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Tod Marshall Tod Marshall
March 12 @ 7:43pm
Hello group, my name is Tod Marshall and I’m currently awaiting my yDNA results. My oldest known Marshall ancestor is William John Marshall (born March 10, 1799 in SC, died November 10, 1837 in Miami, Ohio). He married Charity Wright (born June 11, 1801 in SC), daughter of Nathan Wright and Sarah Elizabeth Jay. They had 10 children and I descend from their son Thomas (1822-1870) who married Rhoda Furnas. I’m hoping to find out who the parents of William are as my paper research has reached a dead end. I also have a detailed ancestry website on my Marshall surname and many other lines ( I would be interested in hearing from anyone who thinks they connect to this family.
Anthony Marshall
April 29 @ 5:08pm
Do you know what part of SC? I know there were some Marshalls in Abbeville for a time also a seperate family of Marshalls from around Williamsburgh
Tod Marshall
May 10 @ 7:31am
Unfortunately I haven't found any records of my Marshall family in South Carolina, only that they migrated from there. They migrated to Miami, Ohio around 1822-1825 according to a published textbook.
Brenda Ellis Brenda Ellis
September 18, 2016 @ 8:04pm
Brenda Ellis Kit553103 has not been processed. Attempting to trace , slave ancestor that was slave I guess to a Marshal Family. Earliest Info was for a Marshal born in Africa, 1790, two(2) sons, Prince Marshal, born in Africa 1811 and James Marshal born in Alabama ? 1813. Prince was married to Julia A. in Alabama? Julia Possibly a Native American (Creek maybe). Prince and family moved to or sold to new plantation in Arkansas. Died 1892 and buried in Covington County Alabama, possibly Bethlehem Cemetery. Looking for info that would enable me to trace back to their original home in Africa. As info a G.W. Gayle in Alabama owned a slave named Prince and Prince' son Robert enrolled in the Creek Nation 1875???? 1898???
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Jody Marshall
October 4, 2016 @ 10:59pm
I imagine this one had some kids Chief Gen Joseph Marshall Chief and Interpreter of the Creek Nation(1/2 creek)
Sherry Marshall
December 29, 2016 @ 1:02am
My dad's DNA showed to have a pinch of North African and also Southeast Asian DNA of both less than 1%
Don Marshall
December 29, 2016 @ 1:01pm
I found someone on who has an extensive family tree worked out and Prince Marshall is in it. The person's user name on Ancestry is smoke1314cat. Assuming this isn't you! If you are not an Ancestry member let me know, and I will contact them on your behalf and try to hook you up.
Yvonne Jacques-Bennett
March 18 @ 2:00pm
My ancestor is Chief Benjamin Ben Marshall, born about 1800, the son of "Old Man Marshall", an English/Irish trapper and I believe it was Thomas Marshall and his mother was Hit Skartay. They were Lower Muscogee Creek and i have a lot of information about them on Whenever I put in the term "half-breed" I get a lot of information. They were very wealthy and Benjamin signed several treaties. His brothers were James and Joseph. I believe he had sisters, too, but I haven't looked into that part as much. Ben Marshall helped moved Creeks into Alabama/Arkansas and died some time during the civil war
Dru Van Doren Dru Van Doren has a question!
February 17 @ 11:34pm
I'm feeling so overwhelmed by the DNA 'stuff' - I feel like the information I need is there, I just can't quite parse it :( Can anyone help guide me in the proper direction? My line that I am sure of is: Joseph Marshall b. 7 June 1792 *unknown where) d. 4 May 1835 Wood County, WV He married Hannah McKinney (1795-1874) in Pennsylvania in Sept 1816, and they moved first to Ohio and then to West Virginia where they had 8 children: 1. William McKinney (1817-1848) 2. Francis James (1818-1887) 3. John Piatt (1821-1844) 4. Eleanor Marshall (1822-?) 5. Robert (Ruth/Rose) (1826-1896) (MY GGFather) 6. Col. Jacob Williamson (1830-1899) 7. David Hezekiah (1831-1896) 8. Hezekiah Bukey (1832-1912) It is my hope that a descendant from one of the other 7 lines will have done DNA and will perhaps help me connect backward from Joseph. Thanks in advance if you can help me connect with the right "Group" of Marshall Family!
Robert James Marshall
February 26 @ 3:30pm
Hi Dru! Do you know whether your relatives are Marshalls from the British Isles, or were Machados who Anglicized their last name to Marshall when coming over to the United States?
Philip Taylor Philip Taylor has a question!
December 27 @ 8:16pm
Is there any evidence that Chief Justice John Marshall is related to Pocahontas?
Raymond Marshall
January 23 @ 11:43pm
I haven't found evidence yet but I believe they are both in my tree.
Karen S Marshall Karen S Marshall
January 9 @ 11:43pm
I have DNA matches to William Obediah Marshall Sr born 1784 in Barnstead, Stratford, New Hampshire. Married 24 Dec 1809 Craftsbury, Orange,Vermont to Mary Polly Drew. Died in 1860 in Dunn county, Wisconsin. Married (2) Dec 1820 in Chardon, Craig's, Ohio to Elizabeth Betsey Rider
Karen S Marshall
January 9 @ 11:51pm
I believe that William Obediah Marshall's parents are John Marshall born about 1754 Barnstead, NH married Meribah Patch in 1779 in Barnstead...he died between 1792 and June 1795 when Meribah married Richard Carsewell ( Caswell) This John Marshall's parents were John Marshall and Elizabeth White....who married in Newington, Rockingham, NH on 4 Oct 1745...and the marriage notice says that this John Marshall was from Portsmouth. Looking for more records about the two John Marshall' I believe that they are connected to George Marshall and Elizabeth they had children with the same names...and were married in NH in 1704.
Anthony Marshall Anthony Marshall
September 3, 2017 @ 8:20pm
Looking for the Marshall family from Isle of Wight,Va to Halifax, NC to Putnam and Pike Counties, Ga.
James Marshall
February 27, 2018 @ 10:24pm
Anthony: I believe this to be my family also. James P. Marshall, Jr. Eatonton, Putnam County, GA
Rufus Marshall
January 5 @ 9:14pm
One of my Marshall lines may or may not be related to the Marshall line you're working on. Do you have y-DNA in this project? Or results in Family Finder? My gg grandfather was Nahor Marshall who lived in Putnam Co, GA, but we have no idea who his parents are.
Jody Marshall Jody Marshall
December 21 @ 3:20pm
I posted this long ago but maybe some never saw it. This shows where yDNA WILL NOT be the same because the woman's name was taken. This clearly happened at other times in the past as well as people assuming surnames of an in-law. This is why autosomal or "familyfinder" is essential.
Robert James Marshall
December 26 @ 4:13pm
I think this applies in my situation, no? My family name (Teixeira Machado) goes down to my g-g-grandfather. Then it takes a right hand turn and comes from his mother because the father was apparently "pai incognito" (father unknown - Açores). Through yDNA matches it "looks" like I get my yDNA from Antony Sizer, who was in the Açores back in the 1700s, or some branch which comes close to Anthony. But, the family name we're using is from the g-g-g-grandmother's line. :-(
Mattie Abraham
December 29 @ 10:41am
Robert, Looks like you've done a great job in working on the paternal name changes in your family. Since I am currently working on the NPE that occurred with the conception of my husband's great grandfather, I can testify that it is often very difficult to work from the clues provided by Y-DNA tests. I agree with Jody that autosomal DNA work is necessary. and there are many good tools out there to enhance working with autosomal DNA. Good work!
Jody Marshall Jody Marshall
December 21 @ 3:07pm
me multiangulating on people off of Gen. William Henry indian trader "Old John" Secretary to Indian Comission Indian Agent at Logansport Marshal. His wife Betsy (Elizabeth) LENNI LENAPE -Delaware Wilaquenaho Ketchum
Jody Marshall Jody Marshall
December 21 @ 3:02pm
me multiangulating on people off of Mark Marshall in the other i-m233 group
Jody Marshall
December 21 @ 3:03pm
connection is back before 1700
Jody Marshall Jody Marshall
December 21 @ 2:39pm
That is called me multiangulating with others off of : Richard Marshall , MOTHER: Mary Boswell from the other I-m223 haplogroup There is a Matchmaker tool in these groups that uses GEDMATCH. I suggest you use both and if you do not have autosomal, do that. I am also developing a page that uses this tool specific to the name. Let's get things done.
Jody Marshall
December 21 @ 2:44pm
connection is back before 1700