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ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup I2a2a (was I2b1)
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Joel Hutto Joel Hutto
June 15 @ 7:20pm
I ordered the I-M223 SNP pack and today’s results put into the I-Y13948 Haplogroup. Can someone please tell me what this means and is there something else I should do now? My Kit number is 56942
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Wade Kotter
June 15 @ 10:52pm
Joel, I see that there is a bit of controversy, sometimes heated, over the geographical origin of the Hutto surname. Some suggest Germany and relate it to the very common German surname Otto. Others suggest it originated in England and relate it to the prominent English surname Hutton which has an Anglo-Saxon etymology. And, finally, at least one blog poster insists that it's of Austrian and not German origin (I'm not sure that distinction is all that useful). Have you done or are you aware of any research that clarifies this? I find it intriguing for some unknown reason. Your assignment in this project to the "Cont2to1 Group 3a" certainly suggests a continental European origin for your haplogroup and thus, possibly, for your surname as well.
Jørgen Kanters
June 17 @ 8:51am
Joel You are part of the cont2a haplogroup (CTS6433). Y13948 is formed in the bronze age. It is likely a north western haplogroup . Many people in here. Hopefully BigY would dissect it further
Joel Hutto
June 22 @ 10:25pm
Wade I know exactly where the name is from :) I have the line back to the 1600s. It is from neither Hutton nor Otto, nor is it Austrian.
Jørgen Kanters
3 hours ago
Then You still need 1600 years more back to your ancestor who had Y13948 mutated ;-) Could be very interesting to see Your most far cousin in bigY
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Gregory McGowan Gregory McGowan
15 hours ago
Wayne, et al My YFull report is in and I do not seem to know much more than I knew two months ago. I also posted this same message at YFull. I posted here so that others that are following this effort can see the discussion. Greg McGowan, an Aiken descendent. YFull Batch YF09408
Michael MacAvoy Michael MacAvoy has a question!
Yesterday at 12:23am
I have had both my autosomal and my YDNA37 done and have up loaded the results to this group. My kit number is 486014. The YDNA results predicted my Haplogroup is I-M223. The 37 STRs tested, I assume give me a genetic distance from the others on your data base. How many SNPs were tested and how does that refine relationships and genetic distances to others. How do I determine my terminal SNP.
Wayne Roberts
Yesterday at 6:00am
Michael, have you looked at your placement within the Y-DNA Results spreadsheet? You have been listed in the group: M223>...>L126>S7753>Y4142>Y4751* (Isles Irish - Y4751) -confirmed Y4751+, test Big Y because another MacAvoy/McAvoy has tested positive for the SNP Y4751 mutation. It is most likely he/you are a sub-branch of I-Y4751 that has not been documented by SNPs as yet or you may be lucky and match some SNPs of others that have already tested Big Y. There may be an SNP Pack released soon or you may have to test Big Y to find your downstream terminal SNPs.
Michael MacAvoy Michael MacAvoy has a question!
Yesterday at 12:25am
You have alerted me to new matches on my DNA37 but I cannot locate them. Where do I look?
Wayne Roberts
Yesterday at 5:54am
Michael, you need to look at the match date to see the most recent. As you are in Isles Scots/Irish, you will see matches with many others because the mutations took place within the last 2000 years or less.
Cailin Lucas Cailin Lucas has a question!
June 22 @ 1:07am
Hi! I manage the Account for new group member Cailin Lucas, who is my male first cousin. What information do I need to share about him as part of this group, please?
Wayne Roberts
June 22 @ 11:47pm
Hello Megan and welcome to you and and your cousin Cailin. Nice to have another Aussie here too. Cailin is most likely part of our Continental 1 sector so I have placed him in grouping Cont1d2a. He is most likely derived (+) for the SNP, BY3100. The I-BY3100 branch of the I-M223 SNP Y-Tree has several sub-branches, two of which have been identified through Big Y testing and named. These are I-BY15564 and I-Y29608. The estimated age of the I-BY3100 branch is 2600 to 1200 years before present and most likely formed in the Britain (England) while it's parent branch I-Y7273 appears it may have formed in Scotland.
Peter Jensen Peter Jensen
June 11 @ 1:09pm
Challenge: Donate $5 (or more) to the fund for this project!
Joseph Young
June 12 @ 11:54am
Just got my donation in. This is a great way to say thanks for all the help. Peter Jensen you have started a good thing. Hope we can keep it going.
Wayne Roberts
June 20 @ 6:09pm
We are now up to $350 in the I-M223 Project Fund. Many thanks to all those that have donated to the Fund. If you see it drop down a little, I've probably used a little to order SNP tests for members we wish to sort out and place on the Y-tree.
Jörg Keller
June 22 @ 3:10am
Donation made!
RIchard Reeder
June 22 @ 7:17pm
Done :)
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Johannes Forrer Johannes Forrer
June 21 @ 1:28pm
Thanks Wayne for updating DNA results for I-SK1258 families. Your, and the work done by other volunteers, are always appreciated.
Wayne Roberts
June 21 @ 10:01pm
I have ordered SK1258 for Thomas J. Roberts (no relation) as I think he will be positive. If so, he will also bring a number of other surnames into the group that his Y-DNA matches.
Jörg Keller
June 22 @ 3:02am
I agree, Johannes! Good to see "our" I-SK1258 family grow!
June 20 @ 6:03pm
Query. Back in April my husband had ordered the I-M223 SNP pack to add on to his 111 marker test. I have received no notifications of the results being completed. However today, when I signed into his account I noticed that his haplogroup is now listed as I-Z180. Is this correct? Can anyone please verify for me if the SNP pack results are complete? His kit number is 506029 Matthew Von Stetina. - If everything is correct, can someone also point me in a few directions in order to get a better understanding about I-Z180. Thank you in advance.
Wayne Roberts
June 20 @ 8:39pm
Yes, the SNP Pack test has been completed though sometime the results can be posted before notification is sent out. His result of I-Z180 means he has not been found to be derived for any of the known SNP branches downstream of the I-Z180 node where SNPs were included in the Pack, The I-Z180 node is interesting as we see here that a mutation took place at STR marker DYS533 from 12 to 11 repeats with the SNP mutations Z166 and or L1198. As Matthew does not have these, he represent a new sub-branch downstream of the I-Z180 node that is parallel to the other main sub-branch of I-Z166 / I-L1198. To date we have two members of I-Z180* that have tested Big Y and both appear to represent separate new downstream SNP branches, Matthew's Y-DNA matches are rather confusing as he has no matches at 111 markers, then at 67 markers he has matches with many that are downstream of I-Z166, I-L1198, so clearly they are not close, sharing the common Z180+ ancestor some 3800 to 2400 years ago. If he was to undertake the Big Y test during a future sale, it would reveal his downstream SNP locations, which may or may not match some of those found for either Reeder or Seizilles de Mazancourt. This is all new territory waiting to be discovered. Have a look at his placement in the the group on the Y-DNA Results page and see those others that are I-Z180* and compare the STR marker mutations.