabeth (b VA) m2 Silvia Hurst (b 1804)

Salem Rollie Pittman b 12/29/1832 d.5/3/1876 m Nancy England

**John Salem Pittman b 10/17/1874 d.4/11/1943 m. Ida Mae Osborn b 9/15/1880 d 11/29/1968

*Richard Harold Pittman b 3/2/1916

David Pittman b 11/11/1936

Kirk Pittman was b 12/27/1956


*Richard Harold Pittman b3/2/1916  d 1975

Richard Roland Pittman b 4/19/1935

Vickie Pittman

John Wesley Pittman:

Kirk Pittman:  

Researcher:  Victoria Glover

Researcher:  Don Rivara:


**(SALEM R. PITTMAN) – Kit# N42262

Salem R. Pittman b 12/29/1832 Claiborne County, TN

** John Salem Pittman born Oct. 17,1874
Fred Pittman born Oct. 4, 1899 (brother to Rollie)
John M. Pittman born Nov. 19, 1945

John Wesley Pittman:

(JOSIAH PITMAN) – Kit #  242722
Josiah Pittman bc 1825 Burke / Yancy NC  m Margaret Grindstaff  d 10/25/1864 Altoona Hills, GA

Noah Morgan Pittman b 11/17/1852 Yancy, NC mc 1873  Liza Miller  d 2/3/1921 Snow Creek, Mitchell / Yancy NC

Henry Gilbert Pittman bc 10/3/1873?  m Margaret Turbyfill  d 8/28/1937 Snow Creek, Mitchell NC

Gurley Malcolm Pittman b  8/17/1905  Mitchell Co. NC  m Gertie M. Burleson d 1974 Gastonia,NC

Robert Samuel Pittman  b 1931 NC

Victor Pittman b 1954
Jason Pittman

Researcher: Carmen Pittman

Researcher:  Donna Moore

(WILLIAM C. SAWYER)  - Kit #  337293  (Waiting for Pedegree)
Researcher:    Beth Chumley


Speculation in Italics (Awaiting documentation): 

Capt. Thomas Pittman 1614 Monmouthshire






Lunsford G. Henry

John Henry Pittman bc 1853(Knoxville ?) TN m 1875 Cora Jane Grimaldi (Lynchburg, VA)

Thomas Grimaldi Pittman I b1/14/1894

Thomas Grimaldi Pittman II b 3/11/21Richmond, VA

Peter R. Pittman b 5/23/1960

Researcher Willow Pittman:

NOTE:  TALIAFERRO COUNTY, GA -   1830 census:

Edward, Thomas,  Micajah, and Henry Pittman

Lunceford Andrews,  Hnery, John, Barbary, Ruben,and WilliamLunsford,

NOTE: 1824 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List:

Edward, Henry, Micajah, and WilliamPitman

Bailey, Jaret, Peter, WilliamLunsford

(ISAIAH PITTMAN) – Kit# 81789

Isaiah (Josiah) Pittman bc 1840 MS /Lavina Tribble

James Samuel Pittman b 1877  Yalobusha Co. MS

Orion Louis Pittman Sr.  b 2/12/1924 Marianna AR

Orin (Orion) Louis Pittman, Jr..b  Jan 5, 1951 in Helena, AR.

Researcher:  Orin Pittman

Researcher:  Vince Pittman


Lewis Andrew  b 1782 VA   md Nancy Johnston  d  1849Macoupin Co. IL)

John Lester b 1817  d 1900 m  Annie Rowland

James Addison b 1/16/1864  m Mattie Rawls

Charles Calvin Pitman  b 2/20/1908

Michael Terrance Pitman  b 12/22/1948

Michael Pitman:

Mike Pitman

Researcher:  Warren Lawrence:

Researcher:  Nan Capps

(JASPER PITTMAN) – Kit#226837

Jasper Pitman  bc 1842, East TN (Roane/Knox/Monroe Co.)  d. after 9-15-1882, Jackson Co. AL)

     m1 1859  Isabella Wright  Roane Co. TN

Wm M Pitman  b 5-5-1872 prob Knox Co. TN   d 9-1-1952  Jackson Co. AL

     m1 Nellie Caves Jackson Co. AL (1st wifeour line; m2 children, m3 no children

Virgil BoltonPitman  b Jan 1898 Jackson Co. AL  dc 1956 Michigan

      m2  Mattie Cargile Davidson Co. TN

John William Pittman bc 1943, Nashville, TN   Stevenson, Jackson Co. Al & Coalmont, TN

    m   Betty Lyda

Researcher:  BeckyPittman


Unknown Wall possibly father of Erastus Albert Humphries

(b 1883 Cleveland Co. NC)

Ray (b 1922)  Cleveland Co. NC

Don (b 1948)

Casey (b 1971) (Aurora, Kane Co. IL)

Casey Humphries:  Tupelo, MS

Tim Walls:

(ISSAC PITTMAN) – Kit# 167336

 Issac Pittman  bc 1767 in North Carolina  m  Rutha  d   Florida                                                                                        

*Thomas E. Pittman b1812 in SC   m Elizabeth Ward  d  Gateswood, Baldwin County,  AL

John Wesley Pit(t)man  b 4/17/1838 Holmes Co. FL  d 3/11/1927 Gateswood, Baldwin Co. AL

       m 11/1/1866  Irene Ann (Arrena Roberts)

Henry Lee Pitman  b Nov. 10 1886 in Gateswood, Baldwin Co. AL   m Judith Jane Lee

       d 2/26/1980  Cantonment, Escambia Co. FL

Roy Pitman  b 11/4/1912 Gateswood, Baldwin Co. AL  m Doris Inez Cook

       d  2/18/1995 Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co. GA

Howard Royce Pitman  b 1/27/1947  Atlanta, GA m June Elaine Camp

Researcher:  Howard Royce Pitman

(MICHAEL /MICAJAH PITTMAN) bc1750   (Charles Pitman line of descent) – Kit# 61921

(speculation: Thomas Pitman b1708  d 1755 Edgecombe Co. NC)

(speculation: Benj. Pitman b1720  d 1756

Micajah Pittman bc 1750  Edgecombe/Rowan Co. NC  m 9/1771 Lydia Morgan in

              Salisbury, Rowan Co. NC  d 1834

Moses Pittman b 1795  d 1884

Micajah Pittman b 1833

Michael Henry Pittman b 1868

Henry Ray Pittman b 1924

Charles Pittman b 1947

Researcher:  Robert Pittman

Researcher:  Charles Pittman


William bc 1800 Greenville Co. SC daft 1870

Reason b 1830  d 1910

James Monroe b 1860  m1 Mary Denton  m2 Therese Looper d  1905

Virgil Cain b 1895  d 1971

Virgil Franklin  b 2/1932

V. Franklin Pittman


(HENRY C. T. B. S. PITMAN) – Kit # 288355
Henry Clay Theodore Boyd Smith Pitman m  JaneElizabeth Murphy
James Pitman, b 12/15/1897, Polk, TX  d12/24/1943 m  Deedie Matthews
James Roy Pitman Sr, b  2/20/1930   d 6/17/2012
James Roy Pitman, Jr.

Researcher:  James Pitman Jr.


James Alfred Pittman b 1809 SC  m Letty Evans d aft 1892 Mills Co. TX

Stephen b 1839  d 1864

Marion b 1862

Theopolus  b 1887

John R.  b 1930


Daniel Pittman bc 1813 TN orCarolina  / 1850 Dallas Co. MO / Cass Co.MO./Cherokee Co. KS  m1 Clarisa  m2 Penelope White

Edward F. Pittman b 8/1840  m Elizabeth McGlothlin   d 1903

William Birtley Pittman b 1862  m 6/8/1886 Nellie Ryan  d 6/21/1907

William Harold Pittman Sr. mMargaret

William Harold Jr.


Researcher:  Erma Boyes

Researcher:  Cheryl “Sherry Ross”  Sutton

(JOHN LOUIS PITTMAN) – Kit # 38863

(Speculation is that this line goes back to Capt. Tom via:

Ambrose 1704 - 1786, Elisha 1739 -1803, John bc 1784 – 1831.    DNA results show a genetic distance of “2”between the 2 lines.   See Kit # 91881)

Isaac Henry Pittman b 4/22/1821  d 12/9/1885

John Louis  was born November 11, 1839 in Georgia and died  February 12, 1923 in Tippah Co. MS.

He was married four times; (1)Amanda Mahala Young, (my great grandmother, (2) Teresa Caroline “Russie “McAlister Rogers, (3) Arminda Kirkendahl Sartain and (4) Catherine (?). 

 His father was believed to be Issac Henry Pittman, born April 22, 1821 and died December 9, 1885.

John Louis Pittman b November 11,1839 in Georgia and died  February 12,1923

James Wm. Pittman,  b September 18, 1860 Tippah Co. MS   m Margaret Hawkins  d 1941

James Anderson Pittman,   b 1893 Benton Co. MS  m Lela Davenport   d 1985 Vivian, LA

Grady Pittman Sr  b September 2, 1914  d January 7, 2000

Grady C. Pittman Jr  b January 28, 1950 

Researcher:  Grady Pittman:

Researcher:  Dot Pourteau:

(LINDSEY W. H. PITTMAN) -  Kit #106021   

Lindsey W. H. Pittman bc 1797 Robeson Co. NC  m Sarah Strickland Prescott      (1830 in Appling Co. GA)

Newitt Pitman  b 11/1847  Georgia  d  Homerville, GA  m Julia

Clifton Pitman bc 1892  GA   d 1955  Homerville, GA m Hattie

Arthur Pitman  b 1924

David Arthur Pittman 

Researcher:  Linda Pitman

(LINDSAY PITTMAN) - Kit # 258280 (Y & FF)

(Speculation:  Nathan Pittman  bc 4/1740 in Edgecombe Co. NC   dc 1803 Robeson Co. NC)

Speculation: Nathan Pittman  bc  Jun1763 Robeson, NC  d 12/3/1843 in Choctaw Co., MS

Lindsay  W. H. Pittman bc 1794/97  Robeson Co.,  NC  m  Sallie Strickland Prescott   d 1833 Manor, Ware Co., GA

Newett Pittman  b11/6/1846  Ware Co., GA  d 8/4/ Homerville, GA

Clifton Pittman  b12/25/1891  GA   d 8/24/1955 in Homerville, GA

Paul Revere Pittman Sr. b 3/29/1930 Clinch Co. GA  d 9/7/2008  Indianapolis, IN

Paul R. Pittman Jr. b 4/16/1952  Fayetteville, NC

Researcher:  LaurieWalker

(JAMES ‘JOHN FORD’  PITMAN) – Kit#110961

 James Pittmanb: Abt 1773  d: Aft 1830

      James William Pittman b: Abt 1810 d: 24 Sep1840  m Clarissa Graham

                John "Snap"Pittman b:2 Nov 1836 d: 1904    , Mary Victoria McDonald

                         James William 'Jimmie'Pittman b: 9 Jun 1857  d: 24 Oct 1946    m Susan A. Fortenberry

                                  Thomas M. Pittmanb: Abt 1880   m Laura Fortenberry

                                  John J. Pittmanb: Abt 1889 d: 1944

 John Pittman b:Abt 1869

 Hamilton Mayson Pittman b: 28 May 1871 d: 6 Feb 1944

    +  GeorgiaBell Fortenberry b: Abt 1871

    +  EmmelinePost b: Abt 1889

    Mattie McArthur  bc 1836

 Emmaline Delphine 'Emma'Pittman b:1876 d: 1936

    +  IvanMonroe Fortenberry b: 8 Aug 1876d: 1 Mar1951

 Leon Erasmus 'Ras'Pittman b:6 Jan 1885    m Bessie McDaniel

     JamesKemp Pittman (b 4/14/1917)

         John FordPitman (b 11/25/1939)

Researcher: Sharon Pittman"

Our family wasknown to have immigrated to Surrey County Virginia some time about 1690, theclan migrated to Robeson County North Carolina, then to Marion CountyMississippi (Columbia, Foxworth,  Tylertown) somewhere around 1820. Myaunt said some of my first cousins went on to Rayville, Louisiana and thenforward to East Texas around Lufkin.  We have traced our roots back toCaptain Thomas Pittman. My greatgrandfathers name was John Iley Pittman. Hewent to the civil war for the 21stMississippi Infantry. He had sixfirst cousins who served in the 7thMississippi Infantry. It funtrying to put this genetic puzzle together.  From:Sharon Pittman (wife ofJohn Ford) 


Edward was bc 1785 in NC.  Edward/Temperance settled in GA.

Edward Pitman bc1785 in NC  to north GA by 1814  buried near Lula, Hall Co. GA

William Dahlonegy Pitman b August1814

Anderson Britton Pittman b 1848

Joseph Malcolm Pittman b July 1868

Daniel Bee Pittman b January 1892

Bascom Pittman b August 1927

Researcher: B.E. Pittman

Researcher:   Mark Pittman

Researcher: Dave Maynard

Researcher: Ruby Pittman Jones

Researcher: Regena DeAnn Childers:

Researcher: Jennifer Viscusi:

(EDWARD PITTMAN) – Kit # 479942

Edward wasbc 1785 - 1792 in NC.  Edward/Temperancesettled in GA by 1814.  They are buriednear Lula, Hall Co. GA

WilliamDahlonegy Pitman  b August 5, 1814 inHall Co.  GA   m1 3/4/1841Melinda Greer  m2  1/2/1845 Mary  Polly

             Dodd   d 6/6/1901

Guifford(Gilford?) Patterson Pittman b. 31 Oct 1849 Hall Co., GA  d. 14 Jun 1920

CharliePatterson Pittman, b. 4/22/1887  m 12/31/1913Jessie Pearl Allen   d 11/22/1939

James bornin  1932  Maysville, Jackson Co. GA

Mark AlanPittman

Researcher:  Mark Pittman


Robert M. Harrisb1814  d 1890  m Elizabeth Moore 

Mark StricklandHarris  b 1836  d 1912 m Nancy M. Hendon

Robert MitchellHarris  b 1856  d 1923 m Nancy Lucinda Hendon

William ClementHarris  b 1881  d 1961 m Belle Livingston

William CaseyHarris  b 1918  d 1961 m Nova Arlee Perry

James RobertHarris  b1939-    

Researcher:  JamesRobertHarris


Josiah Pitman bc1788 NC m Sarah  d aft 1860

   (In Randolph Co. GA by 1840)

Herring / HerrenPittman b 3/31/1824 NC  m 5/21/1848 Ellen Collins  d 5/28/1892Randolph Co.

Charlie WyattPittman b 1/18/1871  Randolph Co. GA  m 12/6/1903 MargaretPermelia Coram  d 5/30/1933

Charlie MaxPittman b 1/14/1906  Randolph Co. GA  m 7/16/1925 Ann LouiseBelcher  d 8/11/1975 Randolph Co.

Max JosephPittman b 6/16/1930  Randolph Co. GA  m 5/11/1952 Ruth Phillips

Researcher: Max Joseph Pittman

(JESSE PITTMAN / NANCY Uttley) – Kit# 81554  

Perhaps g-fatherof Jesse: Tom Pittman bc 1708

Perhaps fatherof Jesse: Nathan bc1734

Jesse (b late 1700s)  m Utley?

David DeWitt  b 6/14/1816

Albert Galeton  b 10/9/1849

Oscar Malene  b 6/3/1873

(son Kavanaugh B. SR   b 8/21/1913

Researcher: Cathryn Stallings

Researcher: Jean Holmen

Researcher: Ken Pittman


JethroPittman  bc1751 Edgecombe Co. NC  d 1820 – 1830 Johnston Co. NC

Garry Pittman bc1789 Johnston Co. NC  m 8/12/1816 Martha ‘Patsy’ Fiveash  d 1870 –1874 Johnston Co. NC

Jonas EdmundPittman b 8/28/1829 Johnston Co. NC  m1 Rhoda Watkins  m2 FannieBailey  d 8/11/1912

Ephraim Pittman b 10/17/1855  Johnston Co. NC  m 1876 Celey Ann Brown  d8/6/1908 Johnston Co. NC

JonahPittman  b 8/20/1878  Johnston Co. NC  m1 Goodwin m2 Phillips  d 5/14/1942 Johnston Co. NC

Billie Pittman b7/30/1932 Johnston Co. NC  m 8/29/1953 Betsy Dodd

Researcher: Betsy Pittman

Researcher: Diana Caswell

(THOMAS PITMAN) – Kit# 62894   

Thomas Pitmanb/4 1750 (moved to Orange Co. NC by 1784)

(sons) 1 *Josiah bc 1765 m Eliz. Estes (descendants to McDonough Co. IL)

          2 Tom b 1806 d aft 1870  Muhlenburg Co. KY 

          3 **John b 1780 - 84  Orange Co. NC m Eliz Morris d 1845 Todd Co.KY

*John bc 1780 -84  Orange Co. NC m Eliz Morris d 1845 Todd Co.KY

Burris Eskridgeb 1806 Logan Co. KY  m Miranda Guynn  d 1879 MuhlenburgCo.  KY

Francis Brutus b 8/1861 m Melissa DePoyster  d 8/1921 Hopkinsville, KY

Frank Mallory b 2/7/1898  d 6/10/1945

Frank Pitman

Jo Glover:

Frederick Daniel Pitman b 1885  Rockfish, NC
Dougal James Pitman  b 12/13/1913  Perry, FL
George Pittman
Researcher:  George Pittman

(DARRELL WALL line) - Kit # 280225
Researcher:  Darrell Wall

(ROBERT PITTMAN line) - Kit # B28186 (FF)
Robert Pittman  bc 1705 Surry Co. VA   dc 1773 Northampton Co. NC
Joseph Pittman bc 1735 Isle of Wight Co. VA  d 12/18/1786  Edgecombe Co. NC
Abner Pittman  bc 1758 Edgecombe Co. NC  d 1819 Edgecombe Co.  NC
Joseph John Pittman  bc 1787 Edgecombe Co. NC   d 1856
Wesley Pittman  bc 1811 Edgecombe Co. NC  d aft 1880 census
Joseph Wesley Pittman  b 9/21/1840  Tarboro, Edgecombe Co. NC  d 7/15/1904
Gattie Miranda (Maranda) Pittman  b 5/3/1873   Limestone Co., TX   md Wiley Lewis  d 3/27/1908  Mustang, TX
Bessie Mae Lewis  md Porter Brown
Mabry Lewis Brown
Researcher:   Diane Rogers   l

(JOSEPH WALL) - Kit # 247734

JosephWall  b. 1647/1649  d. Surry County, Va. in 1727

JamesWall  b. Surry County, Va. abt. 1687

(Tentative in Italics): Benjamin Wall b.Surry County, Va. abt 1710  d. BeaufortCounty, S. C.

Michael Wall ( I think) b. abt. 1733Edgecombe County, N. C.

Joseph Wall b. abt 1760 Craven County, S.C.  d. abt. 1833 Georgetown District, S. C.

Daniel Wallb. abt. 1780 Georgetown District, S. C. d. 1824 Black Mingo, Georgetown District, S. C.

MichaelNathan Wall  b. 1816 Georgetown District,S. C.  d. 1859  Georgetown County, S. C.

WilliamDaniel Wall b. 1844, Black Mingo, Georgetown District, S. C. d. 1902 Andrews,Georgetown County, S.C.

Daniel JamesWall, b. 1874, Black Mingo, Georgetown County, South Carolina. d. 1952,Georgetown, S.C.

Daniel J.Wall, Jr.  b. Georgetown, South Carolina

Researcher:  Daniel James Wall Jr.

Researcher:  Daniel James Wall Jr.

(TOMAS TODD) – Kit # 272125

George Todd  (1780 – 1830)   m Sarah Brooks  (1783 – 1815)

John Todd  (1810 – 1895)  m Hannah Bailes  (1815 – 1870)

Jacob Marion Todd  b 1837  Brown Co. IN m  Sarah Prock  (1837 – 1924)   d 1/29/1898 Webster Co., MO 

James Todd   b 3/7/1876  Webster Co. MO.   m Amelia Pool  (1883 – 1946)   d 12/6/1945 Webster Co. MO

Elmer Todd   b 3/30/1901  m  KatieManar       d 2/22/1958  

Donald Todd  b 9/21/1925 Marshfield, MO  m Josephine Diaz  (1924 – 2008)  d 1996   

Tomas Todd  b 8/1/1946 AZ

Researcher:  Tomas Todd

(EDWARD PITTMAN) – Kit # 479942

Edward wasbc 1785 - 1792 in NC.  Edward/Temperancesettled in GA by 1814.  They are buriednear Lula, Hall Co. GA

WilliamDahlonegy Pitman  b August 5, 1814 inHall Co.  GA   m1 3/4/1841 Melinda Greer  m2  1/2/1845  Mary Polly    Dodd   d 6/6/1901

Guifford(Gilford?) Patterson Pittman b. 31 Oct 1849 Hall Co., GA  d. 14 Jun 1920

CharliePatterson Pittman, b. 4/22/1887  m12/31/1913 Jessie Pearl Allen   d11/22/1939

James bornin  1932 Maysville, Jackson Co. GA

Mark AlanPittman

Researcher:  Mark Pittman

B.  Upper East Coast US & Essex Co. UK

(DANIEL PITTMAN line) - Kit# 65376  

Daniel bc PA or VA 1777 mc 1795  d aft 1860 Cherokee Co. GA

John b 1804 SC m Charlotte  d aft 1880 Cherokee Co. GA

(John) Daniel b 1839 GA m 7/1859 Eliz. Rhyne d aft 1900 Cherokee Co. GA

Stansberry md Lilz/Liza Kirk

Hubert bc 1891

Louis b 1915

Ed Pittman

(THOMAS PITMAN) – Kit# 167098 


Thomas    Pittman   b Unknown   d 1760       Barking,  Essex,  England
William   Pittman    Barking, Essex  m Elizabeth ??  in England
Thomas   Pittman b Barking, Essex    m  Mary     d  1791         

John Joseph Pitman b 1776 Barking, Essex   m Elizabeth  d 1823  
John Thomas  Pittman  b 1809 Barking, Essex   d 1899
       m 11/22/1835 Charlotte Harriett Ditchburn (b Gravesend, Kent) d 1870  England

(possible siblings of John Thomas are Joseph Samuel, Edward and Charles)
John Frederick Pittman b 1837 Gravesend, Kent, England  d 1906 England
       m Susan Stratton  1836-1878
Herbert John Ditchburn Pittman  b 1870 Gravesend,  Kent

   (Emigrated toAustralia 1888)  d 1898
       m Ellen Agnes Lyne   b 1870  Moombi, New South Wales, Australia  d1940

 Herbert John  Pittman b 1898 Tamworth, New South Wales  d 1927 Australia
       m  MurielIrene Olivia  Comber (Cook)  b 1902  Armidale, NSW  d 1980
Herbert  J. Pittman  b 1921 Singleton, NSW   d 1981
       m Heather Merle  Vincent b 1918 Sydney d 2009
Robert Lawrence Pittman  b 1947 Sydney, NSW.  Australia

Researcher:  RobertPittman:



PRE 1750   ( b Campbell or Bedford Co. VA)

Thomas Pitman Sr (bc 1710) / Mary Ferguson??

Thomas Pitman Jr.  bc 1750 Luneberg, VA   d 9/21/1825 

(to Mercer Co. KY  m Rachael Berry)

(brother of Longhunter?)

John Pitman b 1808 m Sarah Brumfield (Mercer Co., KY)

James Christopher Pitman b 1843 mJoanne Parlee Schneider

Tarlton Elroy Pitman bc 1888  m Anette Neinhueser  d 10/6/1949

James b 1932

Researcher:  James Pitman b 1932

Researcher:  Penny Pitman:

William (Longhunter) Pitman researchers:

Judy Foley:  Clarksville, TN

Edwin Russell:


John Pitman b 7/26/1823 Ohio   d 2/25/1901 in Darke Co., OH.

       m 8/30/1846 Butler Co., OH to Eliza Catherine Summersett

Children :
i. William Pitman, born 1853 in Ohio; died Aft. 1880 in Ohio; married MaryRutan Dec 24, 1875 in Darke, OH; born 1859 in OH.
ii. Aaron Clark Pitman, born Jan 29, 1855 in Montgomery Co., OH; diedFeb 23, 1937 in Darke, OH; married Sarah Catherine Reed about 1876 in DarkeCo., OH

Their children:
i. Frank B. Pitman,  born May 13, 1876? died Oct 11, 1957 in OH;

ii. Mary Louella Pitman,  born Oct 14, 1878 in Darke Co., OH; died Jul 02, 1963 in Ithaca, Darke, OH; married Harmon Wilhelm Jan 29, 1898 in Darke, Co., OH.
iii.Charles M. Pitman, born Sep 28, 1880 in Darke Co., OH; died Nov 20, 1952 in Preble Co., OH;
iv. Ida Caroline Pitman, born Sep 26, 1882 in OH; died Aug 29, 1958 in OH; married Andrew Pyles Mar 08, 1899.
v. Ota Viola Pitman, born Mar 05, 1885 in OH; died Jun 19, 1961 in Ithaca ,Darke, OH; married Harry Benson McDonald.

vi. John Samuel Pitman, born Oct 01, 1887 in Castine, Darke, OH; died Feb 25, 1961 in Auburn, Placer, CA; married Daisy Dot Doty Dec 11, 1909 in

      St Joseph,   Berrien, MI.
vii.  Pearl Pitman, born Feb 08, 1890 in Ithaca, Darke, OH; died Abt. 1965 in OH; married Charles Omer Lefever.
viii. Clenna Pitman, born Dec 10, 1892 in Darke Co., OH; died Nov 26, 1958 in Darke Co., OH; married Levi Anderson.

iiiWilbur John Pitman, born Dec 07, 1915 in Elkhart, IN; died Nov 26, 1997 in Paradise, Butte, CA.  Married Dorothy Plunket in 1941 in Reno, NV
iv. Richard Aaron Pitman, born Mar 05, 1917 in Elkhart, IN; died 2003 in Redding, CA;
v. Gertrude Marie Pitman, born 1925 in Huntington Park, CA; married Sidney Dusek 1942 in Reno, NV; Two children born: Andrew Dusek in 1953 and Kathleen Dusek in 1950.

James Edgar Pitman, born Oct 24, 1942 in Nevada City,CA.

Researcher:  Kathy Mehaffey<>


(CHARLES PITMAN) – Kit# 110536

 Charles (bc 1825 Bordentown, Burlington Co. NJ) m 4/21/1841 Mary Lukemires in

         Camden, NJ   d 8/24/1887 Hopewell, Lawrence Co. AR

Samuel Kirby Pitman b 7/29/1859 Waverly, Pike Co. OH  m Mae E. Peirson

Howard Marvin Pitman b 6/20/1907 Alexandria, Nebraska  m Clara Adeliene Parks

Samuel Charles Pitman b 4/13/1941Nampa, ID  m Roselyn An. Elordi

Anna Lovelady:

Samuel Pitman:

(URIAH PITMAN / ANN MATTSON line) – Kit# 60714

??Thomas Pitman & Ann Pitman

Uriah Pitman b. 30 Jul 1735 HanoverTwp, Burlington Co, NJ  d 1783

Levi Pitman b. 1769, Burlington Co, NJ  d 1815

Aaron  b 5/1810 Belmont Co. OH  d 1879

Morris Pitman b. 2 Apr 1847; Wayne Co, IN  d 1934 

Frank A Pitman b. 5 May 1881 Wayne Twp, Wayne Co, IN   d 1971

Lawrence Macy Pitman b  5/8/1907  d 1987

Charles R. Pitman b 7/26/1931 Perry Twp, Wayne Co, IN;

Wayne Twp, Wayne Co, IN  

Contact:  Charles Pitman

Contact: Inge Pitman (Charles’wife)  E address:


The following PITMAN bible page was found at the Wilderness Road Regional Museum inPulaski  Co VA. 

Joshua Pitmanye son of Thomas and Ann Pitman was born ye 30 day September in ye year of our Lord 1728

Isaac Pitman yeson of Thomas and Ann Pitman was born the 16 day of January in ye year our Lord 1729

Rebecah Pitman ye daughter of Thomas and Ann Pitman was born ye 2 day April in ye year of our Lord 1731

Richard Pitman ye son of Thomas and Ann Pitman was born ye 17 day of February in ye year our Lord 1733

Uriah Pitman yeson of Thomas and Ann Pitman was born ye 30 day of July in ye year of our Lord1735

Ann Pitman ye daughter of Thomas and Ann Pitman was born ye 10 day of June in ye year of ou rLord 1737

Thomas Pitman and Ann Pitman his Wife.

Isaac Pitman his hand.


(RICHARD PITMAN / TRUAX? – Kit# 76763  

(speculation Richard bc 1660?  Penn Colony??)

(speculation Richard bc 1695 Danford??)

Richard b 1721 - Kit# 130819


Joshua  bc 1760 d 1823  m Mary Stanley (Scotland)

(Probable descendant of Richard Pittman)

Richard b 4/29/1792   d 1/7/1873 Fulton Co. PA

John b Nov. 1821   m1 Caroline Ayres  m2  Elizabeth Keime

Frank Oliver (m2) m Rose Smith

Arthur (A.J.) md Leita Mellier

Richard, Barb (Miller), John, Robert

Richard Pittman

Joshua  bc 1760

Richard b 1792

John** b 1821 m1 Caroline Ayres  m2 Nancy Keims

from m2  Frank Oliver




Richard Elliott bc 1846

John William b 1875

Ray Ellsworth b 1902

Robert K. b 1932  (Canton IL)

(Following Line Speculative – DNA Results Inconclusive) - Kit# 72038     

Richard III b 1727 NJ

Benjamin b 3/5/1765 New Jersey

Joseph B. bc 1794 Bedford (Fulton)Co. PA

John ‘Jack’  b 1821 d 6/1865  Bedford (Fulton)Co.  PA

George Washington 5/12/1847 FultonCo. PA  d 1/05/1917 Washington DC +Vallora Shives

Mendoza Eckenrode  11/23/1882 Hancock, MD  d 1/09/1961 Silver Spring, MD

Edward Willis  b 1914

Menzie   b 1952


DianaWaite:   SalinaKansas


Clair Villano:  or

Menzie Pittman:


Richard Pitman line - Blacksmith - d1730 - Salem Co. PN

Richard Pitman bc 1660 - 1670 from Camden, NJ area

Richard bc 1695 md  Danford?

Richard bc 1721 to PN  md Ann /  Truax?

Joshua bc 1760 to Bedford Co. PN

Richard b 1791 to Fulton Co. PN

John b 1821 PN

Richard Elliott

John William b 1875

Ray Ellsworth b 1902

Robert b 1932 - Canton, IL


*John b Nov. 1821   m1 Caroline Ayres  m2  Elizabeth Keime

Frank Oliver (m2) m Rose Smith

Arthur (A.J.) md Leita Mellier  (Carroll (male) (spouse: Garnet) was a brother to Arthur; Rhoda is Carroll’s daughter)

Richard, Barb (Miller), John, Robert

Randy(son of Richard)

Dick Pittman:



* William b 1717 m1 Hannah Loker Kimble & moved to Bedford Co. PN  m2 Ester Stillwell

Obadiah (3rd son) from m1

William b1791

Issac R

William Alexander





* William b 1717 m1 Hannah Loker Kimble & moved to Bedford Co. PN  m2 Ester Stillwell

Richard Pittman b 4/16/1777 NJ -from m2 - md Hannah Sipes

Elizabethb 2/21/1816  d 8/21/1888 md David Daniel Mellott



Margaret Mellott md George Vaughn Horton

Mike Horton


Richard b. Abt. 1721... CharityTruax

Richard b. Abt. 1752...ElizabethTruax…   Deward Houck line:

Joel b. Abt. 1792...Sarah Unknown    

Aaron b. Abt. 1820...Mary Unknown

Hiram b. 1851...........ClarissaC lark

Jacob E. b. 1887...........Tressie A. Clark

Charles L. b. 1910 ........Mary Jane Wright

Gerald N. b. 1938..........Jean McClure


From: J. Marian Seiders  of Fulton Co. PA



PRE 1750

Thomas Pitman Sr (bc 1710) / Mary Ferguson?? 

William Pitman bc 1736 King George Co, VA  m b/4 1760 Lancaster Co. VA m Sally Webb

John Martin b 1774 - 1784  m Mary Phelps

Christopher Robert b 12/20/1810Butler Co. KY  m 8/10/1831 Margaret Martin

John Martin b 9/14/1832 Butler Co.KY  m Edith Dale, Illinois

Francis Marion b 12/3/1856 McLeansboro, IL  m3 Elaza Claxton  d 1925

Frances Edith b 4/22/1901  m Conard Pitman (Her 3rd cosuin)

NOTE: Conard’s parents:  Elmo Pitman and  Viola Comeans

Phillip Dale Pittman b 4/23/1935

Researcher:  Judy Kellen   

 (daughter of Clyde Buren b 3/8/1918 - brother of Phillip Dale)

Researcher:  Edwin Russell

Judy Foley:  Clarksville, TN

Della Faye Jensen:

Tony Clayton:

Hazel Reed Harmon:     

LaNell Bullard:  


Daniel was born about 1803. He was in Marion Co. TN in 1836. His father might be John Pittman.  Later, Daniel was in the 1840 Jackson Co. AL and Dekalb Co. TN (1850-1860). Research had led Marie to believe that the Moses Pittman line likely is related to the Marion Co. TN Pittman line as well.

Daniel Pittman bc 1803. He was in Marion Co. TN in 1836

David Pitman & Mary D. Adcock (brother was Thomas Lee)

David H. Pitman

Olden S. Pittman

Richard W. Pittman

Researcher:  Richard Wayne Pitman

Marie Beckman: 

Jan Pitman Carroll:

(SAMUEL BRENT) - Kit # 421253
Samuel Brent bc 1790  Stokes Co. NC   m 1825 DeKalb Co. TN  d 1860  (In Smith Co. TN in 1837)
Mary Brent  b 1832 DeKalb Co. TN
Charles Brent  b 5/3/1863  DeKalb Co. TN  md1  5/26/1880 Sarah Bayne d 5/8/1935  Sumner Co. TN  md2  8/5/1886 Elizabeth Corley
Researcher:  Loretta McDonald


Jonathan Pitman b. 1748 Burlington Co.,  NJ m Rebecca Cleavenger d. 1834 in Ohio

Their children were:.

      2 Sally

      2 Calvin b1780/81 Burlington Co. NJ md Hannah Ferris 4/1808  d 1/1843 Clinton Co. IN

      2  Joshua bc 1777 Monmouth Co. NJ

      2 Massie

      2 Susan

      2 Theodocia

      2 Jonathan

      2 Ephraim b9/1797  d 4/1843 in Ohio


Ephraim Pitman b. 1797 m Hannah W.McClelland  d. 1843 in Ohio

Jonathan Squire Pitman b. 1823  m Margaret Reid   d. 1914

Adam Reid Pitman b. 1864 inOhio  d. 1944 in Michigan

Roscoe Adam Pitman b. 1911 Michigan m Lena Pettenger  d. 1956 Washington DC

 (Roscoe's younger brother, Richard ReidPitman, was born about 1917.

We think that Issac Pitman was Jonathan's father but it is not proven at this point.   Captain Jonathan Pitman served in the Revolutionary War in the New Jersey Militia. He was born on Dec. 23, 1748 in Burlington County, New Jersey. He was married to Rebecca Cleavenger.  After the war he, with a group of families,took a 19 day trip down the Ohio River to a wilderness area that became named after the Captain who led the settlers. My great grandfather was born in Butler County Ohio and there are many, many Pitmans in the area. My great grandfather migrated to Michigan around 1904.  The burial place of Jonathan and Rebecca Pitman is located in Reading Cemetery; 200 W.Columbia Ave.; Cincinnati OH. Burial is in the far east section of the cemetery at the north end of row 5 or 6 along the fence parallel to Pleasant St.  

Researcher:  Susan Loertscher:

Researcher:  Jan Pitman Carroll

Researcher:  Richard Pittman:

Researcher:  Marie Beckman:


(BENJAMIN PITTMAN) – Kit# 152144  

Benjamin Pittman (son of Richard and Charity Truax Pittman) b 3/5/1765

       m Elizabeth Smart   d 12/10/1852

William J. Pittman b 9/8/1795  m Sophia Gutshall  d 7/7/1856

William J. Pittman Jr.  b 11/30/1841 Franklin Co. PA  m Elizabeth Stenger

James Beaver Pittman b 1882 Franklin Co. PA  d 1937  Montgomery Twsp. Franklin Co. PA

Carl Raymond Pittman  b 7/21/1911 Franklin Co. PA  d 12/11/1982 PA

James C. Pittman b aft 1943

Jim Pittman b July1945

Researcher:  Jim Pittman

Researcher:  Clair Villano

C.  West County English


 1 John Pitman b. unknown (possibly England)   d. bet. 6 May 1702 (will  written)

            & 14 Sept 1702 (will recorded)

           md + Elizabeth Williams (Northern Neck)  b. unknown (Lancaster Co., VA)

            deed Bk. 4, p.263, 7/9/1677, states Elizabeth Williams my now wife)     d. will recorded 6/14/1710

 2  Thomas Pitman b. abt 1678  (Northern Neck)  (statement in John's  will indicated he had

          not reached age 25)

 d. bet. 11/1742 & 3/1743

     md Sarah Basy(i)e  b. abt. 1690 d. unknown

 3 George Pitman  bc 1721  d. bet.7/1791 -3/1792 (based on records of Wicomico Parish Vestry minutes)

      md Wininfred ___________ b.unknown  d. unknown

 4 George Pitman b. 26 July 1755  d. 15 April 1815

       md Mrs. Judith Beane Clarke m.01-01-1805

 5 George Pitman bc 1805  d. abt.1842

        md Alice T. George   m. 1-11-1826

              b. abt. 1806    d. abt. 1844

 6 Robert George Pitman b. 9-26-1831   d.8-08-1901

        md Alice Ann Talley m. 3-30-1854    b.10-27-1830 d. 9-15-1914

 7 Peyton Eugene Pittman b. 9-05-1859   d. 10-08-1947

         md Mary Jane Talley b. 11-24-1859 

           d. 5-26-1959  (that's right - almost 100 years old)

 8  Emory Carroll Pittman b.10-10-1884    d . 7-05-1955

         md Viola Norris  b. 11/1891 d. 2-23-1919

 9  Carroll Leroy Pittman b.7-12-1910  d. 6-14-1957

           md  Alice Kathleen Fallin  b. 8-13-1919  d. 5-12-1948

10 Carroll (LEE) Leroy Pittman, Jr. b.7-11-1943

Researcher:  Lee Pittman

Justin Pittman:

Researcher:  Carla Burres

Phil Pittman:>

(WILLIAM PITTMAN) -  Kit# 58562  

William was born  November 1810 near the Rappahannock River, VA and died January 15,1904.  According to the 1880 census his father and mother were both born in VA and a story has that his father fought in the War of 1812 and never returned.  William hay have had a half brother named David.  William moved to Morgan / Scott Co. IL.  and eventually died in Miami Co.Kansas.  He is buried 2 mi. west of Beagle Kansas (Eastern Kansas).  A son, Henry, was born in Scott County, Illinois. He died November 27th or

28th, 1920 in Ellis County,Oklahoma, and is buried in Mount Olive Cemetery

William m1 Amanda Eads in7/1837 in Morgan Co. IL.  He m2 Mary Ann Johnson 7/1841 in Scott Co. IL.  buried 2mi. west of Beagle Kansas (Eastern Kansas).

William Pittman b 11/25/1810 VA  d 1/1905 KS

    m1 Amanda Eads  7/1837  Morgan Co. IL   m2 Mary A. Johnson  7/1844 Scott Co. IL

Henry Pittman b 7/6/1844 Scott Co.  IL d 11/1920 Ellis Co. OK

Wilson Caswell Pittman  b 11/24/1867

Raleigh Pittman b 2/10/1908

Ralph Pittman -3/31/ 1946


Researcher:  Arleta Howe -

Researcher:  Justin Pittman


Captain William Pitman was born 1647/48.  The earliest records have him in Portsmouth, NH and then Boston.

Captain William Pitman  b 1647 / 1648 d 1699 / 1700  Boston / Portsmouth

William Pitman  b 1687 d 12/17/1732

William Pitman  b 4/10/1720 d 1765

Issac Pitman  b 7/28/1752 d 11/15/1818

Issac Pitman b 8/20/1807  d 12/20/1892

Stephen Pitman  b 7/19/1850 d 12/17/1918

Harold Minot Pitman  b 2/24/1888 d 9/7/1970

Harold Minot Pitman Jr. b8/7/1915  d 8/17/1993

Stephen Minot Pitman IV7/8/1951


Joseph C. Pittman b 1762 VA

Rev. Joel Pittman  b 1796

Isaac Pittman b 1822

George Louis b 1848

Hensen Elias  b 1867

Charles Walter  b 1893

Julian Asher  b 1924

Researcher:  Sandy Corn:


(WILLIAM PITMAN) - Kit# 64206


William Pitman b 1811 Horsington, Somerset, England

William Pitman b 1853 Winchester ,England

William Henry Pitman b 1877 Southampton

*Robert George Pitman bc 7/1/1910  Islington, London, ENG

Roger Pitman: 4/23/1953

Researcher:  Roger Pitman

*Richard (brother to Robert George) to Connecticut)

(JULIAN PITMAN) - Kit# N29262

(Y-12 Only – Results Inconclusive)

(JOHN PITMAN) – Kit# 151106 


John Pitman  (Silton, Dorset, ENG)  m Ann Young

George Pitman  (Horsington, Somerset, ENG)  m Mariah Perrett /Perry/ Percy

Edwin Pitman b 1837  d 1870 m Ellen Hilliar

Rev. Eli Pitman  b 7/10/1862 d. 1946 m Margaret Saunders

Edwin John b 1885 (Syracuse, NY) d 1968  m 8/10/1911 Edna Louise Shepard, Montour Falls, NY

Raymond  Eli  (brother Richard b 1915 (Streator, IL)  who is father of Bob b 1944)

Nathan b 1940 (Mt. Pleasant, NJ)

Researcher:  Nathan Pittman

Researcher:  Bob Pittman

(ANTHONY LUFFMAN) – Kit# 147542

Related to John Pitman line

Anthony Luffman:

(THOMAS PITTMAN) – Kit# 148887

Thomas Pittman (1834 - )
      Born and died in Chandler's Harbour, Newfoundland
John Pittman (1871 - 1946)
     Born in Chandler's Harbour and died in Petite Forte, Newfoundland
Thomas Pittman (1898 - 1960)
     Born in Petite Forte, Newfoundland and died in Antigonish, Nova Scotia
James Pittman (1937 - 1996)
     Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and died in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Dan Pittman: Lunenburg, Canada

Researcher:  DanPittman

(JAMES PITTMAN) – Kit # B8213

George Pittman??

James Pittman m Elizabeth Murray

bc 1840 Merasheen Island, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Martin Pittman m Elizabeth Murphy(1877 - 1913)

b 3/22/1875 Merasheen Island, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

d 1922 - 1927

Alphonsus Dominic Pittman m Mary M. Leonard (1913 - 2001)

b 8/2/1907 Merasheen Island,P lacentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

d 5/8/1978 Corner Brook,N ewfoundland / Labrador, Canada

Alphonsus James Pittman

b 4/11/1940 St. Leonard's,Newfoundland, Canada

d 8/6/2001 Corner Brook,Newfoundland / Labrador, Canada

Kryan Pittman

b 1969 Fredericton, New Brunswick,Canada

Researcher:  Kryan Pittman

D.  New Hampshire Group

(WILLIAM PITMAN) – Kit# 205280  

William Pitman b 1632  m1  11/1653 Barbara Evans  m2  AnnRoberts   d  10/1682at Oyster River, NH

Joseph Pitman  b 1669   d 8/19/1704 at Durham, NH 

John Pitman, Lee, NH

John Pitman  b  5/7/1732 m Susanna Keniston   d  2/28/1835 Barnstead, NH

John Pitman (Jr.)  bc 1770  d 1856 Possibly Barnstead, NH

John Pitman   b 1803  m Shuah Lougee   d  4/20/1889 Alexandria, NH

George T. Pitman   b 1835   d  2/27/1895 Barnstead, NH 

Albert G. Pitman   b 1870   d  1935 Barnstead, NH

George Albert Pitman  b 3/16/1909    d 1995 Barnstead, NH

Ken GeorgePitman

Researcher:  Eric Duda

Researcher:  Tim Walker

Researcher:  Gregg Pitman

Researcher:  Beverly PitmanSmith  

(EBENEZER PITMAN) – Kit # 328993 

1  Ebenezer PITMAN  bc 1739 Rockingham, NH   d 3/17/1820 Meredith, NH  - LWT   in probate 1814 - 1815
      m Sarah MACRESS / MACRICE / MACKRICE / MACKENC    Sarah d 18 Dec 1819  age 77 yrs
    2   PITMAN Ebenezer  bc 1775 (m Abigail)   Ebenezer d 31 Mch 1851 age 76 years

         3  Reuben M. PITMAN  bc 1807   (m Abigail)  d 29 Jan 1851 age 44 years
         3  Ebenezer PITMAN, Jr.  bc 1811 (m Nancy)   d 5 Dec 1877 age 66 years
         3  George W. PITMAN  bc 1823 d 9 Feb 1847 age 24 years son of Ebenezer & Abigail
    2   PITMAN Joshua
    2   PITMAN Susannah b 22 Nov 1764 m BATCHELDER (Parents of Greenland, NH)
    2  ?PITMAN Lydia b 25 Mch 1769 d 23 Mch 1859 m John ROBINSON (1759-1848)
    2  PITMAN Betsey (Kitty)  b 8 Nov 1772 d ca18  20-30 m ca 1794 Nathaniel KELLEY
    2  PITMAN Nabby (f) single in 1814

Researcher:  Ken George Pitman
Researcher:  Eric Duda

Researcher:  Gregg Pitman

Researcher:   Tim Walker

E.  Wylie Pitman Group

(WYLIE PITMAN) - Kit# 64379  

Wylie Pitman b pre-1776  (possibly in Ireland) m Eliz. Chester Co.SC  d 10/1838

Elijah Hyatt bc 1813 Chester Co. SC  mc 1834 Lucy

Wylie b 9/1835  d 12/1905

Charles Benjamin  b 4/1883 d 2/1961

Rupert Clifford  b 11/1916 d  9/1979


Researcher:  Marti Muck:

Captain Bill, Book Three, A genealogy of the Catawba River Valley of South Carolina, Chester- York- Lancaster Counties, Edwards Culp McFadden Families, Robert J. Stevens, 1990, LOC#85-71334.
An earlier article by Betty Jean Millen Settlemeyer titled "W. A. Pittman Family" on pages 358-359 of "Heritage History of Chester County,South Carolina", 1982, traces the family back to Hilliard PITTMAN. She was unable to prove any ancestry for Hilliard, but did develop the following interesting information. Wiley (Wylie) PITTMAN bought 190 acres of land along Fishing Creek in Chester Co SC, from Patrick O. Hamilton on 9 July 1805. Wylie and Elizabeth PITTMAN had seven children named in his will in Chester Co SC when he died on 23 Oct 1838. They are: John, David [H.], Willis H., Abijah, Elijah H., and two daughters, Rhody PITTMAN who married Meadow WHITE and Mrs.SIDES (no first name mentioned), whose son Hilliard I. SIDES also received a bequest. These names make it almost certain that there is a connection between Wylie PITTMAN and Hilliard PITTMAN. The simplest explanation is for Hilliard PITTMAN to be a grandson of Wylie and Elizabeth PITTMAN. The easiest way to reconcile this theory with the information in "Captain Bill" is to ignore the birth in Ireland of Abijah and Hilliard PITTMAN (possible even with this hypothesis but worrisome, and certainly if their parents came from Ireland, they would be referred to locally as Irishmen, even if born in SC),and to assume that Hilliard and Abijah were sons of John PITTMAN, himself a son of Wylie PITTMAN. Page 358 says that Hilliard PITTMAN lived 1818-1854 with no birth location.

Wylie and Elizabeth PITTMAN had seven children, named in his will in Chester Co SC. They are: John, David [H.],Willis H., Abijah, Elijah H., and two daughters, Rhody PITTMAN who married Meadow WHITE and Mrs. SIDES (no first name mentioned), whose son Hilliard I.SIDES also received a bequest. Also in 1860 household, Wm Ellins, 35, day laborer, born in Chester Dist SC.

"Willie (Willis) PITMAN m Elizabeth HYATT in 1790 Halifax Co NC and moved to Chester Co SC? My family knows him as Wylie PITMAN. According to the 1838 will of Wylie PITMAN his wife was Elizabeth; sons Abijah, John, David H., Willis H., Elijah H.; dau Rhody WHITE wife of Meadow White; Grandson Hilliard I. SIDES. Abijah PITMAN, the 6 children of decd wife of Willis H. PITMAN, Thomas Hyatt PITMAN and wife Penelope WALSTON, Rhody and Meadow WHITE all moved to Giles Co TN." Etta Roman, 1998

"Ambrose PITMAN's will of 25 Mar 1786, Halifax Co NC: '. . . grandson Willie . . . if he stays on the plantation until he is 21; . . .' Who were Willie's parents? I have not been able to connect him to any of the sons named in the will of Ambrose. Is this the same Willie (Willis) PITMAN m Elizabeth HYATT in 1790 Halifax Co NC and moved to Chester Co. SC? My family knows him as Wylie PITMAN." Etta Roman, 1998

"I am looking for information on Wylie PITTMAN who was appointed constable in Chester Co SC, January 27,1796. He was listed in the census records of Chester County in 1810, 1820, 1830. He was the father of Rhoda PITTMAN who was born in Chester County SC July 16, 1807. She married Meadow WHITE before 1830 and died May 2, 1885 in Giles Co TN. Wyle PITTMAN left a will dated October 1838. In it he mentions his wife, Elizabeth, sons, David H. PITTMAN, John PITTMAN, Elijah PITTMAN, and Willis H. PITTMAN, and his dauther Rhoda,  the wife of Meadow WHITE, and a grandson Hillard J.SIDES.  Meadow WHITE was my gg-grandfather." Wanda Gatlin Hicks, Feb 2001

PITTMAN DATA BANK family members:
0186 / 1990 WILLIAMS Nelson W., P.O. Box 3089, Evansville IN 47730
0584 / 1998 ROMAN Etta H. < >
0585 / 1998 CARROLL Sara < >
1096 / 1999 CRONEY Margie < >
1129 / 1999 MUCK Martha Jane PITMAN “Marti" < >
2018 / 1999 PORTER Sharon Brandon < >
2135 / 2000 HICKS Wanda Gatlin < >
2142 / 2000 HARDIN Lawrence Glenn < >
2389 / 2001 SAVAGE Kate < >
2390 / 2001 GOOD Judith < >


Francis Marion Greene (b 3/27/1821) m Elizabeth Chapman   Lexington Co. SC
Henry Laurens Greene (b 2/5/1847) m Arabella Louis McGrady   Edgefield Dist.  SC
Clarence Fennimore Greene Sr. (b 1/20/1893) m Madonna Jeanette   Dawson, GA
C. F. Greene Jr. (b 1926) m Ouida Ruth Scott
Donald Christie Greene
Researcher: Sara Anne Gann:


Francis Marion Pit(t)man b10/06/1851 d 10/25/1889

James Thomas Pittman, b 03/01/1875 d10/23/1931

David Homer Pittman, b 06/03/1903 d11/17/1975

Researcher:  Phillip Pittman

Researcher:  David Pittman:

F.  Friedrich Bittman Group

(FRIEDRICH BITMAN) – Kit# 89663  


Friedrich Bitman bc 1627  d 1708 Framersheim, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany

Han Heinrich Bitman b 1670  d 8/5/1799

Andreas Bitman b 7/10/1701   d 5/26/1763

Nicholas Pitman / Bitman  b 12/19/1727 d 1798

(Several generations before connecting to Phillip (below)


Joseph b 1816

Abraham  b 1853

Charles M.



Betty Boaz: 
Eddie Pitman: 
Don Pitman: 

Bev McAdams:

Don Conley:

Kirk Pitman:



(Waiting for Pedigree)

Robert Lee Pitman Hon.  TX)

G.  Henderson Pittman Group (Afro - American)


Henderson Pittman   b 12/25/1849   d 6/23/1934 San Bernardino, CA  b Mt. View Cem.

Hudson Horn Pittman  b 9/22/1885  d 8/4/1956

Robert George Pittman   b 8/16/1915  d 10/26/2003

Robert Hudson Pittman  b 9/16/1938  d 8/7/2004

Robert Hudson Pittman  Jr.   b 4/14/1963

Robert Hudson Pittman III  b 11/9/88

Researcher:  Stephanie Ross



Henderson Pittman   b 12/25/1849   d 6/23/1934 San Bernardino, CA  b Mt. View Cem.

Hudson Horn Pittman  b 9/22/1885  d 8/4/1956

Lowell Pittman b 1913  d 1973

John Dixon Pittman b 1945

Researcher:  Stephanie Ross or

H.  Ruben Pittman Group

(RUBEN PITTMAN) – Kit# 73599  

Ruben Pittman  bc1760 Bedford Co. VA  m Mary Roberts 1785 Bedford Co.  d 1826 Greenbrier Co. WVA

John b 1796  d 1865 Raleigh Co WVA  md  Nancy Lilly

Michael b 6/14/1830  m Rebecca Kinzer 1917  WVA

George  b 10/29/1869  d 1917  md Martha Ann Meadows

Donald  b 1914  d 1973 (brother of Harvey and Gene)


I.  Unassigned Group

(HUSTON PITTMAN) – Kit# 52981

Houston Pittman bc 1873 d 1944 (it is speculation above this point)

Harry Milton Pittman  born 1904 d 1987

Harry Vincent Pittman born 1925

Robert Pittman born 1958

Charles Pittman

(STARLIN K. R. PITTMAN line) - Kit# 65759  

(James Pitman bc 1800 SC – dc 1861)  m Evaline (d at about age 60)

Starlin K.R.  bc 1838 Harlan Co. KY m1 Rebecca Smith (Green Co. KY) 

                              m2 11/1889 Mariah  Shofner - d 1907) He died 3/4/1897

Purin b 1877 KY  m Stella Cantrall  d 7/23/1954

Hardy bc 1916

David B. Pittman b 1952

Researcher:  Barbara Eddings:

Researcher:  Jerry A. Pittman:


Michael Pitman bc 1803 KY   (later in Trigg/Graves Co. KY)   m Elizabeth C. Wilson  dc 1854

James W. b 1836 Trigg Co. KY  m Alpha Ann Wilson

James Basil b 10/1878 Maysville,KY  m1 Nancy Ellis  m2 Lula Ann Bluxom

Fred b 1928

Ronnie b 1949

Ronnie Pitman:


(WALLS / PITMAN) – Kit# 13869 

PRE 1750   (Withdrew from Project)

Ancestor: Joseph Wall (bc 1650)???  m Susannah Kilpatrick

Samuel Wall b before 1753 VA?  m Mary  d 1823 Randolph Co. NC 

       (Children: Pennine, Nancy, Britton,Wiley, Temperance,

        Elizabeth, and Jesse, in that order of birth).

Jesse Wall bc 1805  Randolph Co. IN  dc 1866                  (brother to Jesse)    William Henderson Wall  1831 - 1901    

Andrew Burgess Wall b 1841 RandolphCo. NC  d 1901                                      MarionMiles Wall  1857 - 1930

Arthur Murray Walls b 1872 HancockCo. IN   d 1924                                          James A. Wall 

Elbert Walls b 1902  Hancock Co. IN d  1978                                                     Howard Edward WallSr. b 1936

Dennis Walls  (Greenfield, IN)



(Arthur Wall is likely the father o fSamuel Wall):

Samuel Wall b before 1753 VA?  m Mary  d 1823 Randolph Co. NC 

Wiley Wall

Brazilla Garner Wall

Charles Augustus Wall

Guy Wall

Floyd Wall

Researcher:  Kevin Wayne Walls



8.Charles Walls 1756-?

7. Thomas Walls1791ca.-21 FEB 1843 Independence County Arkansas . He left a will as

       did his wife Francis Lambert Walls

6. Joseph Walls1824-1862

5. William ThomasWalls 1851-1929

4. John William Walls1879-1965

3. Chester NapoleonWalls 1911-1978

2. Wayne GlendaleWalls 1935

1. Kevin Wayne Walls1958-



c1632 - 2x great grandfather of MarkWall

c1654 - great grandfather of MarkWall

c1680 - grandfather of Mark Wall

c1705 - father of Mark Wall

c1730-1740  Mark Wall of Edgecombe which later became Nash Co., NC (tentative)

c1789 Jesse Walls b.1789 NC (county unknown) m Matilda Rackley 1830 Nash Co. NC (had brother David)

c1816 John Marcus Walls (Mark Wall)

1855 Thomas Robert Wall, b. 1855 Benton Co. AL  m Sarah Walden

1888 Minnie Mae Wall b Fannin Co. TX

1922 Grace Bernice Boyce  b Aleif, TX

1949 Paula Fabionar 

Researchers:  Paula Fabionar:

Tim Walls:

Lee Bain:

Randy Wall:

Desmond Walls Allen:

Gary Wall:       

Mary M. Wall:


(MARK WALLS) – Kit# 104551

Mark Walls 

Daniel Walls (tentative)…..brothers….Jesse Wall…brothers…Jackson County David Wall

Caleb Milton Walls

Oscar Milton

William Rufus Walls

Researcher:  James Bob Walls

In 1854, Caleb killed a man
in Scottsboro and fled to parts unknown, never to be heard of or seen
again. In 1860, a William Milton Walls married in England, Lonoke
County, Arkansas. This from his grgranddaughter in Dallas. That family
has no information where he came from nor how old he was at the time of
the wedding. We went to Little Rock and searched the state records there
and were unable to find any information of any William Milton Walls ever
having been married, registered or heard of in those records. Not listed
on the census either.
I suspicion that William Milton Walls was in fact Caleb Milton Walls but
there as yet is nothing to make the connection.

Researcher:  Paula Fabionar:

(MATTHEW PITTMAN) – Kit# 80014

Matthew Pittman bc 1795, North Carolina
David J Pittman b 1816, AL   d 1883, Youngsport, TX
David J. Robert Lee Pittman b 1869 in Arkansas (or Bell Co. TX)  d 1895 in Youngsport, TX
Leslie J. Pittman b 1891 TX   d 1979 Belton, TX
Jack L. Pittman b 1921 Killeen, TX
James Lee Pittman b 1946 Temple, TX

Researcher:  James Lee Pittman

(FRANCIS MARION PITTMAN) ( Inconclusive) – Kit# 81985  

Francis Marion Pit(t)man b10/06/1851  d 10/25/1889

James Thomas Pittman, b 03/01/1875 d10/23/1931

David Homer Pittman, b 06/03/1903 d11/17/1975

David Leon Pittman, b11/02/1944 

Researcher:  David Pittman:


Joseph C. Pitman  b 1762 Shenandoah Co. VA  (KGC?)  d  12/22/1831  Barbour Co. WV

Juda  b 1795  KGC  m 2/13/1816  John Skidmore  d 12/17/1868  Barbour Co. WV

Researcher:  Karen Hughes

(GEORGE W. PITMAN) – Kit# 90783  (No DNA Connection - withdrew from project)

George W. Pitman b 1837 Gwinnett Co. GA  m Rebecca Dickerson  d 4/27/1908

William Joseph Pitman born 8-1-1874in Scott Co. AR
John Sibley Pitman born 7-17-1877 in AR
Hannah Rosanna Pitman born 6--6-1880 in AR
Wylie Marion Pitman born 5-10-1882 in Indian Territory (Bernice’s father)
Nevada Levicey Pitman born 12-24-1884 in Indian Territory
Robert Rupert Pitman born 6-24-1890 (Archie Earl's father)
Jay Thomas Pitman born 5-11-1894 in Indian Territory

Archie Earl Pitman  bc 1920

Researcher:  Bernice Watson:


(SAUMEL WALLS) – Kit# 92397

PRE 1750

Samuel Wall b. before 1753 (place and county unknown)

Wiley Wall 1799 NC (county unknown)

Hannah Wall 1838 Guilford Co NC

William Franklin Walls 1862 RandolphCo NC

James Wallace Walls 1927 Indiana             <brothers>     Otto F. Walls b 1899 Henry Co. IN

Tim Walls:                                        John Wm. Walls  b 1927  Henry Co. IN

Deronda Spiller:                                Tim Walls  b 1958 Indianapolis, IN  (now St. Joseph, MI)


(Another Wall line)

John E. Walls

Guliford b 1795

Oscar b 1828

Ed b 1850

James Calvin b 1885

James Walls b 1935

Tim Walls:


(JOHN S. PITTMAN) – Kit# 97729

John S. Pittman  b 1821 (Edgecombe?) NC  m Elizabeth Smithson  (bc 1819 - 25 GA)   d 3/1850 Butler Co., AL
   1. John Wesley Pittman b 1/29/1845 AL   m  2/4/1875 Susan Caroline Tomlin
       Children: Alpheus Baker Pittman  b 1/1/1876;  Walter Lee Pittmon  b2/11/1877;
                      James Herbert Pittmon  b 7/13/1878;  Elizabeth Blanch Pittman  b6/5/1880;
                      Thomas Edison Pittman b  5/11/1881;  Benjamin Riley Pittman  b7/5/1882;
                      Susie Caroline Pittman  b 9/16/1883;  Archie Lester Pittman  b11/2/1884;
                      Ada Ann Pittman  b 7/20/1886;    Henry Faroh Pittman  b 6/20/1888;
                      Joseph Edward Pittman  b 5/11/1890

         2.  WalterLee Pittmon  b2/11/1877   md 12/10/1904 Della Lee Bennett

               Children:  Lottie Bell Pittmon  b 7/9/1907;  Cecil Audrey Pittmon  b 9/1/1911;
               Eva Mae Pittmon  b  4/26/1914;    Lloyd Bennett Pittmon  b9/1/1916;
               Sibyl Ann Pittmon  b 11/26/1918;   Francis Rayburn Pittmon  b 5/14/1921;
               Eldon Juan Pittmon  b 11/10/1925

                3.  Lloyd Bennett Pittmon  b 9/1/1916  md 1/11/1943 Jo Marie Durell
                    Children:  Lee Durell Pittmon;    Gary Dale Pittmon;  Shirley Ann Pittmon

  1.  Hannah Pittman bc 1849 AL

           2. Hilliard 1868  AL    d 1889  AL

                3. Henry Lee Pittman   b 1887 AL   d 1927  AL  (grandfather of Lynda Hamilton)

Researcher:  Lynda Pittman Hamilton

Researcher:  Shirley Kirk:

(JOHN HENRY PITMAN) – Kit# 99720 

John Henry Pitman bc 1790 / Nancy Horton

John Henry Pitman bc 1829 / Sarah Young

John Joseph Henry Pitman b 1857

Joffre Milton Pitman (from m2)

Joffre Pitman

Sally Addams:

Sue-Ellyn Eldridge:

Ruth Douglas:


(MARK WALL) – Kit# 97208

Mark Wall  bc 1730-1740 (Edgecombe later became Nash Co. NC)

David Wall of Edgecombe (NASH) and Jackson Co. AL  (brother of Jesse)

Alfred Wall of Jackson Co. AL born 1809 ( in Nash County NC)

John William Wall b 3/12/1890 Jackson Co. AL

William LaFayette Wall b 11/20/1866 Huntsville, AL

William LaFayette Wall Jr. b 2/10/1896 Huntsville, AL

Richard Hanna Wall b 7/5/1926 Huntsville, AL

Tim Walls:

Paula Fabionar:



1 Jeremiah Pittman b 6/9/1820   d  2/1/1876

2 Jeremiah Mason Pittman  (b 5/8/1871 Monroe Co. OH  d 3/29/1958) 

                    m Lena Pool  (d 10/22/1941)

 3 Elma Jane Pittman  b 4/21/1907  d 5/24/1986 (mother of Arnold)

 3 Raymond  b 6/12/1913  d  1/21/1945

 3 Thurmond"George"  b 8/1914   d 3/3/1963

      4  Arnold Mason Pittman (bc 1925  d 4/8/2005) (adopted by Jeremiah)

           5  JohnMason Pittman (b 1947)

New Philadelphia, OH

John Mason Pittman:

(ERIC PITTMAN) (withdrew from Project - no  relation) – Kit# 103799



(HENRY PITMAN - Bahamas) – Kit# 108233   

(Oral tradition that branch came from Devonshire)

Henry Pitman - in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas pre-1666.  Diedbefore 5/4/1675, Elizabethtown, NJ

John Pitman b 1663  m Mary Saunders (1710 to Newport, RI)  d 11/21/1711

**Benjamin  b 1697 New Providence, Bahamas  m Mary   d 9/12/1762

John b 1723    m 5/6/1750 Abigail Nichols  d 12/27/1768

John b 6/27/1757  m Nancy Bennett  d 5/25/1809

Charles N.  b 3/3/1790 m 3/31/1811 Amy Gorton  d 7/26/1855

Charles E.  b 11/8/1818 m 10/16/1841 Harriet Potter 

LaRoy m Clara  (Attleboro, MA)

Robert L. Pitman

(from Marilynn Wright)

**His Benjamin Pitman and my Samuel Pitman were brothers

Samuel Pittman, b. 1701 Bahamas, d.1776 Newport

Moses Pittman, b. 1743 Newport RI,d. 1801 Newport RI

George Washington Pittman, b. 1779 Middletown RI, d. 1844 Williamsburgh LI [now Brooklyn NY]

George Washington Pittman jr, b.1812 NYC; d. 1890 Portland OR

Edgar Driggs Pittman b. 1851Brooklyn NY; d. 1906 Portland, OR


(JOHN BISCO PITTMAN) – Kit# 114022   (Results: Inconclusive)

SPECULATION:  Arthur Pitman

John Bradford Pitman Sr.

John Bradford Pitman Jr.

John Bradford Pitman III

Firm fromhere on down:

John Biscoe Pittman  b 1865 Halifax NC  d 1930 Halifax Co. NC

John Cephas Pittman  b 1895 d 1967  Halifax Co. NC
James Adolphus Pittman  b 2/11/1925  Halifax, NC

Dennis Pittman

    (Waiting for pedigree) 

Stephanie Ross:  e-mail:

John Pittman ??           b 1790-1800                                                               

Jerusha Pauline Pittman   b 6/1830            d 11/8/1911  Anderson Co. TN

Eliza Caroline Diggs  b 9/11/1872  Anderson Co. TN   d 2/27/1963  Anderson Co. 

ElbertArthur Walker  b 11/13/1901 Anderson Co.  TN   d 4/30/1982  Anderson Co. TN 

Harold Walker  b 3/30/1945 AndersonCo. TN

Researcher: Linda Walker:


(STOKES) – Kit# 179820   (mtDNA Test only)

Robert D. W. Pittman  bc 1814 to 1819  SC   m Margaret   (Jasper Co, MS in 1850 - 70)

Richard Henry Pittman (1858 - 1894)

Eugene Homer Sr Pittman (1880 - 1951)

Margaret Lucretia Pittman (1920 - 2007)

Nina Sadie Hollingsworth  m Stokes  

Researcher:  Nina Hollingsworth


(THOMAS PITTMAN) – Kit# N94332

Thomas Pittman  d aft May 1808 Robeson Co. NC

Brittain Pittman  bc1775/1780  d 1838/1840  m2 Sarah?

Nicholas Pittman  bc  1804  m Celia Ammons?  d aft 1860

James Benjamin Pittman b 1843  m Susan Jane Morris   d 1916

Morris Finkley Pittman b  1885  m Lilla Budd Dickens  d 1975

James Berdine Pittman b 1922  m Merry Louise Thomas  d 2010

James M. Pittman

Researcher:  Joy Jones


 (JASPER PITMAN) – Kit# 75540

Jasper Pitman bc 1842 TN   d aft 1895 Jackson Co. AL

          m1 Isabella Wright  (bc 1837 TN   d bef 1892 TN? AL?)

          m2 ?? nochildren 

William M. Pitman  b 5-5-1873 Knox Co. TN   d 9-1-1952,Jackson Co. AL

         m1   Nellie Caves(b 10-1876 Adams CO. IL  -. bef  Jan 1915, Jackson Co. AL)

         m2 Rachel Hubbard 1915  (b 1890GA  d 6-11-1946, Jackson Co. AL)

         m3  ??  nochildren

Virgil Bolton Pitman b 1/1898, Jackson Co. AL   m Mattie Allen Cargile ( b. 02 Sep 1893) divorced 1940s

                         d. 24 Nov 1986, Madison Co. AL

Researcher:  Becky Cloud

(THOMAS PITTMAN) – Kit# N80153

1  Thomas (Capt.)Pittman Sr.  bc 1614 in England   dc 1687 SURRY CO., VA

        m1  Frances

2  Thomas PittmanJr.  bc 1655 Surry Co.   dc  1730 in Isle of Wight Co., VA/Robeson Co., NC

        m  Mary ?

3  Thomas Pitman  III  b 1695/ 1700  Isle of Wight Co. VA  d 1754   Edgecombe Co. NC

         m   ANNE COFFIELD

4  Nathan Pittman  bc 1734 Edgecombe Co. NC    dc  1802 Robeson Co.NC

          m .  Catherine Meis

5  SampsonPittman  bc  1780 Robeson Co., NC  d 10 Mile Creek, Marion Co.  MS

           m  Elizabeth "Betsy" Rowland    b NC   d 10 Mile Creek, Marion Co. MS

6   Catherine “Katie”Pittman   bc 1805 Robeson Co. NC d Aft1850 Marion Co. NC

           m  William Spann "CAPT. BILLY" Reagan 

7  Rufus Regan  b  06/03/1825 Marion Co., MS  d  11/ 07/ 1892 in Cheraw, Marion Co.,  MS

            m   Mary “Polly” Powell

8   Mary Sumpter “SUMMIE"Reagan   b 9/07/ 1861  Marion Co. MS

            m   Samuel Franklin Pigott

9    Albert Webb Pigott  b 1/12/1884 Pike  Co., MS  d 4/03/1960 in Walthall CO., MS

            m   Ettie Olivia Spence

10  Edith Otera Pigott  b 5/23/1911   Walthall Co. MS   d  11/02/1997 St. Tammany Par. Hospital, Covington, LA

            m   Samuel Omelia Brumfield

11  Daisy VermellBrumfield   b  8/04/1929  Salem, Walthall Co., MS

            m    HAROLD EVION BEARD

12   ChristopherHarold Beard     b: February 10, 1949   NewOrleans,  LA

Researcher: Christopher Beard:

(CHERYL DUFF) -  Kit#11198  

Grandmother was a Pittman. No pedigree received.


(ANTHONY BULLARD) – Kit# 195378  (maternal line)

James Bullard  m Sarah Pittman (b Surry NC-1754;  d Robeson County, NC 6/24/1843)

Sarah: Probable daughter of Thomas Pittman / Ann Coffield

William Bullard  b1790 Robeson Co. NC

Alva Bullard  b  1837 / 1840 Robeson Co. NC    d Loris, SC

Enoch Malcolm Bullard b 1869  Horry Co. SC  d 1951

Donald Bullard  b1901  Horry Co. SC

Enoch Ambrose Bullard  b Loris, SC

Anthony Bullard

Researcher:  AnthonyBullard

(EDWARD PITTMAN) – Kit# 218083

Edward was born about 1785 in NC.  Edward/Temperance & settled in GA.

Edward Pitman bc 1785 in NC  to GA by 1820 buried near Lula, Hall Co. GA

William Dahlonegy Pitman b August1814

Anderson Britton Pittman b 1848

Joseph Malcolm Pittman

Dessie Pittman (related to Bascom)

Norman Martin  b4/19/1925

David R. Maynard  b 4/23/1949  Phoenix, Arizona

Researcher:  Dave Maynard


(MALCOLMSON  PITTMAN) – Kit# 219541  Inconclusive

Malcolmson Pittman b 1864   md  Alura (Alma) Filleau   d 1926

     Malcolm Jr. (b 1898  Washington, NC   md Gladys Powell  d 12/8/1929      

                Algernon ‘Pete’ Pittman  md Catherine Milested   d 1/27/1970 Lubbock, TX 

*Wirth Landen Pittman Sr. b 3/18/1892 Troy, PN  d8/8/1961  New Orleans, La.

          md GoldieCaroline Hoffman  (b   3/31/1897 NO -  d 12/2/1975 NO)

*Wirth Landen Pittman Jr. b  2/5/1918 NO  d 9/15/1966 Augusta ,Maine

          md AliceRose Smith on 12/2/1942  Lewiston, ME (AliceSmith d 9/2/1987  Auburn, ME)

Ronald Leo Pittman  b1/21/1944 Lewiston, ME  d 7/1/2002  Minot, ME

           md  Jeanne Anna Rivard  2/19/1966 Lewiston, ME

Dana Leo Pittman b  12/3/1966   Fayetteville, NC

Researcher:  Jeanne Pittman

Researcher:  Rebecca Starr

Researcher:  dana

* Had brother Algernon (spouse: Edna Elsie Herbert, d2/2/1953 (lived at 2654 Clover St. NO) parents of Robert A. Pittman (spouse:Kitty Leveau (m 5/18/1954 div. 1963) and Marilyn Pittman Drouant b 2/26/1933 m5/31/1952 to Ronald George Drouant @ St. Matthew’s Luth. Church.  She died in 2008))

** Had brother named Donald (spouse Joan)

NOTE: 1. Capt. Robert A SPittman b c 1813/1815 in VA-d between 1864-1880, location unknown.  A tthis point, I believe his initials A S stand for 'Algernon Sidney'. Father of Robert A S Pittman may have been George L Pittman, b 1783 VA, who is living in his household in 1850, aged 67.
a.  Married as his first wife Sarah LNU. children: Robert, Edwin, Francis, Joseph, Theodore.
b.  Married in 1860 as his second wife Adeline [Ada] Saunders, daughter of Seth Saunders, Esq and Catherine E Wright, all of Caroline Co, VA.  One known child:  Malcomson Pittman b. 1864 in Liverpool, England.

Malcomson Pittman 1864-1926 md Alma Filleau b c1869
children and birthplaces from 1900 census:

Edward J L Pittman 13 (New York)

Ruth Pittman 11 (New York)

Wirth L Pittman 8 (Pennsylvania)

Mountain L Pittman 5 (Pennsylvania)

Malcomson Pittman 1 (North Carolina)

Another son Leweyllen Algernon b. New Orleans in 21 April 1901

Malcomson was a minister with the Disciples of Christ Church and moved around a lot, but apparently settled down once in New Orleans.  There is a reference to Malcomson Pittman on p. 221 of this book.  It may contain a short biography of him so it is worth getting a copy through inter-library loan at your local public library.

(MALCOLMSON PITTMAN) – Kit# 229975  

Malcolmson Pittman b 1864 d 1926

          md Alura(Alma) Filleau (Alma d 7/31/1952 @ Troy, NY. Mother of Edward, Wirth, Mountain,

                Algernon ‘Pete’ Pittman d 1/27/1970 Lubbock, TX (spouse: Catherine Milesd 6/6/1969 NO),  Malcolm Jr. (b 1898  Washington, NC d 12/8/1929  (spouse: Gladys Powell) , Ruth d 12/28/1943

                   (spouse: Bates Thatcher) and Aubrey).

*Wirth Landen Pittman Sr. b 3/18/1892 Troy, PN  d 8/8/1961  New Orleans, La.

          md GoldieCaroline Hoffman  (b   3/31/1897 NO -  d 12/2/1975 NO)

*Wirth Landen Pittman Jr. b  2/5/1918 NO  d 9/15/1966 Augusta ,Maine

          md Alice Rose Smith on 12/2/1942  Lewiston, ME (Alice Smith d 9/2/1987  Auburn, ME)

Jim Pittman

Researcher:  Jeanne Pittman

Researcher:  Rebecca Starr




Robert Pitman and Katherine Smallwoodhad 10 children:

1. Nancy Pitman. She married William Terrell. They were married 1827 in Lawrence County, Indiana.

2. Ransom Pitman.

3. Elizabeth Pitman.She was born 1808, probably in North Carolina. She married Joseph Maxwell. Theywere married on 18 Oct 1828 in Lawrence, Indiana. She died after 1880 in Clay County, Illinois.

4. Haywood Pitman.  He was born about 1810, probably in North Carolina. He married Susannah Toliver. They were married on 05 Mar 1832 in Lawrence County, Indiana.

5. Rebecca Pitman. She was born 1815 in Kentucky. She married James Felix Tincher. They were married on 08 Nov 1831 in Lawrence, Indiana. She died after1880.

6. Carter Pitman. He was born 1816 in Kentucky. He married Rebecca Kellar.  They were married on 20 Jan 1842 in Lawrence County, Indiana.  He died after 1880, probably in Ripley County, Missouri.

7. Susannah Pitman. She was born May 1818 in Kentucky. She married Joshua A.Childers. They were married on 13 Jan 1833 in Lawrence County, Indiana. She died on 09 Jan 1901 in Mooretown, Lawrence County, Indiana.

8. Joseph Pitman. He was born 1819 in Kentucky. He married Susannah McCorkle (a daughter of Andrew Charles McCorkle and Mary Ann Crabtree). They were married on 21 Jan 1841 in Orange County, Indiana. He died after 1880.

9. Eliza Pitman. She was born between 1820 and 1825 in Kentucky. She married William R. Edwards. They were married on 27 Jun 1839 in Lawrence County, Indiana. She died about 1845 in Lawrence County, Indiana.

10. Eleanor Pitman. She was born 1824 in Bath County, Kentucky. She married Elihue Pridemore. They were married on 24 Aug 1841 in Coles Co., Illinois. She died 1853 in Morgan County, Illinois.


(JOHN PITTMAN / LOUISA COX) - Kit #  243758

John Pittman   m  Louisa Cox

Charles Pittman b 1842 New Jersey  m Hattie (Harriet) L Ater  

Frank Lyle Pittman b 3/11/1890 Ithaca, MI  m 9/15/1914  Anna F. Zoss , Ithaca, Michigan
Lyle Frank Pittman b 9/9/1915 Ithaca, MI  m  Ethel Marie (Bloss) Sanderson   d 7/29/1996 North Star, MI
Justine Leroy Pittman b 2/2/1938 Alma, Michigan   m Betty Louise Jorgonsen
          Children: Ricky Pittman,  Clarence Leroy Pittman,  Justine Pittman

Clarence Leroy Pittman b 12/7/1966 Blackfoot, Id  m  Charlyn Ann Robbins 5/30/1987 Anchorage,  Alaska

Researcher:  Charlyn Ann Pittman


(ELIJAH PITTMAN) – Kit # 251502

Elijah Pittman m Sarah Pittman  (dau. Of John Robert Pittman and Delilah Ricks)

William Pittman married Angeline Skaggs or Scaggs

Benjamin Franklin Pittman married Annie [Langley] McCoy

Everett Pittman married Nancy Margaret Platter

Rosanna Pittman m Tommy Neal Miller
Researcher:  Rosanna Miller



John was born in Oct. 1726.  Died 1785. He and Polly migrated from

Buckingham Co. VA to Edgefield Dist.SC by 1757

and then to Richmond/Columbia Co. GAin 1771.  He died c1784.

John Pittman Jr. - 1752 VA

Jefferson Pittman - 1793 GA

Henry Harden Pittman - 1816 GA

Robert McGrady Pittman - 1846 GA

Rufus Willard Pittman - 1883 GA
Jack Neff Pittman - 1920 TX
Jack Neff Pittman Jr. - 1948 CA

Researcher:  Jack Neff Pittman


Joseph Pittman  bc 1827  m Rachel

Elmer E. Pittman  b1861d1929  m Martha A. Brantner

Ken Pittman

Researcher:  Deb Riley


Thomas bc 1704 SurryCo. VA   mc 1728  Anne Coffield Isle of Wight Co. VA   d aft 4/4/1754 Edgecombe Co. NC 

           (To Edgecombe Co.. NC by 1739)

Jesse bc 1730 Isle of Wight Co. VA  m 9/1765  Rachel Flowers Horn  d b/4 1790 Bladen / Robeson Co. NC

Joel Flowers Pittman  bc 1772  m Winneford Bird  dc 1860 Robeson Co. NC  (moved to Robeson about 1816?)

Nathan Pittman  b 3/6/1797 Robeson Co. NC  m 4/16/1825 Robeson Co. Sarah Elziph

Rev. Alfred Rowland Pittman b 6/18/1829 Robeson Co. NC  d11/9/1902 Fairmont, NC

Alfred Edwin Covington Pittman  b 3/7/1865

Rowland Martin Pittman

Lynette Pittman

Researcher:  Lynette Pittman


(MOSES PITMAN/ COLEMAN) - Kit # 237005

Moses Pitman  b 1660

Ruth Pitman  b 1683  m George Barker

Michael Bowden  b  1712 m Mary Barker

Samuel Bowden  b 1750

Elizabeth Betsey Bowden  b 1790

John Chapman  bc1810?  m Leonora Bowden

Benjamin Hathaway Chapman  b 1839

Reuben Chapman  b 1874

Mildred A Chapman  b 1904  m David Coleman Sr 1900

David Coleman Jr  b 1930

David Coleman III

Jason Coleman

Researcher:  David Coleman


(JOHN PITTMAN / MARY “Polly” ROWE line - Kit # 47097 (maternal line)

PRE 1750

John was born in Oct. 1726.  Died 1785. He and Polly migrated from

Buckingham Co. VA to Edgefield Dist.SC by 1757

and then to Richmond/Columbia Co. GA in 1771.  He died c1784.

John Pittman Jr. - 1752 VA m Lucy Eunice Marshall

Jefferson (Geoffrey) Pittman - 1793 GA

Henry Harden Pittman - 1816 GA  m Nancy E Barnwell  d 1863

Robert McGrady Pittman - 1846 GA  m Mary Lelia D Thomas  d 1930

was Nilla Susan Pittman Shields 1881-1931

Nilla Shields Putnam

Researcher:  Douglas Putnam


(THOMAS PITMAN) LINE – Kit # 258589

Thomas Pitman bc 1811 Isle of Wight Co. VA  dc 1877-1880  Southampton Co. VA
John Thomas Pittman  b 12/12/1842 Southampton Co. VA   d  5/20/1907 Southampton Co. VA
Ernest Waverly Pittman  b 7/6/ 1870 Southampton Co. VA   d 4/3/1926 Southampton Co. VA
Robert Waverly Pittman  b 9/30/1911 Southampton Co. VA   d 8/19/1963 Hopewell, VA
Unnamed Pittman bc 1940 JR

Researcher:  Patricia Shoemaker


(PETER PITMAN) – Kit # 263157

Peter Pitman  bc 1803  d b/4 1910

Researcher:  LaDonna Garner 


(RALPH DENSON VALENTINE) - Kit #260847  (FF)  

Researcher: Debbie Kelly

(JOHN S. PITTMAN) – Kit# 261168

John S. Pittman  b 1821 (perhaps Edgecombe)  NC  m Elizabeth Smithson  d 3/1850
John Wesley Pittman  b 1/29/1845  m  2/4/1875 Susan Caroline Tomlin
Benjamin Riley Pittman  b 6/5/1882  m Lee Heard  d 11/2/1962
Ray Tate Pittman  b 9/18/1918 

Michael Pittman

Researcher:  Shirley Kirk:

Researcher:  Lynda Hamilton"



??Everett Pittman (b 1807) md Clementine "Clemency" Thigpen (b 1835)

Hosea Clem Pittman (b 1869) + Sarah Mitchell (b 1867)

David Dudley Pittman (b 1896) + Viola Tate (b 1900)

Clifford Charles Pittman (b 1926) + Joe Rene Groves (b 1926)

Michael Charles Pittman (b 1948) + Jeanne Becnel (b 1951)

James Ashley Pittman (b 1976)
Researcher:  James Pittman


(IRA  PITTMAN) – Kit #   (mtDNA)

Ira A. Pittman b 11/23/1888 GA  m 8/8/1908 Lura Ada Baughcum   d 9/24/1946  McRae, GA

Jewell S. Pittman b10/3/1926 GA (possibly Telfair, GA)  m Samual Riley Silver d 5/23/1988 Jacksonville, FL

Dennis Gene Crenshaw   b Mcrae, GA   m. Betty Jean Silver

Thomas Crenshaw  b 1968

Researcher:  Thomas Crenshaw


(WILLIAM PITT)  - Kit # B5219

William Pitt Sept 12, 1830 Brighton Sussex England

(down to John Joseph Pitt)



(RUBEN  PITTMAN) – Kit #305969

Ruben Pittman  bc 1760 Bedford Co. VA  m Mary Roberts 1785 Bedford Co.  d 1826 Greenbrier Co. WVA

John b 1796  d 1865 Raleigh Co WV md Nancy Lilly

Michael  b 6/14/1830  Mercer Co. VA m  Rebecca Kinzer 1917  WVA

Isaiah Pittman b 4/11/1865 Kanawha Co. WVA

Lloyd Baxter Pittman b 2/21/1902 Fayette Co. WVA

Lawrence Eugene Pittman b 4/19/1924  Raleigh Co. WVA

Larry Edwin Pittman b Raleigh Co. WVA

Scott Pittman

Researcher:  Kyle Pittman

Researcher:  Scott Pittman

(MICAJAH PITMAN) – Kit # N125699 

Micajah Pittman bc 1750  Edgecombe/Rowan Co. NC  m 9/1771 Lydia Morgan in Salisbury, Rowan Co.NC  d 1834

Moses Pittman  b 9/4/1795 m1 Margaret Sarah Mize   m2  6/1/1819 Rachael Adams / Armesd   d  7/1882-1884

       Pulaski Co. KY

Stephen Green Pittman  bc 1826 Pulaski Co. KY   m1 7/1847 Elizabeth Emerson   m2 9/13/1855 Elizabeth Delaney

       d 1890 Pulaski Co. KY

William Thomas Pittman b 1859KY   m 6/12/1882 Josephine Pence   d 1897 KY

John Bluford Pittman  b 2/10/1888 Pulaski Co. KY  m 2/1/1908 Ella Sue Boettger  d10/31/1965  Brazil, Clay Co. IN

Richard Leon Pittman  b 2/18/1930 m Betty Ruth Northcutt  d9/23/2006

Richard Eugene  b 7/17/1954 Colorado    m Lois Barker 

Researcher:  Rhonda Sue Hooper    

(ROBERT PITTMAN) - Kit # 385029

Robert Pittman  b 1/1852 GA  d 3/1921  Hall Co. GA

William Jackson Pittman  b 5/1873  GA   d 5/1932  Maysville, GA

Cleonard G.O. Pittman  b 5/31/1919  Maysville, GA  d 12/3/2001  Augusta, GA

C.G.O. (Sonny) Pittman Jr.

Researcher:  Sonny Pittman 

Researcher:  Jennifer Viscusi 

Section III:  Lines with PROVEN connections to England, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

(WILLIAM PITMAN) - Kit# 64206


William Pitman b 1811 Horsington, Somerset, England

William Pitman b 1853 Winchester ,England

William Henry Pitman b 1877 Southampton

*Robert George Pitman bc 7/1/1910  Islington, London, ENG

Roger Pitman: 4/23/1953

Researcher:  Roger Pitman

*Richard (brother to Robert George) to Connecticut)

(JOHN PITMAN) – Kit # 265400  (Inconclusive)


John Pitman  bc 1773-1871 Tytherington, Gloscestershire, UK

JamesPitman  bc 1799 Tytherington

Eli Pitman  bc 1829 Tytherington

Samuel Pitman   c 1869 Tytherington Parish

Frederick William Pitman  b 1902 Frampton upon Severn, Gloscestershire, UK

Frederick Pitman

The family were small farmers in the 1850s (James). Eliseems to be an agricultural laborer (1870s) and his son Samuel worked with horses...his occupation is listed as a Groom in 1911. He was KIA in WWI; his name is on the war memorial cross at Frampton Church. His son Frederick William (Fred's father) was also a horseman or a herdsman for the Clifford Estate a tFrampton. Fred worked for the Clifford Estate too. You can see the manor and farm online. The 'Big House' is now run as a posh country hotel, but the present Clifford owners still live on the medieval manor farm.

Researcher:  R Starr <>

(ROBERT PITTMAN) – Kit# 139761   


Robert Pittman   m 1712 Wyke Regis, Dorset, All Saints Chruch   Grace Gill

Corbet Pittman b 12/15/1719  m 1/1744 Mary Gibbons  Dorset, England

Capt. William Pittman b 1746 Abbotsbury, Dorset, England  m 2/4/1775  Ann White (1753 - 1821) in

          Abbotsbury.   Migrated to Trinity, Newfoundland, Canada in 1787    d 1808

James m 3/22/1811 (of New Perlican),Newfoundland, Canada  Elizabeth Kelland (she died 1881 in

           Sault Ste. Marie)

George Pittman b 1841 in New Perlican Bay, Newfoundland, Canada m  Marie Marchant  migrated 1885 - 1895 to Sault St. Marie, Michigan

Lewis Corbett Pittman  b 1873 m Sarah Belle Kirby  Nfld to Mich  d 1946

Fredrick Pittman  b 1900 m Lucille Lessard (Mich)  d 1954

Fredrick Pittman b 1931  m Jeanne Gilmore (Mich)

Researcher:  Michele Wingerter

(WILLIAM PITMAN) Surrey, UK to Australia – Kit# 136686


William Pitman (no birth date or place)

James Pitman b. 1825 Surrey, England

Godfrey James Jones Pitman b. 1855 Surrey, England  

Walter James Pitman b. 1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alan John Pitman b. 1925 Melbourne,Victoria, Australia

Researcher:  Troy Schwartz


(JOHN PITMAN) – Kit# 151106  


John Pitman  (Silton, Dorset, ENG)  m Ann Young

George Pitman  (Horsington, Somerset, ENG)  m Mariah Perrett /Perry/ Percy

Edwin Pitman b 1837  d 1870 m Ellen Hilliar

Rev. Eli Pitman  b 7/10/1862 d. 1946 m Margaret Saunders

Edwin John b 1885 (Syracuse, NY) d 1968  m 8/10/1911 Edna Louise Shepard, Montour Falls, NY

Raymond  Eli  (brother Richard b 1915 (Streator, IL)  who is father of Bob b 1944)

Nathan b 1940 (Mt. Pleasant, NJ)

Researcher:  Nathan Pittman

Researcher:  Bob Pittman

Researcher:   (ANTHONY LUFFMAN) – Kit# 147542

Anthony Luffman:

(JAMES PITTMAN) – Kit# 168589  


James Pittman bc 1760 Wapping, England 

      m Mary _____

George Pittman b2/16/1790    Stepney, St. George in the East,England 

      m Ann Doyle

William HenryPittman   b 1/1/1831    Stepney, St. George in the East, England 

      m Maria Battram

John Edward Pittman   b5/17/1868    Stepney, St.George in the East, England 

      m Catharina Wilhelmine Schwenk

John William Pittman  b4/15/1902     Leyton, Essex, England 

      m Caroline Maud Fuller

John Alan Pittman   b  3/26/1934    Ilford, Essex,England 

      m Grace Ruth Pearson

 Researcher:  John Alan Pittman

(THOMAS PITMAN / PICKMAN) - Kit # 361434  


Thomas Pitman  b 1588  Devonshire, England   d Marblehead,  Essex, MA

Thomas Pitman b 12/24/1612 Wedmore,  Somerset,  England m 1640 (MA) to Joanna  d 8/16/1694 Marblehead, MA

John Pitman  bc 1664 MA  m 5/5/1861 Charity Gale  d 10/1696 West Indies

Abial Pitman  b 2/15/1692  m 3/29/1714 Abigail Hooper in Essex, MA  d 1765 Beverly, Essex, MA

John Pitman  b 1/6/1717 MA  m Charity Ashton  d 8/2/1773

John Pitman b 8/5/1739 MA  m Mary Cruff  d MA

Michael Sr. Pitman b 1770 Salem, MA m Sarah Carwick  d Essex, MA

Michael Jr. Pitman  b 11/5/1790 MA  m 9/18/1814  Mary Bowditch in Salem, Essex, MA   d 8/17/1851

Henry C. Pitman  b 3/7/1821  m Anna Spooner  d MA

Harry M. Pitman  b 5/1845  Sandwich,  Isles  m 1867 Anna Paqualina  d Alameda, CA

Harry Michael Pitman  bc 1872Chile (at sea)  m 1896  Theodora F. (Holtz) Baldwin   d Alameda, CA

James Baldwin Pitman  b 3/3/1899  Alameda, CA  m 1925 Florence Stella Plummer Schenectady, NY 

            d 1/1987  New Port Richey, FL

Robert 'Bert' Pitman  

Researcher:  Robert ‘Bert’ Pitman

Researcher:  Kit

(RICHARD PITMAN) - Kit # 268274      


Richard Pitman, birth date/place unknown  m 11/25/1677  Joane Crumpe at Longhope, Gloucestershire 

       (buried Longhope, 12/7/1711 (no age given)

NOTE:  7 Children, all baptised Longhope (burials Longhope unless stated otherwise):

           Richard              January 1679 – December 1735

           William              December 1680 – January 1756         

           Joane                December 1682 -  May 1682

           James               March 1685 – August 1755

           Hannah             March 1688 – 1721 (will written and proved in London in 1721, no burial found)

           Ann                   November 1691 – (not known, last record London 1732)

           Zachariah          October 1695 – March 1754 (London)

Richard Pitman  b 1/1678/9, Longhope  m  Bridget Bowry d September 1735, Longhope

                          NOTE:  8 or 9 Children, 8 bap Longhope

William Pitman  b 12/1707, Longhope m Jane Whitford d 12/1789 Didbrook

                          NOTE:  5 Children, 1 bap Stanway, 4 bap Didbrook  

Thomas Pitman b 3/1744, Didbrook   m MaryPugh  d 1/1814, Didbrook

                          NOTE: 6 Children, all bap Didbrook

Thomas Pitman b 12/1776, Didbrook  m Ann Stephens Keen  d  2/1808, Didbrook

                          NOTE:  5 or 6 Children, 5 bap Moreton-in-Marsh

William Pitman  b 10/1806, Moreton-in-Marsh  m Mary Barnes  d 5/1894, Prestbury

                          NOTE:  4 Children, all bap Prestbury, GLS

Joseph Pitman  b  3/20/1830, Prestbury   m Sarah Ann Price  d  6/4/1888, Cheltenham

                          NOTE:  6 Children, all b Cheltenham

Henry Pitman    b 1/3/1866, Cheltenham   m Martha Jeenes  d 10/29/1888, Cheltenham

                          NOTE:  3 Children, all b Cheltenham

Henry Joseph Pitman  b 10/17/1888, Cheltenham   m Daisy Emily Selley  d 11/25/1918, Shorncliffe, Kent

                          NOTE:  1 Child

Henry Frederick Pitman  b 12/13/1916, Cheltenham  m Margaret Ellis  d  1/28/1988, Tewkesbury

                          NOTE:  3 Children (Jane b Gloucester, Derek & Sheila b Tewkesbury)

Derek Pitman 

Researcher:  Jane Swindail:


(ROBERT PITMAN) - Kit #  268275     


Robert Pitman  bc 1783 m  Pernina (1788-1872)

Charles Pitman  b 1819 South Cadbury, Somerset   m Harriett Goodland (1824-1883)  d 1870 Lovington, Somerset

Laban Charles Pitman b 1857 Lovington, Somerset, England  m Fanny Goodland (1859-1941)  d 1935  Bristol, England

Researcher:  Steve Pitman

(JOSEPH PITMAN Sr.) - Kit# 166347


Joseph Pitman Sr (m Honora Hayden)

     Dates of birth and death unknown.

Joseph Pitman  bc 1812 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England  (m Catherine Lang)

     To Aus. As a convict in 1833 on ship Atlas) d 1875 Macarthur, Victoria, Australia

Richard Stagg Pitman Sr (m Elizabeth Gallacher)

     b 1856 Tower Hill, Victoria, Australia     d 1918 Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

Richard Stagg Pitman (m Myranda Elsie Carey)

       b 1884 Apsley, Victoria, Australia     d 26 November, 1968, Hamilton, Australia

Leslie Vincent Pitman (m Nancy Pinner)

     b 24 July 1924, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia     d 5 November 1989, Melbourne, Victoria,


Daryl Richard Alfred Pitman (m Helen Diprose)

     b 15December 1951

Robyn Kendall Lesley Pitman (m Braden Williams)

     b 2 March, 1979

Researcher: Robyn Pitman Williams:

(THOMAS PITMAN) - Kit# 167098


Thomas Pittman  b Unknown   d 1760   Barking, Essex,  England

William  Pittman Barking, Essex   m Elizabeth …. In England

Thomas  Pittman b Barking, Essex  m Mary  d 1791 

John Joseph Pitman b 1776 Barking, Essex  m Elizabeth…..   d 1823

John Thomas Pittman b 1809 Barking, Essex   d 1899

       m 11/22/1835 Charlotte Harriett Ditchburn (b Gravesend, Kent) d 1870 England

(possible siblings of John Thomas are Joseph Samuel, Edward and Charles

John Frederick Pittman b 1837 Gravesend, Kent, England  d 1906 England

       m Susan Stratton  1836-1878

Herbert John Ditchburn Pittman  b 1870 Gravesend,  Kent

   (Emigrated to Australia 1888)  d 1898

       m Ellen Agnes Lyne  b 1870  Moombi, New South Wales, Australia d 1940

 Herbert John  Pittman b 1898 Tamworth, New South Wales  d 1927 Australia

       m  Muriel Irene Olivia Comber (Cook)  b 1902  Armidale, NSW   d 1980

Herbert  J. Pittman  b 1921 Singleton, NSW   d 1981

       m  Heather Merle  Vincent b 1918 Sydney  d 2009

Robert Lawrence Pittman  b 1947 Sydney, NSW. Australia

Researcher:  Robert Pittman:

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