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Pittman DNA Project

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About us

A. (1) To Identify and connect Pit(t)ma(o)n families within the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and S.Africa by simple DNA testing; and
    (2) To find the common ancestor(s) among the separate branches of Pittman, Pitman, Pittmon families worldwide. 

B. To find a direct bloodline / male descendant (i.e. a son, of a son, of a son, etc.) of each major distinct Pit(t)ma(o)n family branch 

C. To connect with Pit(t)ma(o)n researchers in other countries.

D. To enlarge the Pittman Genealogy collection ['Results' section of 'About this Group']

E. To represent all versions of the Pittman Surname: Pitman, Pittman, Pittmon, Pickman, Pitemon, Pyteman