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The project was decided upon in a series of talks between some Central-European nobles, genealogists, historians and scientists.
Many scholars tried to define Central Europe. For our project let Central Europe extend between the famous 'Luebeck-Trieste Line'
and the no less important Petersburg-Azov line. And 'nobility' in our project means those who inherit formal titles of nobility :-).

Male-line descendants of non-noble gentry - that is of those who enjoyed a certain level of wealth but were not nobles by male-line
descent or by formal ennoblement are not within our scope of interest. Those who are not 'recognized' or 'almanach' nobles but have good
reasons to believe their male-lines descend from nobility are nevertheless welcome to participate and seek verification of their traditions.

As are those whose male-line descent from nobility is well known but their lines lost formal titles for whatever reason. Furthermore, we're
not biased against the Modern-Era 'paper-nobility'. Of course it would be most interesting to reconstruct DNA profiles of the medieval lordly
clans and see how they fit into old genealogies that show how modern noble families descend from them. But we're also keen to know the
DNA composition of nobility created in the period of XIX-century beaurocratic empires.