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About us

The principal objective of this Project is to provide insight into the lineages for persons with the Marshall surname. It entails Y-DNA testing for males with the Marshall surname in order to establish genetic connections with cousins worldwide, prove or disprove genealogical research through genetics, and research various theories of the origin of the Marshall surname. There are several levels of interest in this objective.
  • The broadest interest deals with the origins of the Marshall surname, and if all Marshall lineages are linked together by a common ancestor?
  • A narrower interest deals with linkages among families, which immigrated to America from Europe or elsewhere 200-300 years ago. This same view would deal with families, which remained in countries of origin of the Marshall family. This is a much closer view than the common ancestor view, which might look back 500-1,000 years or more.
  • The more narrow interest deals with possible linkages within the past 5 to 8 generations. A relatively large number of families can trace their history back about 5-generations before the trail turns cold. Perhaps this Project can help those families link up with other lineages to which they might be related.
  • Finally, the most narrow interest involves those people who have no information about their ancestors before their grandparents. As the database of test samples grows with this Project, these people may discover connections to earlier Marshall families previously unknown or unsuspected.


  1. Determine who is related
  2. Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestral research
  3. Solve brick walls in research
  4. Validate existing research
  5. Determine areas for further research
  6. Develop a DNA database for future researchers