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We have identified several very distinct DURHAM families from the results that have been posted. The following is a summary of test results. In some cases instead of using the name of the member tested I will use his test Kit number and his primary ancestor. If the individual member wants us to disclose his name to the group we may do so.

The latest to form a new line and very distinct DURHAM family will be called the Mastin group. This is yet another DURHAM that can trace their roots back to early VA. Three matches to date.
Kit 24630 had been tested in 2004 and had no match until recently. He is descended from David Milton Durham of Ambemarle VA b. 1768.
Kit 98046 is descended from James Singleton Durham b. abt. 1806 who is a possible descendant of John Milton Durham b. 1779 and John Calvin Durham b. 1730
Kit 98528 has hard research to prove line of descent from; Hiram Hansford Durham b. Jan. 24, 1828 Roane County Tennessee; James Singleton Durham b. Sept. 29, 1805 North Carolina; John Durham b. 1779 Virginia (census records); Mastin Durham b. 1755 Hanover County Virginia (Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements) and John Durham b. ? d.will was dated Nov. 1802 and recorded in 1803 Burke County North Carolina.
The haplogroup they belong to is R1b1.

This group I will refer to as Mathew/Thomas because all of the members have research that shows, or the DNA results prove, they are descendants of either Thomas and Peggy Lindsey Durham of colonial VA, or descended from Mathew Durham of Orange county NC. Mathew is believed to be the son, grandson, brother or nephew of Thomas and Peggy Lindsey DURHAM of VA.
The haplogroup they belong to is R1b1. (A "haplogroup" is a branch of the human family tree that formed tens of thousands of years ago)

In the Thomas/Mathew group are nine men including myself, Marshall Durham, Kit 20211.
Their Kit numbers and the ancestors they can prove are:
Kit 20211, Marshall Durham Jr., descended from Mathew DURHAM of Orange co. NC
Kit 20474 (Noel A Durham) descended from Mathew DURHAM of Orange co. NC
Kit 21536 (Rodney Durham) Proven descendent of Mathew Durham, Orange County, NC. Rodney is the brother of the early Durham reseacher Ken Durham.
Kit 36319 is descendent of Mathew Durham by way of John Durham born. 1757.
Kit 20611 descended from John and Jane DURHAM of Rowan Co. NC. John is speculated to be descended from and perhaps he is the son of Thomas and Peggy Lindsey Durham of VA.
Kit 21014, Robert Alton Durham, descended from Thomas Durham of VA and his 2nd son William Durham. His ancestors are related to Mathew Durham of Orange County, NC.
Kit 26995 is a descendent of Joab Durham. Joab is believed to be descended from Thomas and Peggy Lindsey Durham.
Kit 21960 is a descendent of James Lindsey Durham of Surry County NC. James is descended from George G. Durham, born 1696, of VA.George married to Winifred Lindsey daughter of William and Jane Lindsey. Match is off by 1 but surname and research indicate relationship.
Kit 58805 was a 12 for 12 match to this Durham group and is also descended from James Lindsey Durham. This subject then ordered a 37 marker test and his results are only 3 markers off from my 37 markers. Thus James Lindsay Durham was an early spilt from the first Thomas Durham.

Another distinct DURHAM family is called Randy-J because the haplogroup they belong to is J2, and Randy Durham was the first Durham tested in the project. In the Randy group are six men. At this time they have not determined their most recent common ancestor. (Sandra Durham B. has suspected the line descends from a Durham family in North Farnham Parish on the most northern peninsula of Virginia. The particular family settled in Virginia in about 1680-90) Several of these members can trace back to colonial VA.
In the Randy-J group we have seven men. Their Kit numbers and ancestors are:
Kit 15104 descended from Allen Wilson Durham, son of Nicholas Durham who is speculated to be the son of James Durham of Cumberland county VA.
Kit 20865 descended from James Durham, born in Tenn. in 1792
Kit 20392 descended from Samuel Durham (1815-1887) and Sarah Elmina Durham (1823-1863) of Laurel County, Kentucky
Kit 26820 R.T. Durham Shane (Shane adopted surname) Line of descent:William T. Durham, b.Abt.1809 N.C.; Stephen Louis Durham, b.April 23,1848, Rockcastle County, Kentucky; James Perry Durham b. July 31, 1886 Wildie, Rockcastle Co.KY.
Kit 25101 Earliest known ancestor is William Durham b. 1818 in Kentucky or NC until he died in 1900.
Kit 46293 Earliest known ancestor is Issac Durham, born around 1735-37, lived in Caswell County NC.
Kit 64400 earliest ancestor is William henry Durham and Malinda (Robbins)-Durham that settled in Red River County in Republic of Texas days.

In another very distinct DURHAM family, are two members that have matched 12 for 12 results.
Kit Number: 25128 and
Kit number 20541.
Believed to be descendents of brothers, James and Robert Durham of Lincoln County TN.
They are descendents of an early and powerful ruler of Ireland known as NAILL. The NAILL descendents were found through out Ireland, Scotland, England and ruled Ireland for hundreds of years. The haplogroup they belong to is R1b1.

Another two member match is in the Haplogroup I. This branch of the human family tree can be traced back 23,000 years and can be found dispersed all over Europe.
Kit 31322
Samuel Durham came from Virginia to Green Co., Kentucky in the early 1790s. b. May 6, 1752, Fauquier Co., VA; d. abt. 1838, Green Co., KY; m. Ashby Holloway.
Kit 26807
Descended from William Durham Sr. born 1710 VA. died August 1,1793 Warren County NC.
At this time they have not established a most recent common ancestor.

We have a recent near match that establishes yet another distinct Durham family.
Kit 87149 is a descendent of Daniel Durham of Pickens SC.
Kit 23110 also has research that indicates that he is a descendent of Daniel Durham of Pickens SC. Kit 23110 has been waiting 3 years for some male Durham to join the project and for test results to match his own.
The only difference in the results are in DYS#389-1&2 making this match a genetic distance of one. As we know a mutation can occur within a few generations as it has here. The haplogroup they belong to is R1b1.

We have kits with results but they have not matched to a DURHAM surname. Just because we have individual men named DURHAM that do not match each other that does not mean that they are not a DURHAM. Most of us are named DURHAM becuase of a "place" named DURHAM. Therefore there will be lots of DURHAM familes. We need more Durham men members so we can define more Durham families.
The DNA results are so different between the groups that for many, many, generations and thousands and thousands of years there will not be a common ancestor.
As more and more men are tested we hope to match existing members and define all of our families.

Some of the Durham surname members have had exact or close matches with men that do not have the Durham surname. We have been in contact with some of those persons and possible relationships are being studied.