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About us

Our main goal is simply in giving Dixon researchers a means to connect with others of their line to enhance their genealogical research and complement our conventional paper research with DNA evidence.

We accept DIXONS from anywhere in the world to join our project.
DNA can be used rule out relationships between family lines, or help confirm paper trail connections, and identify common ancestors.
Many like to use DNA to explore their "deep ancestry" and may be able to learn something of their early ethnic origins.
A 12 marker test may be sufficient for this, for those without interest in conventional genealogy. 37 markers is the minimum recommended for genealogical purposes. 67 markers gives more specific results (think of it like zip code + 4) is becoming a common starting point. 67 markers are necessary for some with common haplotypes, such as those whose results are labelled WAMH.
Also 67 markers can help to sort branches of descendants from a known common ancestor, who would probably match too closely at 37 markers to see any differentiation. As the database builds, having 67 marker results available will become increasingly beneficial.
Some have used DNA to confirm descendancy for all branches of their immigrant ancestor. For example, if the immigrant lived in a specific county in Virginia, and three men who lived in the same area have traditionally been believed to be sons of the same immigrant, then DNA tests can be done on descendants of each of the three men to prove or rule out a relationship.
Dixon is a somewhat common name, with a multitude of different origins of the names, so we are seeing a number of unrelated groups forming as the project grows. =================================================
I have added some Dixon family website links here to use up some of the empty real estate on the page....
Dixon family websites:

For Henry/Rose DIXON: Glenn Dixon's site: http://thedixons.net/clan and another for Henry & Rose: http://www.heritagepursuit.com/Dixon.htm
Betty Green's new page: http://carolinakin.com/directory.htm
For Lt. Col. Henry DIXON (Revolutionary War) http://www.stlouistimeportal.com/dixon
site contains links to other DIXON family Websites, including a web-ring: http://www.dixongenealogy.com

For more general information on the DIXON surname: the Border Reivers DNA project page for information on early British ancestry of some Dixon lines. http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/rdixon/genes/dixon/origins.htm AND http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/elliott_border_reivers_dna.htm