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About us

Jones Y-DNA Project 

For all Joneses including surname variations like: Johnes, Ap Jones, etc.

Here's some helpful information....


1) Optimize your privacy settings; if you don't make this change below, you won't be able to see your results in the results table without logging into your account.  There's a great article on this topic here:

Step 1: Login to your kit
Step 2: Click on your name in the upper right, and click "Privacy Settings" 
Step 3: Set "Anyone" for "Who can view my DNA results in group projects?" and click Save.
Step 4: Set "Project Members" for "Who can view my Most Distant Ancestor?" and click Save.

2) Fill in your Paternal Line MDA

Step 1: Login to your kit
Step 2: Click on your name in the upper right, and click "My Profile"
Step 3: In the Earliest Known Ancestor section, click "Edit Earliest Known Ancestors"
Step 4: Set your Direct Paternal Most Distant Ancestor squeezing as much information as you can into the 50 characters.  Try to include some dates and geography.   Forego punctuation to get relevant data in.

William Jones b 1614 Somerset,Eng d 1694 Boston,MA
                  Hezekiah Jones mid-1700s Chester Co., PA

- Step 5:  Click Save.

 Set a Kit Beneficiary  -- Please be sure to assign a beneficiary for your kit if you would like your DNA to remain a possible help to the project after  you have "moved on."   Note that if you don't have an interested party to name, please contact a project administrator.

Step 1: Login to your kit
- Step 2: Click on your name in the upper right, and click "Account Settings"
Step 3: Click on the "Beneficiary Information" tab     
Step 4: Enter the information and click Save.

4) Adjust your match and email settings -
If you are getting inundated with things like 12 Marker Match notifications, you can turn them off.

Step 1: Login to your kit
- Step 2: Click on your name in the upper right, and click "Account Settings"
Step 3: Click on the Match and Email Settings option directly under the Contact Information tab 
Step 4: Uncheck the matches and notification you do not want, and click Save at the bottom.

Note:  Which matches and notifications you want and don't want will very greatly depending on the nature of your results.   If you have pages and pages of 12 and 25 markers, you'll want to turn those off.   If you have very few matches, you can leave them on.    


Here is how you can check for matches among other FTDNA Jones project members.

Step 1: login to your kit
Step 2: click on the orange "Advanced Matches" option under one of the DNA test sections on the right side of your dashboard
Step 3: select the  DNA test checkbox for the type of matches you'd like to check
Step 4: choose "Jones" in the  "Show Matches For:" drop-down
Step 5: click "Run Report"

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We have hundreds of savvy Jones researchers in this group already. Many of which are members of our FTDNA project. No question is too silly for our group. We're happy to assess your results, give ideas on how to research and interpret your DNA results, explain the difference between STR's and SNP's, help you understand your haplotree, give advice about sales/costs/services of different services/products/sites out there, etc.


We generally use funds for Y37 tests -- for those without financial means to pay on their own. However, special requests can be made too. Contact us for further details.

IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Our project, its members, and administrators have no expertise in genetic studies and have not independently verified the claims of Family Tree DNA, so do not take responsibility for any results or disclosures of private information that may arise as a result of participation in this project. Participation is welcome, but strictly voluntary and each participant should satisfy himself as to issues of reliability and confidentiality, as neither this group (Jones Y-DNA) nor the administrators of this project are making any representations or assurances.