Hourihane, Horrigan, Hanrahan, and Horan

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About us

Our original mission was to research the HOURIHANE surname. We noted its resemblance to the surnames HANRAHAN, HORRIGAN, and HORAN in genealogy records - all Irish surnames. The project therefore examines all these surnames. We discovered that each surname is genetically distinct from the others, so we got some quick answers within a few years of project launch.

The primary goal of the project is to help men with our project surnames discover their paternal line origins, most of which are assumed to have originate in the British Isles. Our means to achieve that is by collecting and analyzing Y DNA and finding matches and clustering results accordingly. We look first at Y STR data, then incorporate Y SNP data for further guidance.

Our secondary goal is the exploration of the deeper origins of Irish men with these surnames in the context of Irish history. Our means of doing this is to keep abreast of the relevant haplogroup research that can shed light on the origins of Hourihanes, Horrigans, Hanrahans, and Horans.