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WELCOME Mr. Hourihane, Mr. Horrigan, Mr. Horan, and Mr. Hanrahan! This is a yDNA Irish surname project for men of Irish ancestry with one of these last names, which have many spelling variations and name changes: Hourahan, Houren, Horgan, Handrahan, etc. Female relatives, autosomal transfer or FTDNA Family Finder testers can enroll the Y test account of a male relative with an eligible last name. This is *NOT* the Houlihane or Hallaghan project!

FUTURE PROJECT MEMBERS. You'll need a Y DNA test of 37, 67, or 111 markers. 37 is okay initially but 67 and 111 are recommended so that your results can be more extensively analyzed. Check our FAQ for project administration details, etc. Click JOIN on the project banner (upper right) when you are READY to purchase a Y test NOW or have one already.

This is *NOT* a Family Finder, mtDNA, or haplogroup project. Kits admitted to the project without a Y test by an eligible man on order or completed will be removed.

EXISTING PROJECT MEMBERS. Email Susan if you need help. Please check the FAQ first.

Y TESTING SCHOLARSHIP FOR ELIGIBLE MEN. During major Y test sales, we offer Y111 50/50 cost splitting scholarships for men named HOURIHANE who can show their HOURIHANE lineage is from County Cork pre-dating the tithe books and have a keen interest in all Cork Hourihanes and the ancient peoples who settled Cork and Munster. Men named HORAN who can prove their HORAN paternal line to West Cork pre-dating the tithe books may also be eligible. No other financial aid is available.