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Is everyone with a Durham last name related?  

        The simple answer is "No," but it's not that simple.  The surname Durham is of English origin most likely originating in the north of England but most records are found in Scotland. Spelling variations include: Derham, Dereham, Derhem, Derheme, Dunham, Dureham, Durhem,Durram, Durrame, Dirom, Durrum. Migrations to other countries include Ireland, Canada,the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Just look at the Y-DNA results to see the variety.

How do I use the results page?

        Use ctrl-F to find your kit number.  Those kits which are clustered around yours are probably your closest relatives in the group.  There is one caveat: the fewer SNPs tested, the less clarity you have in your DNA results.  If your haplogroup is colored red, then you are only statistically linked to that Haplogroup by virtue of your STR markers. Highly suggested is a SNP backbone test or the Big-Y, if that is available to you. 

Who is the administrator?
        Hi! It's nice to meet you.  My name is Carl Oehmann.  You can contact me at carleoehmann@gmail.com with any specific questions.  I really prefer you post in the feed, though, since that will probably get you a more thorough answer from other project members.