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About us

Welcome to the DIXON Surname DNA Project!

This project is open to Dixons worldwide. DIXON, DICKSON, DIXSON, DISON, or any reasonable variant spelling welcome.*

When joining, please provide genealogical information to the project administrators.   

Males named Dixon may do a Y-DNA test. **
If you are female or a male researcher whose surname is not Dixon, you may find a male Dixon relative willing to do a Y-DNA  on behalf of your family line.
Anyone with a direct ancestor named Dixon can do an autosomal test (Family Finder.)
Mitochondrial DNA tests are not very helpful for a surname project.

If you have already done a Y-DNA test for a male DIXON at FTDNA, go to your kit's "my page" and use the join button to add your kit to the Dixon project.

If  you have not yet tested, you will need to order a test kit.
Click on the 'join this group' link on this page to order a test kit at the group rate. *

If your name is Dixon but you were adopted, you may still join the project. You will have the opportunity to join other surname projects if your results point to them.
If your name is not Dixon but you expect your Y-DNA to match with Dixons for whatever reason such as adoption or illegitimate birth, you may join this project.

 *** When joining, please send genealogical / pedigree information to the project administrator.****
 You can send a Gedcom file,  or a simple straight-line pedigree from yourself to you earliest known ancestor will do.
If all you know is the name of your grandfather and approximately where he was born, that is fine.
Once you have done a test, you will have the option to upload a Gedcom file directly on your results page which you can change at any time. 

*This project currently has members named Dison/ Dyson since there is no Dyson project.   We have not had any matches between the names Dixon and Dyson so far.
If your name is Dickinson, Dickerson, Dickason, those are accepted by the Dickason surname project.   We have had a match between the names Dixon and Dickason, so there are participants in this group with the name Dickason.   

**Test choices: The 37- or 67-marker test is recommended for genealogical purposes. 
The 12-marker test is generally not useful for genealogy, but can be used to determine your 'haplogroup,' "deep ancestry," or ethnic backround, or to rule out a relationship.
Dixons who have tested at other labs may contact the project administrator at the email address shown on the join page for comparison.