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We just had another match between Kit number 103776 and Kit number 87149. The 37 marker results indicate a link of Daniel Durham born abt. 1800 of Pickens County South Carolina and his brother Joel born abt. 1801. The common ancestor could be the father of Joel and Daniel. This makes three members in that subgroup.
We have a new and very unique member to the project. Kit 111455 is a DURHAM family that re-settled in Canada sometime around the American Revolution. No matches with any current members.

We just had another 3 party match! One member had been tested in 2004 and had no match. Now he has two matches from Durhams that recently joined the project and now they are finding their earliest common ancestor. Join today and be tested so you can move your research to a higher level.

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Thanks, Marshall Durham Jr. Group Administrator.