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It is hoped that many male Marshall's with two or three known direct male Marshall ancestors will come forward for testing. Using this large data base it is hoped that kinship connections can be made that cannot otherwise occur due to missing documentation. For an example, there were two Marshall's that arrived in Southeast Alabama about the same time both from South Carolina. If a Y-chromosome DNA match from direct male descendants of both men is found, it can be determined they have a common ancestor then conventional research can continue to locate the common father. However, if the match is not there, the two families can move on and spend their time and money looking for other kin.

We now have our first connection of two Marshall families that before DNA testing were not able to prove a common ancestor. Having test results with a 24 of 25 marker match and through additional research prompted by these results the two Marshall families have found a common ancestor in the early 1700's. The two testees are Kit Numbers 17798 and 27215.

We have also now located a direct male descendant of Chief Justice John Marshall for testing and his test results are now posted.