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WELCOME Mr. Hourihane, Mr. Horrigan, Mr. Horan, and Mr. Hanrahan! This is a yDNA Irish surname project for men of Irish ancestry with one of these last names, which have many spelling variations and name changes: Hourahan, Houren, Horgan, Handrahan, etc. Female relatives, autosomal transfer or FTDNA Family Finder testers can enroll a male relative with an eligible last name if they are not themselves eligible.

FUTURE PROJECT MEMBERS. You'll need a Y DNA test of 37, 67, or 111 markers. Check our FAQ for project administration details, etc. Click JOIN on the project banner (upper right) when you are READY to purchase a Y test NOW or have one already.

EXISTING PROJECT MEMBERS. Email Susan if you need help. Please check the FAQ first.

Y TESTING SCHOLARSHIP FOR ELIGIBLE MEN. The project, at its discretion, may fund test kits for exceptionally qualified participants named HOURIHANE or offer to split the costs of a Y test 50/50. Our FAQ has more details.