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E-V13 (E3b1a2)

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About us

Current population genetics suggests, that E3b1a evolved some 22,500 years ago in the Middle East. A subset, E-V13 (E3b1a2) positive individuals migrated from the Middle East and Western Asia into the Balkans around 4500 years ago (Balkan Bronze Age). The "Balkan Bronze Age Theory " became a true competitor to the previous theory (Neolithic Expansion Theory), which suggested that E-V13 slowly spread from the Middle East up and West to slowly expand throughout Europe. While the case number is very small a recent publication suggests that human EV13 positive remains have been found in Spain dating as far back as 7000 years (Marie Lacan et al). If substantiated the Bronze Age Theory may at least have to be modified andthe Neolithic Expansionists gain ground, again. The search continues ...

Today, the highest concentrations of E-V13 in Europe can be found in Kosovo with about 45 %. E-V13 varies in other Balkan regions between 5 and 25 %. In Germany and England E-V13 is rare (3-5% of the male population).
There is evidence to suggest (Byrd et. al, 2007) that the E-V13 connection between the Balkans and England is based on Balkan (in case of England Thracian) auxilary troops with the Roman Army, who were stationed in England following 150 AD.
This project attempts to establish such a connection for SouthWest Germany.

Consequently, this project serves as  gathering place for E V13 positive individuals with a ancestorial line linking tem to the following 4 regions
- Southwest of Germany (formerly Baden, today Baden-Württemberg, more specifically Hegau)
- Northwest of Switzerland (Aargau, Thurgau)
- Southern part of England
- Balkans (Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herz., Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria)

The E-V13 lineage is undergoing transformation - the frequent discoveries via Chromo2 and the Big Y and the Citizen Scientists, means there is something of a moving feast as the SNPs are discovered.

E1b1b1 Haplogroup  (alsoknown as M215, M243, L796, L676, L336, L538 etc)

SNP L117 or M35

SNP L546 or M539 or V68 etc

SNP L544 or L18 or L547 or L541 etc

SNP L618 etc

SNP V13 or V36 or L542 etc

SNP L142 etc

SNP L143 etc