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Jones Y-DNA

Male Joneses - trace your paternal ancestry here!

About us

We are the Official Worldwide Jones DNA Project for ALL Joneses including surname variations like: John, Johnes, Ap Jones, etc. We host five separate initiatives: (1) an FTDNA Y-DNA group, (2) an FTDNA Autosomal group, (3) a Facebook group, (4) our own private web site,, which includes a pedigree browser, and (5) a new WikiTree one name study initiative.

The Y-DNA Jones Group

This group is strictly a Y-DNA project for matching purposes.

For this group: any test-taking participant of our Y-DNA project must be a MALE, who descends in an unbroken male-to-male line from a Jones-surnamed male ancestor (including variant surnames). Females don't carry the Y-DNA we need for for our project. However, we warmly invite anyone to have the male Joneses in their lines take such tests -- and be their representatives if need be. (Conversely, everyone is welcome to join our Autosomal group regardless of gender so long as they’re descended from a Jones ancestor.)

Are you interested in joining our Y-DNA group? Here is how you can.

PLEASE READ before making a new join request:
(1) Additional requests don’t help the process go faster.
(2) Please include some background information (ie: birth year, birth location, how you are related) about your most distant paternal line Jones ancestor within your join request.

Have you already done an autosomal test outside of FTDNA? You may transfer your existing results so that you can compare your markers with our extensive database!

- Our Jones Y-DNA Chart
- Our colorized Jones Y-DNA Chart

Are you on Facebook? So are we!

(1) We recommend that all Y-DNA project members perform a Y37 test as a minimum. We need at least this test to establish which family group you fall into in our Y-DNA charts.
(2) We also recommend that all our project members file any autosomal test results they may have -- with GedMatch.
(3) PLEASE REMEMBER - all our Administrators are volunteers!

Zak Jones and Jane Gilbert