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I-M223 Y-Haplogroup

ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup I2a2a (was I2b1)
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About us

I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project is for males that have tested or are predicted M223+ and subgroups. I-M223 was known as I2b1 and is now known as I2a2a by ISOGG. Sub-haplogroups include I-CTS10057, I-CTS11871, I-CTS2392, I-CTS1958, I-CTS1977, I-CTS616, I-CTS6433, I-CTS661, I-F3195, I-L1193, I-L1194, I-L1195, I-L1198, I-L1201, I-L1226, I-L1227, I-L1228, I-L1229, I-L1230, I-L126, I-L1272, I-L137, I-L369, I-L1425, I-L623, I-L699, I-L700, I-L701, I-L702, I-L703, I-L704, I-L801, I-L812, I-M284, I-P195, I-P53, I-P78, I-P95, I-PF6894, I-PF6896, I-S7753, I-Y4955, I-Y5282, I-Y6060, I-Z161, I-Z166, I-Z171, I-Z180, I-Z183, I-Z185, I-Z190, I-Z2054, I-Z78, I-Z79, I-ZS20.