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Jones Y-DNA

Y-DNA, autosomal DNA, mtDNA - all Jones descendants welcome!
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About us

The Jones Y-DNA Project is a Y-DNA focused project, however, Family Finder tested people are welcome to join for purpose of searching for matches with the project.

For Y-DNA participants:

If you are newly tested or newly joined, you will be placed in a group as quickly as possible. Placement is based on what we see in your Y-DNA Matches list. You can determine what group you've been place in by finding your kit on the Classic Results page of the project. It's big, so give it time to load. If you have questions regarding your grouping, feel free to contact us.

Also, Project Administrators are barraged with match notifications from the project and can't possibly look at all new matches. If you receive a new match that you think might be significant, but don't fully understand it, please contact us.

If you do have significant matches not in the project, whether they are Jones or not, feel free to invite them to join. We're happy to create a new family grouping if you are currently unmatched and get a new match with a non-project member.

For Family Finder participants:

Using the Advanced Matches function allows you to check for Family Finder matches within the project and perhaps identify Jones relatives. See the Background tab for instructions if you don't know how.

If you're on Facebook, please join us for open discussion!

Jones Surname Facebook Group

[Disclaimer] Our project, its members, and administrators have no expertise in genetic studies and has not independently verified the claims of Family Tree DNA, so do not take responsibility for any results or disclosures of private information that may arise as a result of participation in this project. Participation is welcome, but strictly voluntary and each participant should satisfy himself as to issues of reliability and confidentiality, as neither this group (Jones Y-DNA) nor the administrators of this project are making any representations or assurances.