O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, Horan

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About us

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Project Member Expectations

  • 1. Read our Q & A for more on testing and project management before emailing the administrators.
  • 2. Add our project administrator emails to your address book before emailing us. If our emails bounce because your spam blocker rejected them, we assume you don't want to hear from us.
  • 3. Y-DNA testers must provide a sample from a male named O'HOURIHANE, HARRIGAN, HORGAN, HAN(D)RAHAN, HORAN, or a project-relevant related surname. Order at minimum the "Y-DNA 37 marker" test. 67 or 111 marker tests are better.
  • 4. Configure your FTDNA account to be project and match-friendly:
    • i. Click the gray cog icon (upper right) after you log in to access your account settings. Click myAccount | Surnames and fill in the surnames in your lineage.
    • ii. Click myAccount | Most Distant Ancestors and add information about your earliest known direct paternal and maternal ancestors as precisely as you can.
    • iii. Construct a GEDCOM file for your matches to view. Not everyone has an account at Ancestry.com and can view your tree there:
      • -- To export your family tree from Ancestry.com, log into Ancestry and under Family Trees, click the tree you want to export. Under Tree Settings, view Manage Your Tree and click where it says Export Tree.
      • -- You can also use free software programs from MyHeritage Family Tree Builder or GenealogyJ to build a GEDCOM file.
    • iv. Upload your GEDCOM into FamilyTree | myFamilyTree on your FTDNA account home page. In myFamilyTree, click the gray cog icon (lower right) and follow the instructions. Click the gray cog again to adjust your tree's privacy settings, otherwise your matches may not be able to see your tree.
  • 5. Each Y test kit is represented on the project website with its own test kit page. Project members are expected to let us publish their lineage data on the website. (Project administrators maintain the privacy of testers and will not publish your name or the names of living relatives; we can configure your page to meet your privacy needs.) The project administrators can use the GEDCOM uploaded to your FTDNA account as a data source from which to create your test kit page. You may provide us additional narrative and graphics for your test kit page as you wish. Your genealogical data on the project website is important, because site visitors may discover your lineage, which can potentially attract more testers into the project.

Other Ways to Participate

The project needs financial donations to attract/recruit prospective testers !!! The cost of one 37 marker kit mailed overseas is about USD $135 during a test sale. Even small contributions of $5 and $10 would be helpful. If you would like to know more about prospective testers who have been vetted for funding assistance, visit our Testing Candidates page. If there isn't a specific candidate for whom you want to donate, but would like to contribute toward a particular surname group, please specify this in the Notes: field when you donate.  Thanks!

Banner image attribution: Raúl Corral. This image of Ringabella is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.