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2015 FTDNA has converted to a groups format; members are now able to have discussions

Dec 2014 Project has grown substantially in the past year;    FTDNA has made many changes to personal results pages I recommend looking over new features;     New tree feature seems to be working well; Period punctuation doesn't seem to be working on this page, however :)   Unfortunately, FTDNA culled old trees in order to upgrade, so if you have uploaded a tree in past years, it may be missing;  I strongly recommend adding a tree  to your results page, and surnames list if you have done autosomal tests.  FTDNA is now accepting transfers of autosomal DNA from Ancestry.com;    Also, take a look at mapping features, beneficiary page, and new privacy settings;  PLEASE KEEP in mind that if you shut off your Y-DNA match emails at any level, your matches at that level will no longer be visible to you, even if same surname, even if in same project; Also, you will be invisible to them,  showing up just as "private"   I wish they would  not link the choice to receive email from FTDNA to the ability to contact your matches, which are two different things in my mind, but they have done this for a while now;   It seems perfectly reasonable to shut off lower level match emails, especially if you have a common haplotype that receives thousands of matches (although they do slow down, after you've been in the system for a while) but you will miss a surname match if they have only tested to that lower level; Some project members have shut off all emails from ftdna, not realizing that makes them completely invisible; Happy holidays!

July 2012.  We have reached 150 members.  Over the past couple of years, FTDNA has done many upgrades to the project pages and personal pages.  It is now possible to upload a Gedcom pedigree of all your direct ancestors, not just the direct male (Y-dna) line and direct female (mtDNA) line.

It is also easier now to use the map feature to plot your earliest known ancestor's name and location.

Subgrouping is kept up-to-date on the project charts, but the administrator is behind on adding genealogies on the results  page. 
If you are a project member, please contact your matches directly to compare genealogies. 
We have several members now who are Dixon descendants of other names, with Family Finder results. 

March 2010 We have 94 members now. Come on, Dixons out there, let's make it 100!
archived news
Subgroup G is growing, becoming a dominant Dixon group.
New subgroup O had been added. Both members of this subgroup are descendants of General Joseph Dixon of Lincoln Co., NC. They had submitted tests to prove or disprove a long-standing theory that Gen. Joseph Dixon was a brother of John Dixon also of Lincoln Co. NC. The tests have disproved the relationship. Three descendants of John Dixon of Lincoln Co., NC are matching our subgroup F.
03/02/2009 Subgroups are up to date on the Ydna chart. I am behind on adding genealogies to this web page. Several new results are in recently. Three of them are matching with already established subgroups. We're growing! Subgroup G is shaping up to be a major group of Dixons. Also subgroup W1a. Sep 2008 We have seen a large subgroup (group I) of loosely matching Dixons who belong to haplogroup I1. Two others in the subgroup are haplogroup I2b; they are in this subgroup because of a strong paper trail connection to one other member of this subgroup. Another new subgroup is group J which is composed of two known relatives, haplogroup E1b1a. New subgroup L is composed of two members from Virginia who match DNA and have a paper trail connection. Two other members have been placed in this subgroup due to a reasonable paper trail connection, although not matching DNA. -----------------------------
I did a little looking at the Sorenson website recently. www.smgf.org. I did find a match 19 / 19 with our Subgroup G. The pedigree associated with that result gave the following as their earliest known ancestor: John Franklin DIXON b. 2 Jan 1842 Rockingham County, North Carolina, USA m. Lucinda Elsbeth HARRISON
Most members now have Gedcoms uploaded now so that those who match can view one another's pedigrees.

Most of our WAMH-matching members have now upgraded to 67, which has helped to sort out subgroups which might have a MRCA within a genealogical time frame. This particularly has helped in dividing the WAMH matches into subgroups W1 & W2. All individuals who are WAMH matches are now in the 'W' subgroups. A few individuals in the W groups are missing one marker value needed to label them as WAMH, but match other W group members at the 37 or 67 levels. All in this group have common marker values and tend to have numerous irrelevant matches with other surnames. The W groups are now mostly shown in the same color, light green, on the chart, to indicate that they all share the exact same 12 marker haplotype. (With a few exceptions noted...) In other words, W1a, W2 W3 & W4 all match each other 12/12. They are divided into smaller groups based on their 37 or 67 results as they come available. Group W-1a all live in the US and match closely enough to have a MRCA since immigration from Europe. Likewise, all of W2 match closely enough to have a MRCA within a genealogical timeframe. (One member of this group does not match DNA but has a paper trail connection to two others in the group; he will remain in this group unless a paper trail problem is uncovered, or he turns out to match a different Dixon subgroup on DNA, both of which are unlikely.) Within group W1a are two members who are of a different surname, and are only 11/12 with the rest of the subgroup, but one is still a close match with the rest of this subgroup at 67 markers. The second individual with that surname doesn't have 67 marker results, but is a close relative of the first. Group W3 is WAMH, and is 12/12 with groups W1 & W2. His results diverge from theirs past 12 markers. W5 is one individual who is also WAMH, but is 11/12 with the other W groups, so is shown in a different green on the chart; results past 12 also diverge away from the other WAMH Dixons. W4 has one member who only has 12 marker results available; he could belong in any of these other W subgroups but there is just not enough information to place him. Group W-1b will probably be eliminated at some point. Both individuals in W-1b match 12/12 with a couple of members of W-1a. Group W-1b has a slightly different 12 marker haplotype than most of group W-1a, matching Group W-1a on 11/12, or 12/12. They are also one marker off from being a WAMH match. This group may or may not have a common ancestor with each other and may or may not have a common ancestor with Group W-1a members. The commonness of the haplotype muddies the waters for these WAMH and near-WAMH groups. ----------------------------------------------------------------

archived News (2006) We are sorry to report that Don Dickason, the founder and administrator of the DICKASON surname project has passed away of a heart attack on 17 July 2006. Don was partially responsible for this DIXON/DICKSON project being formed, and some of our members first tested through his project.

FamilytreeDNA has added the capability of uploading Gedcoms. Gedcoms would be viewable only by the individual, the project administrator, and any matching individuals. This seems like a good feature to help people connect. Anyone with genealogy software can create and upload a Gedcom. I have added Gedcoms already for many project members, and will try to continue doing so. Any members who wish to upload a Gedcom or an updated Gedcom to replace what is there, is welcome to do so.