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Hourihane, Horrigan, Hanrahan, and Horan

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About us

READ BEFORE CLICKING JOIN. This is a Y DNA project for MEN bearing the last names HORAN, HANRAHAN, HORRIGAN, and HOURIHANE. See SURNAMES for spelling variations. These are all IRISH surnames. * MEN WITH PROJECT SURNAME (AUTOMATICALLY ELIGIBLE): STATE IN YOUR JOIN request the LAST Y DNA tested ordered - Y37, Y67, Y111, or Big Y. You can enroll in the project while you are still waiting for a new order to be processed. * If your name changed permanently at or after immigration, e.g., Handrahan to Henderson, include this in your JOIN request. * If you don't already have a Y DNA test of 37 markers or more, see the FTDNA Y products page: * If you already have a FTDNA account with a swab submitted, LOG IN before ordering your Y DNA test. * NON-ELIGIBLE SURNAME: Email the administrator FIRST. Include the phrase JOINT PROJECTS in your subject line. * ALL PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS, read the FAQ: * Read our DNA testing Q&A if you need help understanding the differences between the male line, female line, and universal lineage types of tests - OR - you need help understanding how the Y DNA test works: * Feel free to send Susan a BRIEF email, NO ATTACHMENTS - at if you have any questions AFTER reviewing the recommended materials. Put the words JOINT PROJECTS in your subject line, otherwise you WILL NOT GET A REPLY. * The project makes EVERY EFFORT to provide some financial assistance (Y DNA scholarships) to well prepared, well qualified members in the project a MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR so they can upgrade their initial Y DNA results more cost effectively. Scholarships are limited by funds available. * If you are ineligible, cannot join us at this time, or would like to be kept informed of project news and updates, consider joining our mailing list. See: Project members get their news through the project. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR RESEARCH