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The majority of members tested so far are estimated by FTDNA to belong to haplogroup R1b, the most common European haplogroup; dominantly R1b1a2.  
Haplogroup I is also fairly common among Dixons: I1 and I2a, I2b. 
Other haplogroups represented in the project are T1, E1b1b, E1b1a, J1, R1a1a. 
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Genealogical information: Early ancestors of project participants are listed below. Shown are the DNA testee’s /surname as currently spelled,/ and country of residence / earliest known male DIXON ancestor/. Other ancestors listed on this page were mainly born before 1850. Participants are numbered and grouped into subgroups, based mainly on DNA haplotype, but also by paper trail connections where the DNA is questionable due to frequent mutations or low numbers of marker results available. Participants are also divided into these subgroups on the Y- DNA results page. Participants’ numbers below do not necessarily correspond to the order that they appear on the Y-DNA page, which is constantly changing as new DNA results come in. =============================================
SUBGROUP A Two members of this group go back to Halifax County, Virginia. While their common ancestor is not known, researchers on these lines already believed they were connected; and the DNA has confirmed that with a close match on 37 marker testing. There is mystery, however, with the third member, and it whether he should be in this grouping. This third member is stuck at a brick wall in Alabama. He matched them on 11 of 12 markers; and, since I’ve seen cases where a match on only 11 markers will hold up just as close with more markers tested (24 of 25 matching….) In this case, that did not happen, the match dropped to only 20 of 25 markers, which would not ordinarily be considered significant, probably having no relationship within the time frame since migration to America. However, some researchers of the Virginia line believe there is a possibility of a common ancestor on this side of the Atlantic, due a compelling geographical connection. It seems that a relative of the Halifax, Virginia line, is found on the same page of the 1850 Alabama census as an ancestor of the Alabama line. If these two lines are indeed connected that closely, then they must have an unusually highly mutatable haplotype. Since we’re all learning more about DNA as we go, I couldn’t put it beyond the realm of possibilities at this time. It would be ideal to test another male from the Alabama line as well to explore that possibility of frequent mutations. I have grouped this Alabama line and the Halifax, Virginia line together in the same subgroup for now, to be re-evaluated later. Subgroup A genealogical information: Participant A. 1. /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) : John H. DICKSON, b. ca1836 per Alabama census, m. Martha A. TAYLOR 12 Sep 1872 Desoto Co., Mississippi. Lived in Tate Co., Mississippi and later Lonoke Co., Arkansas. John d. bef. 1889, when Martha married Jack A. JONES in Crawford Co., Ark.. John's d. place unkn. "John H. DICKSON was *possibly* the son of David and Ellen DICKSON....good circumstantial evidence....not proven...." A census gives John's father from Tennessee and his mother from Virginia. Descendants lived Tate Co., Mississippi; Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Arkansas; Yell Co., Arkansas. DNA donor (2004) is Generation #5. ----------------------------------------------- Participant A. 2. /Surname DIXON/ USA/ Earliest known ancestor: Samuel L. DIXON, b. 1805, d.1847 Halifax, VA,USA m. Rebecca FERGUSON 1831 Generation #2: Nimrod DIXON, b. 1845 d. 1905, Halifax VA, m. Mary "Mollie" SMITH 1868. DNA donor (2005) is Generation # 4. ------------------------------------------------ Participant A. 3. /Surname DIXON/ USA/ EKA: Thomas Dickson: b. ca1692, Northern Ireland, m. Mary ? ca 1719 [m.(2) Mary Douglass ca. 1739], d. 1763 Halifax Co., VA, USA. Generation# 2: Benjamin Dickson: b. ca1721, Northern Ireland or Pennsylvania, m. Winifred Finney ca1750 [m.(2) Elizabeth Whitehead 1780], d. 1806 Halifax Co., VA. Generation #3: Thomas Dickson , b. ca1751, Halifax Co., VA, m. Martha Adams 1771, d. 1812 Halifax Co., VA. Generation #4: Benjamin Dickson, Jr., b. ca 1772, Halifax Co., VA., m. Elizabeth Farmer 1792, d. 1814 Halifax Co., Va. Generation #5: Thomas J. Dixon: b. ca1798, Halifax Co., VA., m. Elizabeth Epperson ca1827, d. 1889 Halifax Co., VA. Generation#6: Benjamin Franklin Dixon, b. 1836 Halifax Co., VA., [m. Ellen G. Smith 1866] m.(2) Susanna Frances Moore 1871, d. 1893 Halifax Co., VA. DNA donor (2005) is # Generation 9.
These two members match perfectly on 12 markers, genetic distance zero. One has not tested past 12 markers, so we don't know how the match would hold up with more results available. Fortunately, they appear to have an uncommon haplotype, with no random non-surname matches whatsoever, so this probably is a signicant match. Both have Tennessee connections but we don't know who or where the common ancestor may be. With DNA results only available to 12 markers, it is impossible to guess whether the common ancestor was in Tennessee or much farther back in the British Isles, with the Tennessee connection being a coincidence. ----------------------------------------------- Participant #B. 1: /Surname DIXON/ USA/ EKA: Thomas DIXON, b. 1825 Jackson Co., Tenn. wife: Emaline Franklin Generation #2: James "Jeff" DIXON wives: Mary "Molly" LAWSON; Mary Magdalene SISCO DNA donor (2004) is Generation #5. ------------------------------------------------- Participant B. 2. /Surname DIXON/ USA/ Earliest known ancestor (EKA) : Henry DIXON, born Tennessee, m. Katherine ROBB; Generation #2: Arthur DIXON, b. 1885, d. 1951 Chicago, Illinois. DNA donor (2005) is Generation #5. -------------------------------------------------
The common ancestor for these two participants would be back in the British Isles, since one line appears to have arrived in the US prior to 1830, and the other later in the 1800s, possibly during the potato famine in Ireland. The 12/12 match drops sharply with more markers (genetic distance 7 at 37 markers. So the common ancestor is probably pretty far back in Ireland, or perhaps England or Scotland. Participant # C.1. : /Surname DIXON/ USA/ EKA: Thomas DIXON, b. ca1780 place unknown, d. 1840s probably in Illinois. Thomas lived McMinn Co., Tenn., USA, 1828-1830; in Sumner Co., Tenn. 1832-36; then in Franklin Co., Illinois, 1836-1840+ He apparently died bef. 1850. Generation #2: John DIXON, b. 1812 TN, d. 1860 Franklin Co., IL.. m. Elizabeth LAUNIUS, 12-25-1839 in Franklin County, IL. ------------------------------------------------ Participant #C.2. : /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ EKA: unknown The grandfather of this DNA testee came from Belfast, N. Ireland in the mid. to late 1800s, settled in Butler, Taylor County, Georgia, USA. Some descendants went to Texas. ------------------------------------------------
Participant #D. 1. : /Surname DIXON/ USA/ Earliest Known Ancestor: Thomas DIXON 1700-1763, m. Judith WINGFIELD, Dinwiddie VA, USA. Generation #2: John DIXON, m. Mary. Moved to Warren Co., Kentucky, owned the Dixon Cave at Mammoth Cave National Park (Cave was probably in Warren County at that time, now in Edmondson County I believe--SB.) ; later family locations Missouri, Hemstead Co., Arkansas., Lamar Co., Fannin Co.,Texas. Gen. #3: Henry DIXON, m. Nancy HUBBARD ; Gen. #4: Miller Hubbard DIXON, (1807-1855) , m. Nancy Missouri ZACHARY who was b. in Missouri. Miller Hubbard was born in “Virginia and moved at an early age to Warren Co. Ky. , thence to Missouri, where he married and soon after moved to Hemstead Co. Ark. In 1837 he moved to Lamar Co., thence to Fannin Co.; “ Miller H. was postmaster at Bonham, Texas, in 1848; buried at Hampton Cemetery, 3 miles SW of Bonham, TX. Gen. # 5 Ephraim DIXON, b. 24 Dec. 1834, Hemstead Co., Arkansas. wife Emily, buried at Carson cemetery, north of Ector, in Fannin County, TX. DNA donor (2004) is Generation #8. This member actually has matched genetic distance 1 with a member of the DICKASON group and genetic distance 2 with another member of the DICKASON group. In turn these DICKASONs match loosely with other DICKASONS. They apparently have a fast mutating haplotype, since two of the DICKASONs are known third cousins yet match on only 23 of 25 (or genetic distance 2.) I count this as a surname match. It is not known which side of the Atlantic there Most recent common ancestor may have been. for more information on this DICKASON line see: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/DickasonDNA ------------------------------------------------
================================================ ================================================
Subgroup F
{one marker off from WAMH} These match group W-1a at genetic distance 2 on 12 markers but the match falls to Gen. Dist. 10 on 37 markers. Participant F.1.: /Surname DIXON/ USA/ EKA: unknown Origin Scotland. This participant tested through the National Geographic Genographic project, and has not provided genealogical information to the surname project administrator. ------------------------------------------------- Participant # F.2. : /Surname DIXON/ USA/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. County Tyrone, Ireland, 1704; d. 1770 Concord, Virginia. Gen. #2: James Dixon, b. Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA, ; d. . Gen. #3: James Dixon, b. Bedford Co., Virginia, USA, 1780; d. 1836. Gen. #4: David Dixon, b. Russel Co., VA, 1813; d. 12-1848. Gen. #5 Charles Bickem Dixon, b. 8-1-1841; d.1-4-1918. DNA donor (2006) is Gen. # 7. ------------------------------------------------- Participant # F.3. : Ancestors were in Carroll Co., Tennessee by 1840. Possibly in Rutherford, Tennessee before that. EKA: Asahel Dickson, b. ca 1790, possibly in NC. -------------------------------------------------
Subgroup G
Participant G.1.: /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ EKA: William DICKSON, b. ca 1614, England; d. 5 Aug. 1693, Middlesex, Massachusetts; arrived from England aboard the ship "Thomas" in 1635. He settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The family resided in several towns in the Boston area until the early 1800's when they moved to Cincinnati. Gen. #2: John DICKSON, b. 21 Mar. 1654/55; d. 22 Mar. 1755. Gen. #3: William DICKSON, b. 1698, Cambridge, MA; d. 15 Jan. 1768. Gen. #4: Josiah DICKSON, b. 1724, Cambridge, MA; d. 11 Jun. 1775, Medford, MA. Gen. #5: Jonas DICKSON, b. 2 Sep. 1755, Medford, MA; d. 23 Oct. 1821, Medford, MA. Gen. #6: Joshua Gill DICKSON, Sr., b. 8 May 1790; d. 1 Jan. 1852, Cincinnati, Ohio. Gen. #7: Jonathan Bates DICKSON b. 1835, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1877, Honolulu, Hawaii. Descendants in Hawai and California. DNA donor is Gen. #10. ------------------------------------------------- Participant G.2.: /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: Jacob Dixon, b. in West Virginia, ca 1865; (parents born in WV( from 1900 census)). Married Mintie Belle MINER, ca.1886, place unknown; Died 1906 Mineral County, WV, but lived in Preston County at his time of death. DNA donor (2006) is Generation #4. ----------------------------------------------- Participant# G.3.: /Surname DIXON/ USA / Earliest Known Ancestor: William Dixon (Dickson) of Cambridge, Massachusetts circa 1642; wife Jane, “ probably came from from the North East part of England. “ Generation # 2 John DIXON Gen. # 3 John DIXON Gen. # 4 John DIXON Gen. # 5 John DIXON Descendants moved from Mass. to Grand Cayman, then Roatan, Honduras 2007 DNA donor is Gen # 9[?] ----------------------------------------------------------Participant G.4: /Surname DIXON/ USA This member has not provided genealogical information to the project. Only 12 marker results available. ----------------------------------------------------- Participant G.5: [Formerly Participant H.2; has a paper trail connection to members of subgroup W-1c, but does not match DNA with them.] /Surname DIXON/ UK/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. 5 Aug 1627 in Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Generation #2. Joseph DIXON, b. 1 July 1683 in same, d. 9 Sep 1742 in same. m. Mary Elizabeth Ingle Gen. #3 John Dixon. ---------------------------------------------------- =================================================
Subgroup H
Subgroup H is not on the Y-DNA chart. The members of this subgroup have been moved due to newer information coming available, to W-2; W-1c and . Participant H.1 See Subgroup W-2. This participant is now #W-2.1. /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ (WAMH match)/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. 5 Aug 1627 in Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Generation #2. Joseph DIXON, b. 1 July 1683 in same, d. 9 Sep 1742 in same. m. Mary Elizabeth Ingle G#3. William DIXON, b. 4 Jun 1716, d. 7 Mar 1764 in Bethabara, NC, USA. m. Christina ORCHARD. William DIXON was the immigrant to America, came on board the Moravian ship, “Irene,” to the colony in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and then was sent by the church to the Wachovia (currently North Carolina ) settlement of Bethabara as a storekeeper. There was a Moravian community in the Yorkshire area of England, and William joined there before being sent to America. ------------------------------------------------ Participant H.2: [This member is now in subgroup G on the Y chart due to a DNA match, despite a paper trail connection to members of subgroup W-1c below.] DIXON/ ENGLAND/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. 5 Aug 1627 in Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Generation #2. Joseph DIXON, b. 1 July 1683 in same, d. 9 Sep 1742 in same. m. Mary Elizabeth Ingle Gen. #3 John Dixon. ------------------------------------------------- =================================================
Two members of this group share a known common ancestor and match 37/37... Participant I.1: /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: Henry Dixon, born 22 Mar 1774 in Ash, North Carolina died 21 Dec 1854 in Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky Joyce Farmer, born 27 Sep 1774 in Bedford County, Virginia died 1 Apr 1856 in Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky Gen. #2: Martin B. Dixon, born 16 Mar 1805 in Grayson County, Virginia died 1885 Johnson County, Kentucky Ruth Ann Porter, born cir 1823 in Virginia died aft 1880 in Johnson County, Kentucky Gen. #3: Robert Porter Dixon, born 7 Aug 1856 in Johnson County, Kentucky died 5 Nov 1948 in Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky Marcella Borders, born 7 June 1866 in Lawrence County, Kentucky died 29 Nov 1950 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio DNA donor is Gen. #5. (2006) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Participant I.2: /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: Henry Dixon (Dickson) b. 3/22/1774 NC m. Joyce Farmer b. 9/27/1772 Bedford Co., VA Gen. #2 Andrew Farmer Dixon b. 2/22/1801 Grayson Co., VA m. Abigail Kelly b. 4/8/1808 VA Gen. # 3 Isaac Dixon b. 2/8/1839 Floyd Co., KY m. Ella Margaret May b. Johnson Co., KY Gen. #4: Clark Dixon b. Johnson Co., KY m. Minta Alice Rice b. 8/2/1880 Johnson Co., KY DNA donor (2006) is Gen. #6. ------------------------------------------------- Remaining members of this subgroup are very low level matches for the most part, matching 11/12 with the matches dissipating with testing beyond 12 markers. However, since they share the surname and do at least appear upon one another's match lists, I have grouped them here. Participant I-2/J.1 : /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: Henry Dixon (Dickson) b. 3/22/1774 NC m. Joyce Farmer b. 9/27/1772 Bedford Co., VA This member actually has a paper trail connection to the first two members of subgroup I, but does not match DNA to them. He may represent their original DNA signature; unless it could be a fluke that his DNA loosely matches other Dixons(?). The next two members match each other closely, although having no known ancestor in common so far: Participant I-2/J.2 : /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: John Dixon, b. abt 1832; d. ????; m. ???? to Mary Ann Myers John Dixon's parents may have been George M. Dickson and Sarah Gardner. Gen.# 2 William Henry Dixon, b. 1861; d. 11 Feb 1943; m. 15 Dec 1890 to Margaret Jane Williams Gen. # 3 George Henry Dixon, b. abt 1894; d. 10 Jan 1943; m. 1926 to Ida Mae Baney, d. 1968 DNA donor (2007) is Gen. # 4. ------------------------------------------------------ Participant I-2/J.3 : /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: Andrew DIXON, b. Scotland, d. ca 1890 Boston, Mass., USA. Gen. # 2: John Ernest DIXON, b. 1879 Boston, Mass.; d.1948 Dallas, TX, USA. DNA donor (2007) is Gen. #4. ------------------------------------------------------ Participant I-2/J.4 : /Surname DIXON/ CANADA / EKA: John DIXON, b. ca 1822, Manchester, UK. No other information has been provided to the project ------------------------------------------------------ Participant I-2/J.5: /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: No information provided to project yet. ------------------------------------------------------ ======================================================
SUBGROUP J Both members in this subgroup are descended from William Dixon b. 1875, Ross Co., Ohio, USA. ======================================================
Participant K.1: /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: James Monroe Dixon, Mar 04, 1827, likely Dale County, AL, DOD Jun 21, 1909, Dale County, AL; m. Mary Hewlett, b. Jun 19, 1834, likely Dale County, AL, DOD June 19, 1874, Dale County, AL Nancy E. (maiden name unknown) b. Jan 03, 1857, DOD unknown James Franklin Dixon, Mar 21, 1855, Dale County, AL, Nov 14, 1940, Dale County, AL Nancy Segler, Jan 23, 1872, Dale County, AL, DOD June 29, 1949, Dale County, AL 2007 DNA donor is Gen. #4. --------------------------------------------------- Participant K.2: /Surname DIXON/ USA / EKA: No genealogical information available ---------------------------------------------------
Members of this subgroup have roots in Augusta Co., Virginia, USA. Prior roots possibly Ireland or Scotland. Two descendants of George Dixon have matched DNA, while descendants of two assumed brothers of George, Peter & Ebenezer, have had different results. they have been placed in this subgroup due to the paper trail connection and lack of matching other Dixons.
SUBGROUP O Both members so far are descendants of Gen. Joseph Dickson(1745-1825); lived in Lincoln Co., NC, USA

WAMH matches and near-WAMH (Group W‘s): Quite a few DIXONs have turned out to be WAMH matches, and others are off just one marker from being labelled WAMH matches. WAMH is a name that has been given to the most common haplotype within haplogroup R1b1. R1b1 is the most common Western European haplogroup and is common among those with ancestors in or from the British Isles. Atlantic Modal Haplotype (AMH) is a specific 6 marker haplotype, which was expanded on by FTDNA and called "Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype (WAMH)." The DYS markers and STR allele repeat values required to be categorized as AMH are: DYS388=12, DYS390=24, DYS391=11, DYS392=13, DYS393=13, and DYS394 (aka DYS19) =14. People with the WAMH haplotype tends to match with many people of other surnames due to these common marker values. For these, realistically, at least 37 markers need to be tested to say that there is a significant relationship even with the same surname in common; 67 markers would be better. Some of our members who match perfectly on 12 markers and are WAMH, have gone on to have the match falls apart with 37 markers tested, reduced to genetic distance 8 or farther. FTDNA estimates the chance of these two having a common ancestor in 500 years is only 28.90%; 600 years is 47.79% at genetic distance 8. So the more marker results available the better, when determining the validity of matches within these WAMH groups. For more information on WAMH: http://www.familytreedna.com/MatchWAMH.html also http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gkbopp/DNA/CommonHaplotypes.htm and http://www.dnaheritage.com/masterclass4.asp
All of our W-1 members are fortunately upgraded to 67 markers now. The first 3 members of W-1a match each other within genetic distance 3 with 37 markers tested. They also match on 11 of 12 markers with Group W-1b and W-2. But the match with W-2 falls away after the 12 marker level for the most part. I have divided the WAMH results into various subgroups to help differentiate which ones might have a common ancestor within a genealogical time frame and which might go back much farther. Subgroups W-1, W-2 may have a very distant common ancestor with one another. The other W subgroups W-2, W-3,... are less likely to have a common ancestor with the W-1 subgroups. Participant W-1.1.: / Surname DIXON/ USA / (WAMH match)/ EKA: Henry DIXON, b.1633 Ireland; married Rose. Family locations: Protestant Northern Ireland. Henry's children came to what is now Northern Delaware, USA, with many other Quakers to Penn's Colony in the late 1600's. Descendants went to Chatham County, N. Carolina, and beyond. For more see website: http://thedixons.net/clan --------------------------------------------- Note: Participants #W-1a.2 and #W-1a.4 are likely connected in Bradley Co. Tennessee but lacked a confirming paper trail. Participant #W-1.2: /Surname DIXON/ USA/ (WAMH match)/ EKA: Simon A. Dixon, (Gen. #1) born abt. Feb., 1853 in Tennessee; 1900, was in Dover, Pope Co., Arkansas census; 1910 census for Hughes Co., Oklahoma. Some descendants went to California. DNA donor is Generation #4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participant W-1.3: /Surname DIXON/ USA/ (WAMH match) / EKA: Jacob DIXON, born ca1775, d. 1807 in Delaware, USA. Listed on the 1800 Census for Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, DE., m. Elizabeth WALKER. Generation #2 : James DIXON, b. 23 April 1804 , DE., m. Hannah HEALD. Generation #3: Joseph H. DIXON, b. 1 Oct. 1847, DE, d. 1901 Wichita, Kansas., m. Sallie SLACK, b. 1852 Chester County, PA. DNA donor is Generation #6. Family locations: Delaware; Pennsylvania; Wichita, Kansas; Iowa; Missouri. This member recently upgraded to 67 markers, confirming a good DNA match (GD 2) with the Chatham NC Quaker line (W-1a.1); Also both have a Delaware connection. Since testing they have refined their paper trail connection. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participant W-1.4: /Surname DIXON/ USA/ (WAMH match) / EKA: Alfred DIXON b. ca 1800 NC, U.S.A. Gen. #2 John Harvey DIXON b. ca 1835 Bradley Co., Tennessee, USA. Gen. # 3 Henry Dixon , b. 1856 Bradley, TN, USA. DNA donor 2006 is Gen. # 5. Matches at GD 1 with member #W-1a.2; and at GD 2 with member #W-1a3. [at 67 markers.] ------------------------------------------------- Participant W-1.5: /Surname OTHER/ residence unknown/ (not WAMH match)/ EKA: unknown This member has matched at genetic distance well with the descendants of Henry and Rose DIXON of Ireland. {although mismatch on one of the first 12 markers} despite having a different surname. See also #W-1a.6, a close relative of this participant. So there is some possibility of Dixon origins here, perhaps through an adoption or other NPE. ----------------------------------------------------------- Participant W-1.6: A close relative of W-1.5. /Surname OTHER/ residence unknown/ (not WAMH match; missing WAMH vital marker result)/ EKA: unknown With 67 marker results, This participant is genetic distance 2, 3, or 4 from other members of this subgroup. =================================================
Subgroup W-2.
The members of this group have a paper trail connection to one another. Three members of this subgroup also had a presumed paper trail connection to a member of Subgroup G. Participant W-2.1 /Surname DIXON/ USA/ (WAMH match)/ Earliest known ancestor: John DIXON d. 1801 Waynesboro GA, USA. Wife Margaret. Generation #2 : John DIXON, b. 1758, d. 1835 Georgia, USA. m. Martha Elizabeth Amanda POYTHRESS. Generation #3: Robert J. DIXON, b. 13 Jul. 1805 Waynesboro, GA. Generation #4: Dawson Jenkins DIXON, b. 16 Mar., 1855, GA, d. 1935. m. Jane LONG DNA donor is Generation #7. This participant doesn't really match well with members of Subgroup W-1a, with about 20% chance of a common ancestor in 10 generations. A common ancestor may have lived in the early days of surname use. But there is a 35/37 match with the following participants: ----------------------------------------------- Participant W2.2 Surname DICKSON/ USA/ WAMH/ EKA: This participant has a close paper trail connection to other members of this subgroup (except W-1c.1), but does unfortunately not match DNA with this subgroup. He is listed here due the paper trail connection, and will remain here unless an unexpected paper trail error turns up, or if he matches DNA with another Dixon line. Both are unlikely according to participants associated with this line. He is WAMH, and therefore matches many Dixons at 11/12, but does not match any other Dixons past the 12 marker level. /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ (WAMH match)/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. 5 Aug 1627 in Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Generation #2. Joseph DIXON, b. 1 July 1683 in same, d. 9 Sep 1742 in same. m. Mary Elizabeth Ingle G#3. William DIXON, b. 4 Jun 1716, d. 7 Mar 1764 in Bethabara, NC, USA. m. Christina ORCHARD. William DIXON was the immigrant to America, came on board the Moravian ship, “Irene,” to the colony in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and then was sent by the church to the Wachovia (currently North Carolina ) settlement of Bethabara as a storekeeper. There was a Moravian community in the Yorkshire area of England, and William joined there before being sent to America. G#4. John DIXON, b. 23 Dec 1762 in Bethabara NC, d. Mar 1832 in NC. m. Anna Catharina Williard. G#5. Charles William DICKSON, b. 7 May 1808 in Salem, Forsythe Co., NC., d. 4 Jun 1888 in Clifton, South Carolina, USA. m. Elizabeth Adeline Bradshaw (Note that surname spelling changed this generation in this line. Others lines retained the DIXON spelling. ) G#6. Alfred Webb DICKSON , b. 25 Dec 1836 in Dysartville, McDowell Co., NC; d. 6 Oct 1917 in Marshall, Harrison Co., Texas. m. Mary Ann Anderson DNA donor, 2005, is Generation #9. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Participant W-2.3 /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. 5 Aug 1627 in Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Generation #2. Joseph DIXON, b. 1 July 1683 in same, d. 9 Sep 1742 in same. m. Mary Elizabeth Ingle Immigrant ancestor (Gen. #3): William DIXON, b. 4 Jun 1716, d. 7 Mar 1764 in Bethabara, NC, USA. m. Christina ORCHARD DNA donor (2007) is Gen. # ? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Participant W2.4 /Surname DICKSON/ USA/ EKA: Thomas Dixon, b. 5 Aug 1627 in Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Generation #2. Joseph DIXON, b. 1 July 1683 in same, d. 9 Sep 1742 in same. m. Mary Elizabeth Ingle Immigrant ancestor (Gen. #3): William DIXON, b. 4 Jun 1716, d. 7 Mar 1764 in Bethabara, NC, USA. m. Christina ORCHARD DNA donor (2007) is Gen. # ? Note: Betty Green has published a book on this line, http://carolinakin.com/directory.htm See also website about the Moravian ship Irene: http://www.fmoran.com/irene.html --------------------------------------------------------------------- ========================================================
Subgroup N
------------------------------------------------ Participant N.1 surname DIXON/ USA/ EKA: Linsey Dixon, b. North Carolina, m. Hannah Cox, 1840 in Greenville, Ohio, USA. This line shares Quaker heritage, connections to the surname Cox, and to the state of North Carolina, like some of the members of subgroup WAMH-1, but the DNA is not close enough. They are at genetic distance 8 with 25 marker results (chance of common ancestor in 12 generations is 1.05%) Participant N.2 Also has connections to North Carolina. =================================================== ============================================================
Subgroup W-3.
Participant W-3.1 / Surname DIXON/ Australia/ (WAMH match)/ Earliest Known Ancestor: William Dixon b. England early 1900s. Gen.#2 b. 1932 Newcastle-under-Lime, Cheshire, England =================================================
Subgroup W-4.
Participant W-4.1: / Surname DIXON/ residence unknown/ (WAMH match)/ Earliest Known Ancestor: unknown Results only available to 12 markers. =================================================
Subgroup W-5
Participant W-5.1 / Surname DIXON/ residence unknown/ (WAMH match)/ Earliest Known Ancestor: George Frederick Tertius DIXON, b. 12 Apr 1820. This line is from England to U.S. Despite matching 12/12 with other WAMH Dixons, does not match anyone else in the surname project at higher marker comparisons. ================================================ ============================
=====================END PARTICIPANT GENEALOGIES =================================================


Several project participants who are not listed above have not supplied genealogical information to the project administrators. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I have found one DIXON who is not a project member but has been tested at Oxford Ancestors with results on Ysearch.com. I have no pedigree information on this DIXON. New members are welcome to compare results against his at Ysearch.com.
Also several DIXONs and DICKSONs who are not in this project have tested through the Sorenson project. Members can compare their results there for a possible match. Sorenson does not give participants their DNA results nor match them to others, but there is some pre-1900 pedigree information available on through their search. If you match closely enough to someone there, you can at least access the pedigree of their early ancestors. Here is the link to their search page: http://smgf.org/ysearch_input.jsp ////////////////////////////////////////////////

Dixon family websites:
For Henry/Rose DIXON: http://thedixons.net/clan and "http://www.heritagepursuit.com/Dixon.htm
For Lt. Col. Henry DIXON (Revolutionary War) http://www.stlouistimeportal.com/dixon This site contains links to other DIXON family Websites: http://www.dixongenealogy.com for more general information on the DIXON surname: the Border Reivers DNA project page for information on early British ancestry of some Dixon lines. http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/rdixon/genes/dixon/origins.htm AND http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/elliott_border_reivers_dna.htm MORE MISCELLANEOUS DIXON INFORMATION: Someone recently pointed out to me that on Ancestry.com (I'm not sure if you have to be a member) you can look up the distribution of a name in US and in Gr Britain. As late as 1891, Dixons tend to be concentrated near the Eng-Scotland border. Here's that (long) link: http://landing.ancestry.com/learn/clues/fact.aspx?html=freetrial&sourcecode=17397&submit=Search&o_xid=0031936496&o_lid=0031936496&o_xt=31936496&fid=6&ln=Dixon&=fn And here's the link for US 1840 name distribution (DIXON): http://landing.ancestry.com/learn/clues/fact.aspx?html=freetrial&sourcecode=17397&submit=Search&o_xid=0031936496&o_lid=0031936496&o_xt=31936496&=fn&fid=7&ln=Dixon&fn=&yr=1840 DICKSON distribution in 1840 USA: http://www.ancestry.com/learn/facts/fact.aspx?html=freetrial&sourcecode=17397&submit=Search&o_xid=0031936496&o_lid=0031936496&o_xt=31936496&=fn&fid=7&ln=Dickson&fn=&yr=1840

Thanks to Derek HAM for this: "a book called "The Surnames of Scotland - Their origin, meaning and history" by George F. Black ISBN 1- 874744-83-1; its one of the genealogists 'bibles'. In it I found Dickson, 'son of Dick', a Border surname; earliest known reference was to Thom or Thomas Dicson, faithful follower of the Douglasin the surprise and capture of Castle Douglas on Palm Sunday, 1307. Other references are: Dicsoun, c1360,1398,1400; Dikson,1426; Dekysoun,1457; Dekyson,1471,1472-4; Dekisoun,1473; Diksone,1479; Dekesovne,1481; Dickesoun & Dikyson,1488; Dikkesone,1507; Dekesoune/Dekeson,1513; Dikkyson,1515; Dyxsoun,1527; Dikesoune & Dikessoune,1567;Dikesone,1606; Dikiesoun, 1607; Diksonne, 1616; Dukison,1647;Duckieson, 1712; Duckison,1724; Dichison,1721; Dickson, 1823-97;also Dikesoun, Dikkesoun and Dykesoun. Dixon is the English form of Dickson. It was typical of Scots to use patronymic forms '-son' suffix in Lowlands and 'Mac' prefix in Highlands. So it seems Dixon originated in the Scottish Lowlands, possibly the Borders area, but evolved to its Anglicised form and is placed on the map of Border Reivers on the Roxburgh/Berwick/Northumberland border area. "

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