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Cork Ireland

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Fáilte romhat! Is your County Cork ancestry in your paternal line, your maternal line, somewhere in between, or all of the above? You're in the right place!

Autosomal DNA

Check our FAQ for more information on how to participate in Cork research with your Family Finder / autosomal results. You'll need to be in the appropriate Facebook books and have data on GEDMATCH.


The project breaks out the men in the project with direct paternal line ancestry rooted in Cork into haplogroup clusters. If there are two or more men with the same surname who (by their yDNA) obviously share a common ancestor, they may get broken out into their own cluster, particularly if they are not covered by an adequate surname project. HOURIHANE, a name very local to Cork, is one example of such a surname.

If there are a lot of men sharing a specific surname relevant to Cork, chances are they have their own Y DNA surname project. See our list LINKS for relevant projects. Our list gets regularly updated. There may also be relevant regional and haplogroup projects.


Mitochondrial DNA remains notoriously difficult to "date" in terms of knowing when a common ancestor might have been alive. Our Cork mitochondrial DNA study remains ongoing. The study produces a map, so it is geographically oriented. Over time, as data accumulates, we hope that we'll be able to spot clusters and migrations of certain maternal haplogroups. This might help those of us struggling with our direct maternal line Cork ancestry to narrow down possible geographic origins.

If you have direct maternal line ancestry from County Cork and would like to participate with your data on our geographic map, follow the instructions in the project FAQ to make sure you have the critical information filled in and enabled. mtFull testers should enroll in relevant haplogroup and regional projects. See our list LINKS.

Please post in the Activity Feed if you have any questions.

Thanks again for your interest and WELCOME!