I-M223 Y-DNA Haplogroup

ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup I2a1b1 (was I2a2a & earlier I2b1)
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About us

The I-M223 Haplogroup* is currently (26 January 2021) defined by following SNP statuses:

1.0 - M223 Founders - members who tested only 12 STR markers and their groups are not recognized

AA - Ancient Ancestors   -0.1- M223
AA - Ancient Ancestors   -1.0- M223>FT355000* (Group 1)
AA - Ancient Ancestors   -2.0- M223>P222* (Group 2)

AB - Basics Pioneer    -0.1- M223>P222>Y6098*, S20825*, SK1254/S9403*
AB - Basics1                 -1.0- M223>P222>S20825, S9403>S12377*
AB - Basics2                 -2.0- M223>P222>S20825, S9403>Y6099*

AD - Division Pioneer -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616*

BA - Border Pioneer    -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071* (Pioneer 1)

BB - Roots Pioneer    -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003*
BC - Roots                   -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003>L1229*
BC - Roots911            -1.0- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003>L1229>S18331*

BD - Roots 811           -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003>L1229>Z2069>Z2059>Z2068>Z2054*
BE - Roots912            -0.1- M223>,,,>BY1003>L1229>Z2069>Z2059>Z2068>Z2054>Y4746>FGC15109>FGC15105>Y4332,FGC15106, BY18*

BG - Isles Pioneer      -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>M284*
BH - Isles E                 -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>M284>L1195>Y3709>L1193*                                                                (E -> English clade)
BL - Isles Limbo         -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>M284>L1195>L126*
BN - Isles Sc/Ire          -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>M284>L1195>L126>FGC20063>FT2393>S7753/Y4171*              (Sc/Ire -> Scottish-Irish clade)
BP - Isles Sc/Ire          -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>M284>L1195>L126>FGC20063>FT2393>S7753>Y4142>Y4751*
BR - Isles Sc/Ire          -10-  M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>M284>L1195>L126>FGC20063>FT2393>S7753>Y4142>Y4751* - further part of the BP group classification

CA - Continental Pioneer -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057* (Pioneer 2)

CC - Cont3          -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>PF6894, L701, L702*
CC - Cont3a        -1.0- M223>...>L702>S12991*
CC - Cont3b        -2.0- M223>...>L702>S22311*

CD - Cont2          -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161*
CF - Cont2vc       -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>S21760*
CG - Cont2ve      -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>BY3797*
CN - Cont2un     -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575*
CP - Cont2pa     -0.1- M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Y167771*

CS  - Cont2x        -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>predictedZ170*, Z165*
CT  - Cont2f         -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>Y36144*
CU  - Cont2d       -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>Y16963*
CV  - Cont2b        -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS1977*
CW - Cont2a       -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS6433*
CX  - Cont2a       -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS6433>S2364*
CY  - Cont2to1    -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS6433>S2364>S2361*
CZ  - Cont1         -0.1- M223>...>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS6433>S2364>S2361>Z185>Z180>L1198*, Z166*

The I-M223 Haplogroup* is currently (17 February 2015) defined by following SNP statuses:

1- M223
1.1- S9403/SK1254, Y6098, Y6126
1.1.1- L1228 (Basics2) L1227 (Basics2 Group D)
1.1.2- Y6099, Y6127 (Basics1 - B1719/YCA=17-19)
1.2- Y4450, CTS1535, CTS9139, CTS11271
1.2.1- CTS616, CTS9183 Y3721, Y4745, Y4757, Y4758, Y4759 Z2057, Z2093, FGC15077/Y3670 (Basics3) V4108 (Basics 3 Group 1) Y7240, Y7838 (Basics 3) K439 (Basics 3 Group 2a) S27719 (Basics 3 Group 2b) L1229, S9680, Z2055, Z2056, Z2101, Y3671 (Roots 911,Roots Group 2/446 = 9) S18331, Y4915 Roots (Group 2a) S8171 L1230 (Roots Group 2a1/446 = 9, 531 = 11) Y6512, S13830 Y3681, Z2058, Z2069, Z2077, Z2102 Z2059, Z2079  (Roots 911 Group 2c) S11170, Z17973, S18743, S21775, S22822, Y22031, Y22032, Y22950, Y22951, Y22952 Z2054, Z2068, Y3672, Y3673, Y3675, Y3682,Y4717 (Roots Group 1/446 = 8) L812/S391, Y5307, Y5315, Y5319 (Roots 811Group 1a/446 = 8, 438 = 8) Y5308, Y5309, Y5310, Y5311, Y5312, Y5313, Y5314,Y5316, Y5317, Y5318 L319 (Roots 811 Group 1a1/446 = 8, 438 = 8) Y13008 BY525/Y11054, Y10648, Y10649, Y10650, Y10651, Y10652, Y10653, Y10654, Y11049, Y11050, Y11051, Y11053, Y11055, Y11056, Y11057, Y11058, Y11059, Y11060, Y11061, Y11062, Y11063, Y11064 (Roots 811 Group 1c) Y11046, Y11047, Y11048, Y11052 Y7244, Y7245, Y7246, Y7254, Y7541, Y7542, Z9335 Y29664, Y29665, Y30902, Y30903, Y30904, Y30905, Y30906, Y30906, Y30907, Y30908, Y30909, Y30910, Y30911, Y30912, Y30913, Y30914, P53.3, F590 (Roots 811 Group 1d2/446=8, 438=10) Y7243, Y7247, Y7248, Y7249, Y7250, Y7253, Y7255, Y7256, Y7257, Y7540, Y7543 (Roots 811 Group 1d1) BY138 (Roots 811 Group 1b1, Group 1b2) Y13321 S17820 Y4332, Y4334/FGC15106, Y4335, Y4336, Y4337, Y4732, Y4853, BY18 (Roots 912 Group 2b/446=9, 531=12) Y4760, Y4761, Y4855 (Roots 912 Group 2b1) FGC57449 FGC57447 Y4725/FGC15135, Y4731/FGC15124, Y4854/FGC15137 (Roots 912 Group 2b2) Y4714/FGC15128, Y4715/FGC15140, Y4716/FGC15141,Y4718/FGC15130, Y4719/FGC15131, Y4720/FGC15142, Y4721/FGC15134,  Y4726/FGC15115, Y4727/FGC15120, Y4728,Y4729/FGC15122, Y4730/FGC15123, Y12543/FGC15133 Y12542, Y12544 Y4723/FGC15139, Y4724/FGC15136 Y4722/FGC15138 M284, Y3686, Y4137, CTS4544 (Isles, Isles Pioneer Group1) Y10626, Y10627, Y10628, Y10629, Y10630, Y10631, Y10632 L1195, Y3687, Y3689, Y3693, Y3694, Y3699, Y3701, Y3703, Y3704, Y3715, Y3720, Y4138, Y4162 (Isles Pioneer Group 2) L1193, Y3709, Y3710 (Isles English) Y3684, Y3685,Y3706, Y3707, Y3712, Y3713, Y3714, Y3716, Y3717, Y3719, Y6020, Y6024, Y6025, Y6026, Y6028, Y6029 L1194 (Isles E group 1) Y5996, Y5997, Y5998, Y5999, Y6000, Y6001, Y6002, Y6003, Y6004, Y6005, Y6006, Y6007, Y6008, Y6009, Y6010, Y6011, Y6012, Y6013, Y6014, Y6015, Y6016, Y6017, Y6018, Y6019, Y6021, Y6022, Y6023, Y6027 (Isles E group 2) Y4180, Y4989 L126, L137, L369, S10965, Y4139, Y4143/FGC20066, Y4144, Y4145, Y4147, Y4149, Y4152, Y4154, Y4155, Y4161, Y4173 (Isles Limbo) S7753/Y4717/FGC20048, F2696, Y4136, Y4140, Y4142, Y4151, Y4153, Y4159, Y4733 (Isles Scots, Isles Irish) Y8701 Y4751 Y4752, Y4753 Y4750 Y5673 Y11246, Y11247, S15280 Y6302 A824/Y11197 Y8599, Y9267, Y9268, Y9269, Y10704 Y8600, Y8601, Y8602, Y9270 Y10655, Y10656, Y10657, Y10658, Y11029, Y11030, Y11031, Y11032 Y12339, Y12340 Y7190, Y7191, Y7192, Y7193, Y7194, Y7195, Y7196, Y7470, Y7471, Y7472, Y7473, Y7474, Y7475, Y7476, L361 CTS10057, CTS10100/V3945, CTS6414, S6517, Z175, Z184 (Continental) L701, L702, PF6894, PF6897 (Cont3) P78, L484, L1443, Y4864, Y6397 (Cont3a) S25733 A427 S23612, Y4884 YFS17153/Y5360, Y5359 Y5369 S10702, Y6396 Y11261 Y7219
, Y7505 Y7214, Y7506, Y8944 Y8945, Y9386, Y9416 Y9389 L699, L703, PF6896, PF6899, PF6902, Y5608 (Cont3b) S12195, S21579, Y5669, Y5672 (Cont3b) Y6973, BY159/Y6996, Y7005 (Cont3b G1) Y10677, Y10695 L704, Y4005, Y7637, Y7638, Y7639, Y7640, Y7642, Y7643, Y7645, Y7646, Y7648, Y7650, Y8539, Y8540, Y8542, Y8543, Y8544, Y8547, Y8549, Y8550, Y8553, Y8554, Y8555, Y8556, Y8557, Y8558, Y8561, Y8562, Y8564, Y8565, Y8568, Y8570, Y8572, Y8576, Y8577, Y8579, Y8580 (Cont3b1) L1226, YP332 (Cont3b1a)
Y7641, Y7644, Y7647, Y7649, Y7651, Y7652, Y8541, Y8545, Y8546, Y8548, Y8552, Y8559, Y8560, Y8563, Y8566, Y8567, Y8569, Y8571, Y7573, Y8574, Y8575, Y8578, Y8581, Y9130 L700 (Cont3b1b) Z161, Z189/S330, CTS4053/S2382 (Cont2) L801/S390, Z76, Z183, Z2198, CTS2392, S2357, Y3249, Y4922 (Cont2X) CTS6433 (Cont2a, Cont2to1) S2364/FGC3622 (Cont2to1) S2361, Y4442, Z167 Y9161 Z78, Z171, S14170 (Cont1-X) CTS8584 Z185 (Cont1-XXX) Z180 (Cont1-XXXX) L1198 (Cont1 Groups 1 and 1a) Z166 (Cont1 Group 2) S20905 Z190 (Cont1b, Cont1c) Z79, Y5283, CTS7681 (Cont1c1) Y5729 Y7682 Y5550 Y7280, Y7281, Y7818, Y7819 (Cont1c) PF6654 (Cont1c2) Y6060 (Cont1d) Y5748, Y6059 Y7272, Y7820, Y7821 F3195/PF1806 Y7273, Y7667, Y8702 Y7668, Y7681 P195.2 (Cont1e) PF5268 (Cont1f) ZS20/Y4925, S8112, S16783, Y4923/FGC17375, Y4924/FGC17400, Y4927/FGC17379, Y4928, FGC17371 (Cont2a Group 3) CTS661/L1272, CTS7493/S4901, Y5714, Y5715, Y5716, Y5722 (Cont2a Group 3a) Y5717, Y5718, Y5719, Y5720, Y5721, Y5723, Y5724, Y5725, Y5726, Y5727, Y5728, Y5738 FGC17382/Y6876, FGC17383, FGC17389/Y6883 S8104, S8105, Y6875/FGC17380, Y6877/FGC17395, Y6878/FGC17376, Y6879/FGC17381, Y6880/FGC17385, Y6881/FGC17389, Y6882/FGC17390, Y6884, FGC17393, FGC17396 Y4955 (Cont2a Group 9) Y5695, Y5698, Y5699 (Cont2a Group 9a) Y7263, Y7910 (Cont2a Group 9a1) Y7265,Y7902 Y5692, Y6239 (Cont2a Group 9a2) Y10659, Y10660, Y10670 (Cont2a Group 9b Y5561 PF3292 (Cont2a Group 2) CTS7010 (Cont2a Group 2a) L1425, S12606, S17264, S17778,
S25383, Y4764, Y4768, Y4770, Y4778, Y4779, Y6871 (Cont2a Group 1) CTS5332/PF7472 (Cont2a Group 1a) S25451 (Cont2a Group 1b) Y4769, Y4777 (Cont2a Group 1c) Y7426, Y7154 FGC30158, FGC30159, FGC30160, SK1258 CTS1977, CTS636, S12077, S25248, Y4945, Y4946 (Cont2b) Y5282 (Cont2b Group 3) S8522, Y11229, Y11230 (Cont2b Group 3a) P95 (Cont2b Group 3a1) L1201 (Cont2b Group 3c) CTS1858, CTS1194, CTS11123, CTS11537, Y7146, Y7147, Y7148, Y7149, Y7150, Y7151, Y7399, Y7400 (Cont2b Group 3b DYS578=9) CTS10148 (Cont2b Group 3b1) Y11762 (Cont2b Group 3b2) Y11763, Y11764 Y11774 Y7152, S16196, Y7835 (Cont2b Group 1) BY526/Y8935, Y8936, Y10982, Y10983 (Cont2b Group 2) L1317, L1290 (Cont2d) Y8830, Y8831, Y8832, Y8833, Y8834 Y7202, Y7844 (Cont2X) L623, L147.4 (Cont2c) CTS11871/S3673, Y5188, Y5328 (Cont2e)
Y10671, Y10672, Y10673, Y10674, Y10675, Y10676, Y5458

Some SNPs have only been found in a single person (L319) or a family (PAGES00052) and for the time being have been included in their parent group. Another singleton M379 has not been included as we do not have enough information to place it within the M223 tree.

Under investigation: FGC15078, FGC15106, PF3292, PF5268, PF6654, S11506, S12606, S16266, S17264, S25383, S25451, Z171, Z187, ZS21, Y5561.

The Project Administrator always recommends that Project Members spend $39 to know for sure their terminal SNP. If they are not interested in testing more STR markers at the moment, at least they will be able to immediately apply the results they have so far to their research if they know their terminal SNP. Separately testing individual STR markers to still have to guess whether one is positive or negative for a given SNP is actually more expensive than testing the SNP itself. This guessing will also have damaging effects on one's genealogical research. We all know that research time is precious and we'd rather not waste it on Ghost Most Recent Common Ancestors who never actually existed.

In general, SNP recommendations are made at the headings of specific subgroups. You will find your subgroup by doing a search for your kit number or surname in our Project Results page. Simply test the SNP at the end of your subgroup header tag and, if negative, follow the heading backwards until you find your terminal SNP. For example, take the subgroup Cont2b Group1. The tag reads: M223>....>Z161>L801, Z76, Z183>CTS1977>Y5282>S8522>P95 which is a shortened version for M223>Y4450>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>L801, Z76, Z183>CTS1977>Y5282>S8522>P95. If you were Cont2b Group 3a1, you would test P95. If negative, you would then test S8522, if negative, then test Y5282, if negative, then CTS1977, if negative, then either Z183 or CTS6433. Once you get a positive result, you know that is your branch or terminal SNP for the time being, until new discoveries are made. Only individuals who share your terminal SNP should be considered in your genealogical research. Knowing your terminal SNP will go a long way in terms of determining who is actually related to you. Big Y testing followed by analysis of the raw data BAM file with YFull.com or Full Genomes Corp. will certainly help to find SNPs relevant to your family's genealogical records time line. Please read this post for more information.

As researchers, we tend to get impatient because we don't get any close matches. That is not anyone's fault - it simply has to do with how rare a specific line of descent is and with how many children belonging to this line have survived to the present. If you cannot find matches, you can either wait until individuals related to you eventually test or you can draft them. We all have similar frustrations and have to find ways to work around them.

Our project has over 2,200 members. As one can easily see, most of these members have different surnames so it is not humanly possible for the project administrators to really aid in private genealogical goals. We guide members in terms of establishing their terminal SNP's, then applying this to their matches and finding clues to their genealogical puzzles this way. And we try to get SNP's that are useful to our community accepted by ISOGG and FT DNA, so they are added to the list of recommended SNP's, more tests can be ordered and more
connections between haplotypes, lineages and surnames may be found.

Please take a look at our
I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project Goals.

* There may be other helpful testing that can be performed. Please contact the administrator for further guidance.