I-M223 Y-Haplogroup

ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup I2a2a (was I2b1)
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About us

This project is dedicated to the DNA study of persons testing positive for the M223 SNP or predicted as such. This currently places us in the sub-haplogroup I-M223 or I2a2a (previously known as I2b1) of Haplogroup I.

The I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project will provide Researchers and I-M223 Project Members with an organized layout of project results with project members assigned to proper subclades, which are defined by specific SNP's. The assignment of members to subclades will be done in accordance with the Cullen/Nordtvedt predictive tool but mainly FT DNA SNP testing results and analysis of Big Y bam files by YFull and Full Genomes Corp (FGC).

As Project Administrators, we are doing our best to make everyone's genealogical research easier by organizing these SNP's and understanding the history of the I-M223 Haplogroup. Eventually we will arrive at a point where we can match specific SNP's to specific surnames going all the way back on the SNP tree to the emergence of M223. Actually we have arrived at this now with the Big Y testing at FTDNA and the Y sequencing at Full Genomes Corp. Results are being analysed by YFull.com and also Full Genomes Corp. We will then have both a historical and geographical understanding of this haplogroup and all the human beings who have belonged to it. Because we know how valuable all this information is, we cannot be dissuaded from this goal.

We know this project is on the right path. The I-M223 tree is incredibly old, and our surviving lines are much, much older than in the I1 Haplogroup, for example. In other words, we can expect a much more complex tree. In March of 2011, we had only six known SNP's downstream from M223. Look at how many we have now! We are working with ISOGG and FT DNA to get this new knowledge officially recognized. It will be beneficial to everyone who is M223+.

As you can see, we are on the right path to accomplish our goal: match specific SNP's to specific surnames going all the way back on the SNP tree to the emergence of M223, several thousand years ago.

Join us in this Age of Genetic Discoveries!

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