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Jones Y-DNA

Y-DNA, autosomal DNA, mtDNA - all Jones descendants welcome!
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About us


June 2017

Due to the enormous amount of time and effort required to support collection and posting of pedigree information for all project members, the focus of the project will return to Y-DNA.  Most Distant Ancestor information will be required for new Y-DNA participants.    Family Finder tested people are welcome to join for the purpose of using the Advanced Matches feature to check for matches within the project.

Jan 2016
- We retooled the About pages on our FTDNA pages.
- We setup our own project web site,, and a pedigree browser feature.
- We started collecting/publishing member pedigrees. As of Jan 27, we have 25 already.

Dec 2015
- End of year summary:
(1) We currently have over 600 members in our Y-DNA group.
(2) We currently have 25 members in our new Autosomal group.
(3) We currently have 171 members in our new FB group.
- Notice:
People who have tested with Ancestry, GeneTree or Sorensen's SMGF are allowed to join FamilyTreeDNA for a small nominal fee. Their DNA results can be uploaded. For another small fee, other alleles will be tested to give the new members full access to the Group. The $19 will provide a Personal Page but they will not have full benefits as members do. Please spread the news.
- We sent out emails to all Y-DNA members who don't have a Y-37 STR tests as a minimum. We ideally need at least that test to establish their family grouping.
- We set up a new Autosomal Jones FTDNA group:
- We sent out an email blast to Jones named FTDNA members telling them about our 2 FTDNA groups
- We have been running strong collaboration programs within our FB group helping people know about holiday coupons and other promotions.

Nov 2015
- We reformatted the Y-DNA Group chart to establish family groupings based on STR results.
- We added Jane as a Y-DNA Admin.

Oct 2015
- We set up a page on Facebook for the Jones Surname Group:
- We added Zak as a Y-DNA Admin.