Y-DNA paternal, mtDNA maternal (clear Alpine ancestry or clear matching)
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For everyone with paternal Y-DNA and/or maternal mtDNA from Alpine Area.

Information about joining this volunteer project to advance citizen science founded in May 2012:

  • 1. Membership criteria (defined more precisely in June 2015, edited in 2018 and 2019):
    • 1.1 public results (Y, mt): public viewing and sharing of Y and mt groupings is essential for successful research. On Privacy & Sharing > Project Sharing > Group Project Profile have "Opt in to Sharing" active. Public Family Tree Sharing and mt Coding Region Sharing is also helpful.
      In Project Preferences > Advanced or at least Limited Group Project Administrator Access is necessary for effective Y and mt research.
    • 1.2 Y-DNA (research focus): Genealogical evidence of paternal lineage ancestry or clear Y-DNA match/es from the Alpine Area. Member of the most informative Y-Haplogroup project/s.
    • 1.3 mtDNA: Genealogical evidence of maternal lineage ancestry or clear FMS match/es from the Alpine Area. Member of the most informative mt-Haplogroup project/s. FMS submission to Genbank
  • 2. Read FTDNA DNA-Projects FAQ 
Y-DNA research and grouping: The goal is to find clusters with Common Ancestor (see also MRCA) not more then 30-40 generations ago (Middle Ages). Haplogroup predictions can be higly speculative and can only be made if a 37/67 marker profile is in the group and Matches are publicly available. Please correct errors and send additional information. For fine-grained clustering and optimal paternal discoveries we use the following Y-DNA Haplogroup Reference ProjectsR1b (U152U106Basal incl. Z2103L21DF99DF27), J2-M172G (L497 incl L42), I1-M253I2-P37.2I2-M223E1b-M35 (V13), R1a-M198LT. For more Y-Haplogroup Projects login to your FamilyTreeDNA account and look here: CEFGHIJLNOQRT or see ISOGG WikiCo-Admins wanted: experts except for J2-M172 (please contact us).

Related Links: The Public Alpine DNA Gedmatch Kits List form (see participants spreadsheet) will kept online as long as believed to be useful for shared public research. As of June 2018 there is no more FamilyFinder (autosomal and X-DNA matches) research done here; previously kits with min. 1/4 of the ancestry (one grandparent) could join. Alpine Y/mt-DNA (Website under construction @ 

For FTDNA customers with paternal (Y-DNA) and/or maternal (mtDNA) and/or autosomal DNA ancestry (by genealogy) from the Alps: the european mountain valleys stretching from Austria (Österreich) and Slovenia (Slovenija) in the east through Italy (Italia), Switzerland (Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra), Liechtenstein, Germany (Deutschland), France and Monaco in the west.
Core Alpine DNA places: Tyrol (Nordtirol, Osttirol), South Tyrol (Südtirol - Alto Adige), Trentino (Welschtirol), Salzburg, Carinthia (Kärnten - Koroška - Koruška), Styria (Steiermark - Štajerska - Stájerország), Graubünden (Grischun - Grisons - Grigioni), Sondrio (Sunder - Sünders), Ticino (Tessin), Uri, Valais (Wallis), Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Aosta (Aoste - Outa), Savoie (Savouè d’Avâl - Savoia), Hautes-Alpes (Auts Aups).
Border Alpine DNA places: Allgäu, Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern), Upper Austria (Oberösterreich - Horní Rakousy), Lower Austria (Niederösterreich - Dolní Rakousy - Alsó-Ausztria), Carniola (Kranjska - Krain - Krajna), Slovenian Littoral (Primorska - Litorale - Küstenland), Udine (Udin - Videm - Weiden), Belluno (Beilun, Belum, Belùn), Treviso (Trevixo), Vicenza, Verona (Dietrichsbern), Brescia (Brèsa), Bergamo (Bèrghem), Lecco, Como (Còmm), Varese (Varès - Väris), Vercelli (Vërsej), Biella, Turin (Torino), Cuneo (Coni), Alpes-Maritimes (Aups Maritims), Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (Aups d'Auta Provença), Haute-Savoie (Savouè d’Amont), Vaud (Waadt - Vad), Fribourg (Freiburg), Bern (Berne - Berna), Obwalden, Schwyz (Svitto), Glarus (Glaris - Glarona - Glaruna), St. Gallen (Saint-Gall - San Gallo - Son Gagl), Vorarlberg
Rhaeto-Romance minorities (language, old culture): Romansh, Ladins, Furlan. Candidates: Nones/Solandro.
German minorities: Cimbrian (Upper German - Bavarian dialect)/Zimbern/Cimbri in Trentino, Verona, Vicenza, Belluno (Lusern, Roana, Seven Communities, Giazza/Glietzen,...); Bersntolar/Mócheno (Tyrolean dialect) in Trentino; Walser (Highest Alemannic) in Northwest Italy, Italian Carnian Isolates: Plodn/Sappada, Zahre/Sauris, Tischlbong/Timau, Kanaltal/Val Canale.
Slovenes minorities: in Carinthia and Udine
Interesting population history: Saas Valley (isolated alemann settlers?), Anniviers (Hungarian roots?), Valdôtains (border situation, Arpitan in Italy).
Romance /French: Franco-Provençal/Arpitan/Romand, Occitan. Italian dialects: Gallo-Italian, Venet. Upper German dialects: Southern Bavarian, Central Bavarian, Low- High and Highest Alemannic, Swabian)
Religious minorities/migrants: Anabaptists (Hutterites and also Mennonites & Amish)
Alpine Diaspora: Puerto Tirol (Argentina), Colonia Tirol (Brazil), Tirol (Romania), Villa General Belgrano (Brazil), Oxapampa (Peru), Swabian (South German) emigration to  Transylvania/Siebenbürgen - see Danube Swabians.

Joining other relevant geographical projects is very useful: Switzerland, French Swiss, North Italy, Ladinia, Slovenia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, German Language area, Italy.

Y-DNA Surname projects and pages with Alpine origin/distribution

  • Baumgartner different Haplogroups with origins in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
  • Bertschinger R1b incl. Persinger from USA. Origins in Eastern Switzerland / Graubünden?
  • Holiger Y-DNA J2a-L25 incl. Hullinger from USA with ancestor Henri Holiger of Boniswyl, Aargau, Switzerland, born in 1425. 
  • Gavanesche Y-DNA E1b-L609 with origin in Montafon Valley, Voralberg, Austria
  • Rottensteiner Y-DNA. Rottensteiner from Tyrol, Salzburg, Lower Austria. Oldest line arround 1530 in South Tyrol.
  • Zelger Y-DNA. L-M317 Zelger from Tyrol, Switzerland, USA.

For clear genetic matches (Y, mt) to Alpine kits especially the following regions near to the Alps are interesting to either confirm reported or discover unknown population migrations and admixture: 

  • Eastern/Southeastern France,
  • Upper Rhine (North and West Switzerland, Alsace, Baden),
  • South/Danube Germany (Württemberg, Bavaria),
  • former Austria-Hungary Empire (Czechia, Slovakia, Balkans),
  • North Italy

Links concerning Alpine DNA: