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The DIXON Surname DNA Project welcomes DIXONS (of any reasonable variant spelling) from anywhere in the world to join our project. Y-DNA testing is the backbone of a surname project. (We recommend 37 markers or higher.) If you are a male named Dixon, or you believe your direct male ancestors were Dixon, your Y-DNA results are valid for this project. We now also accept autosomal (Family Finder) results from anyone with a Dixon direct ancestor. ------------------------------------------------ Female researchers and male researchers of other surnames may want to recruit a male Dixon relative who is willing to provide a Y-DNA sample on behalf of their DIXON line. Family Finder test is relevant if you have any direct ancestor named DIXON, regardless of surname or gender. ----------------------------------------- When joining, please provide the name of your earliest known Dixon ancestor to the project administrator, and a direct line pedigree back to that ancestor. If your purpose in testing is not genealogy, or you have special circumstances such as adoption, please contact the administrator so that we can advise accordingly. --------------------------------------- TO JOIN: Use the order form below to order a test kit from FTDNA. If you already have an active kit at FTDNA, you do not need to order, but instead go to your personal page and use the 'join' button there. Please note there is also a more specific surname project available for Dickason/Dickinson/Dickerson; But we have had a cross-match or two between Dickson & Dickason, so some might want to join both projects. The surname Dyson/Dison should probably have it's own project, but until some brave soul steps forward to administer that project, Dyson's are welcome to gather here. Some final notes: I recommend using the Gedcom and surname listing features once results are in. And take a tour of the mapping and other features as well. Please don't forget us if your contact information changes. And, there is now the option to designate a beneficiary to decide how your remaining sample may be used in the event of, well, eventuality.... Finally, while we are happy to answer your questions, the project cannot do your paper-trail research for you, and is not responsible for inaccurate genealogies provide by others. DNA provides more clues to use in conjunction with traditional genealogy. We can work together to sort out the many various Dixon lines. Thank you in advance for your participation in building a DIXON DNA database! Susan Branam, project administrator ---------------------------------------- For general information about Y-DNA and autosomal DNA: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/extras/molgen/index.html Or look at the FAQ section on the Familytreedna.com website.