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About us

This is a yDNA surname project for men named HOURIHAN, HORGAN, HANRAHAN, HOURAN or or their close variations. Autosomal DNA tests and haplogroup results do not qualify. Female relatives, autosomal transfer or FTDNA Family Finder testers and other non-eligible relatives can Y test an eligible relative and enroll his kit in the project.

BEFORE CLICKING JOIN: See the the project FAQ first to learn about eligibility, testing requirements, requirements for proper entry of the tester's name, access levels for the administrators, differences between FTDNA and the project website, differences between participation levels, and the availability of a DNA testing FAQ.

Then - either PROVIDE all the information below in your OWN text - OR - COPY the text below in the yellow box into a text pad application on your computer and complete the questions.

NOW CLICK JOIN. Then - PASTE YOUR COMPLETED TEXT into the join window where it says:

tell us what you know about the line that you are researching, and, if known, the name of the earliest known ancestor, date and location.

THANK YOU for this information!


- Tester's name:

- I am ordering a Y test of 37 markers or more right now
or already have a Y test on order or completed.

- Are you the tester? YES or NO:

- Enter full name if not the tester or N/A:

- Enter your relationship to the tester or N/A:


(Initialize at the bottom) I understand
all the following:

--- Entering the tester's name in the account profile.
--- Granting LIMITED ACCESS to the project administrators
so they can view your data and assign your kit to an
appropriate cluster on the Y results page
--- Differences between FTDNA website and external project
- the latter is NOT FTDNA's
--- Differences in project participation levels - some testers
grant certain permissions to the administrator to publish
results on the external project website
--- A DNA testing FAQ resource is available for new testers
on the external project website.

Add any additional information the project administrator
should understand: